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Liaisons are librarians with the chief responsibility of communicating to our users information about the Library's resources and services. Liaisons have assigned subject areas. They also have responsibilities for book selection, collection evaluation and planning in their assigned areas. Librarians are generally assigned areas which match their academic backgrounds or interests.

List of current liaisons

Faculty Liaison

It is a liaison's responsibility to establish a good working relationship with the faculty representative and with faculty members in their area. It is a further responsibility of liaisions to report back to Collection Development and Library Administration concerns about the collection or other library concerns expressed by faculty and students. Liaison work is an important component in building respect for the Library as well as building the collection.

List of Faculty Library Representatives

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Liaison Team information (Library Use Only)

Book Selection

Liaisons work with academic faculty in assigned areas to select materials for the collection. Liaisons review requests made by faculty members and select books to request. Liaisons also monitor materials received on purchase plans to make sure these plans are meeting the needs of our users.

Collection Assessment and Planning

Liaisons sometimes conduct assessments of the collections in their subject areas. Assessments can be quantitative or qualitative. They may be conducted in response to new University programs or a visit by an accrediting body. One helpful assessment project for a new liaison is writing a collection development policy. Other assessment activities for liaisons are outlined in Guide for training collection development librarians from the American Library Association. Desk copies are available in the Collection Development Office. The basic components of an assessment include: an analysis of the monograph collection, analysis of the serials holdings, descriptions of collection strengths and weaknesses, and a description of the collection's ability to meet user needs. Liaisons should discuss an assessment project with the Collection Development Librarian.

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