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Contact System Administrator for password if needed.


Troubleshooting steps: If you are having problems connecting to the Millennium client:

  1. Make sure you are in production.
  2. Check log in. Are you using the correct username, password and initials?
  3. Call local IT people.
  4. Contact System Administrator (803) 777-7168.
If you need to reinstall the Millennium client software:
  1. Completely uninstall any previously installed Millennium software. From the Control Panel, click Add or Remove Programs and select Innovative Millennium.
  2. Go to CSDirect: Contact System Administrator for password.
  3. Select the lastest Preferred Millennium Environment for "Release 2014" (ex: milup160_02.exe for Windows).
  4. Click on the link and "Save" it to your desktop, or a temporary directory on your PC (for example, C:\TEMP).
  5. When the software finishes copying, you will see an icon on your desktop (or wherever you saved it) that looks like a computer with an arrow pointing downward.
  6. Double click on this icon and then click "Run".
  7. After the installation process has begun, you just need to click "Next" on the first three screens, until you get to the screen that asks you to specify the "server's domain name".
  8. In that text box type: and click "Next".
  9. It may take a minute to load. The next screen just shows you all the information it loaded.
  10. Click "Install". Both Millennium and the Java version that it requires will be installed.
  11. Click "Done".


Configuring Putty for our Millennium server



If your Endnote software will not connect to the new catalog, you may need to reconfigure it's z39.50 connection:

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