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Frequently-Made Suggestions

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Frequently-made Suggestions:

1.  The Library is too hot/cold.
2.  The Library should be cleaner.
3.  I have a complaint about the hours of operation for Cooper's Corner.


The Library is too hot/cold:  Thomas Cooper Library is a large building and it is difficult to regulate the temperature.  We recommend that you wear layers when you plan to spend time studying at the Library.

The Library should be cleaner:  Our cleaning crews are chronically understaffed.  We are in close communication with the supervisors, and monitor the cleanliness of the building daily.  If you see a problem, please use this form to report it. 

I have a complaint about the hours of operation for Cooper's Corner .Cooper’s Corner hours are set by Sodexo. Library representatives work with Sodexo to expand the hours for the coffee shop. You can help by submitting your comments to:


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