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As part of a series of initiatives to foster and support cross-disciplinary research on African American topics, the College of Arts & Sciences is launching a new symposium series, under the direction of Prof. Daniel Littlefield, Carolina Professor of History, and involving faculty from Anthropology, the Darla Moore School of Business, English,  History, and Political Science. 

This series has been planned as an opportunity for participants to discuss current research.  The symposium meets once a month, starting at 3:30 p.m. and lasting about an hour and a half.  Meetings are open to any interested participants.  Presenters and their topics for the fall semester are:

Wednesday 17th September:
Thomas Cooper Library
Conference Room 218
, Level 2
Testimony and Transformation:  African American Rhetoric Before 1830
Dr. Shevaun Watson
Department of English Language and Literature
Wednesday 15th October:
Thomas Cooper Library
Conference Room 218
, Level 2
Racial Identity in the African Diaspora:  Dominicans, African Americans, and the Cultural Significance of Blackness
Dr. Kimberly Simmons

Department of Anthropology

Wednesday 12th November:
Thomas Cooper Library
Conference Room 218
, Level 2
Whiting Up:  Whiteface Minstrelsy and Stage Europeans in African American Performance
Dr. Marvin McAllister
Department of English Language and Literature

September 20: Tracy Swartout, National Park Service
, who will talk about the Lower Richland Project--a proposed oral history initiative involving African American homeowners surrounding Congaree National Park.

October 18: Todd Shaw, Political Science, who will discuss African American politics in an approaching election year.

November 15: David Crockett, Darla Moore School of Business, who will discuss some features of African American consumerism.

Director: Prof. Daniel Littlefield, Department of History ( or 803-777-0810)
Graduate Assistant: Francesca Fair, Department of History (
Office: facilities for the initiative are initially in Gambrell Hall, Room 213 (tel.: 777-4472), until planned office space is completed on the second level of Thomas Cooper Library.

Preliminary planning for the symposium and other initiatives has been undertaken by the following committee: Daniel Littlefield, Department of History;  Glenda Coleman, Darla Moore School of Business; David Crockett, Darla Moore School of Business; Bobby Donaldson, Department of History; Valinda Littlefield, Department of History; Todd Shaw, Department of Political Science; David Simmons, Department of Anthropology; Kimberly Simmons, Department of Anthropology; Terrence Weik, Department of Anthropology; Qiana Whitted, Department of English.

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