Printing: Renaissance & Reformation

An Exhibit for History 101: European Civlization I

An early press.

An early printing press.

originally exhibited fall 1995
Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina

text by Patrick Scott, incorporating earlier material by Roger Mortimer
hypertext by Jason A. Pierce

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Thomas Cooper Library has been building up its collections since the college was founded in 1801. Many of our holdings are now very valuable, and those holdings have helped to make Thomas Cooper Library the only library in South Carolina with membership in the Association of Research Libraries.

Items marked in the library catalog with "Rare Books & Special Collections" are housed in the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Housing a group of collections dedicated primarily to research, the Department not only preserves and makes available to researchers these rare and valuable materials but also exhibits them to enrich undergraduate teaching programs. Some fields in which our holdings are strong include Civil War history, English and American literature, the history of science, the history of the English Bible, children's literature, and the history of the book. Nearly all the items in this exhibit of early printing are more than four hundred years old.

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