From Samuel Purchas, 
Purchas his Pilgrimage 
(4th ed., 1626), 
on the discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese:

Petrus Alvarius Capralis, being sent by Emmanuel, King of Portugal, in the year 1500, unto the East-Indies, to avoid the calms of the Guinea shore, fetched a further compass West, and so discovered the Continent, which now, of the Red Wood there plentifully growing, is called Brazil, but by him was named, the Land of the Holy Cross, because he had there erected a Cross with much ceremony; since usually named Brazil, of the store of Brazil-Wood there growing. This Brazil was soon after, by Americus Vesputius, at the charges of the said King, further discovered.  The Region is pleasant and wholesome, the Hills and Valleys equally agreeing, in their unequalness, the soil fat and fertile: