Reviews on File Collection

Literary Clippings 1929-1970 


This collection comprises book reviews from the morgue of a newspaper clipping service, for the period 1927-1970. An older general business, Hemstreet Press Clippings, had been purchasaed by Estelle L. Boyd in 1927, and moved out of New York City to Walton, New York. In 1929, the emphasis was changed to book reviews and the name became Literary Clipping Service, offering subscriptions to authors. If an author did not subscribe, or let his subscription lapse, his reviews were nonetheless filed systematically, creating the morgue. At its peak, some 3000 authors subscribed, and over time clippings were filed for more than 18,500 different authors. The current subscription section was sold off in 1960, by Mrs. Boyd's daughter Dorothy Brandt, who continued to add new items to the non-subscription morgue under the name Reviews on File. Mrs. Brandt's estimate of her holdings in 1990 was over 5 million clippings. Some individual author-collections were sold off individually, but the bulk of the morgue was transferred to Thomas Cooper Library in 1997. 
    The clippings are in folded in recycled billing envelopes, packed in small boxes, sorted only by author, not date, and they are extremely brittle.  We expect to mount a list of the major authors represented, but not to attempt more detailed cataloguing. Meanwhile, inquiries from serious researchers about individual authors may be sent to:







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