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Thomas Cooper Library's special collections are available to registered researchers in the Graniteville Room, entered through the mezzanine exhibit area. Current reading-room hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (except during holidays and the winter break). Detailed information on individual items is provided in the the library's online catalogue, USCAN, using the long entry formats (the "LO" command). Entries limited to Special Collections holdings can be obtained through keyword searches by including the search-term "suca." The department may be reached by telephone at (803) 777-3847 or by e-mail.

Online collections are divided into six categories: 1. The Core Collection, 2. Natural History, 3. Historical Collections, 4. British Literature, 5. American Literature, and 6. Children's Literature. Links are provided below both to full exhibits and to briefer descriptions of individual collections. 

The Core Collection and the History of the Book The heart of the University's rare book collection remains the library of the original South Carolina College, books purchased or donated during the early nineteenth century. This library was particularly strong in general and classical literature, modern history, travel books, and natural history. With later additions, these core collections illustrate the history of the printed book and its cultural role from the invention of printing to the twentieth century.

Natural History & Science Collections Significant additions to the original natural history collection in the South Carolina College library include: 

Historical Collections Among notable additions to the University's strength in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American history has been the important Campanella Collection in Italian history.

British Literature Collections In addition to Robert Burns and other specific collections, holdings include most major British writers from the Renaissance onwards.

American Literature Collections In addition to F. Scott Fitzgerald and other specific collections, holdings include most major American writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Children's Literature Collections The core collection of children's literature, chiefly of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, is now complemented by selective twentieth-century additions.

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