Birds of America by
John James Audubon

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Island 1


Plate 21
"Mocking Bird"

Plate 160
"Carolina Titmouse" [Carolina Chickadee]

Audubon was so greatful for the hospitality of South Carolinians during an 1836 visit that when he discovered a smaller Southern species of the black-capped chickadee, he immortalized his feelings by naming it the "carolina titmouse." He wrote,

Plate 165
"Bachman's Pinewood Finch" [Bachman's Sparrow]

In April, 1832, the Reverend Dr. John Bachman, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church in Charleston and a close friend of Audubon, discovered a new sparrow near Parker's Ferry on the Edisto River. Audubon painted the bird on 25 June and immoralized his devotion to Bachman by naming the bird "Bachman's Pinewood-finch." Audubon stated,

Audubon said that the drawing represents "a male in full summer dress, which was presented to me, while yet quite fresh, by my friend Bachman." The branch of the fever-tree on which the bird is perched was drawn by Audubon's assistant George Lehman from a tree in the "beautiful botanic garden of M. Noisette, a few miles from Charleston."

Plate 183
"American Golden-Crested Kinglet" [Golden-Crest Wren, Golden-Crowned Kinglet]

Shortly before Audubon left Charleston for Florida he probably completed a drawing of the American golden-crested kinglet. He wrote that "while in the company of my friend John Bachman, I was great numbers of them in the woods near Charleston...." George Lehman drew the thalia on which the birds are perched; Audubon said he "was indebted to Mr. Noisette" for the specimen.

Plate 231
"Long-Billed Curlew"

In a letter to his wife deated 30 October 1831, Audubon wrote, "I have just finished a drawing of 2 Large Curlews," a reference to his painting of the long-billed curlew which, with the Charleston skyline in the background, is so cherished by South Carolinians. Excerpts from his description indicate that the expedition to Cole's Island was very satisfying.


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