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Sub-Island: Magic Slides for Uncle Tom's Cabin

Captions are from the cardboard boxes in which the slides were originally distributed.

1. Mr. Shelby sells Uncle Tom.

2. Mr. Shelby tells his wife.

3. Scene in Uncle Tom's Cabin.

4. Uncle Tom's departure.

5. Massa George says "Goodbye."

6. Uncle Tom in Gaol

7. Uncle Tom's first acquaintance.

8. Mr. St. Clair buys Uncle Tom.

9. Eva and Uncle Tom.

10. Topsy

11. Topsy learns to make a bed.

12. Eva and Uncle Tom by the Lake.

13. Death of Little Eva.

14. Uncle Tom asks for his freedom.

15. Uncle Tom's new master.

16. Legree on board ship.

17. Legree's Plantation.

18. Uncle Tom's new Home.

19. Uncle Tom in the Cotton Fields.

20. Uncle Tom refuses to flog Lucy.

21. Uncle Tom to be flogged.

22. After the flogging.

23. Massa George arrives too late.

24. Massa George buying Uncle Tom's Grave.

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