Angelica Singleton Van Buren,

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Reply of Miss Angelica Singleton to Miss A. L. Pearson's Address


Lines 1-48


of Miss Angelica Singleton.
to Miss A. L. Pearson's Address.

The Queen of May
Has nought to say
To stuff so stale and flat: —
She thinks all schools
A set of fools;
And you may tell them that.

Fine times indeed
If school girls need
Present their vile petition:
While I, their Queen,
Am never seen
Lamenting my condition.

But come, I'll scan
The best I can
The nature of your wishes;
Though much I fear
That I'll find here
A pretty scrap of fishes.

As to your prayer
To take the air
Because you're kept so steady
I'll tell you what —
I think you've got
Too many airs already.

Then coaxing me
With flattery
Will never do my pink!
Queen Angelique
Is not so weak
As some folk please to think!

You must suppose
Her Highness knows
But little of her duty,
If such vain matter
Can tend to flatter
Her consciousness of Beauty.

She's scarce so blind
As not to find.
(Though innocent and young)
Her glass can tell
Such truths as well
And better than your tongue.

Besides you said
You wished I'd wed
Some bold romantic savage; —
And yield like Rome
My heart's fond home
For Goth or Hun to ravage.

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