Posters of the Great War - An Exhibition

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Island 2

"Keep These Off the U.S.A."

John Norton.
American, [1917?].

"To Make the World a Decent Place to Live In."

Herbert Andrew Paus.
American, 1917.   

"...Porta il tuo Salvadanaio Perche 'Papa' Ritorni Presto Vincitore."

Signature undecipherable
Italian, 1917.



"Remember Belgium."

Ellsworth Young
American, 1918.


"Emprunt de la Libération:  On les a:  Souscrivez á la London County & Westminister Bank."

French, [1918].


"Hâtez son Retour:  En Souscrivant à l'Emprunt de la Victoire."

French, 1918.   


"Emprunt National 1918:  Pour achever La 
Croisade du Droit."

D. Chavannaz.
French, 1918.


"Books Wanted For Our Men in Camp 
and "Over There"."

Charles Buckles Falls.
American, 1918.




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