Posters of the Great War - An Exhibition

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Island 1

"Why Don't They Come?"

Canadian, 1914

"The Greater Game."

Leonard Raven-Hill.

"Lord Kitchener Says:  Enlist To-Day."

British, 1915.   

"Everyone Should Do His Bit."

David Low.
British, 1915.


"The Empire Needs Men"

Arthur Wardle.
British, 1919.


"Fleurette Grand Roman Inédit par Emile Pouget"

Maximilien Luce, Charles Emile Jacque.
French, 1916.

"Journée de l'Orphelinat des Armées, 20 Juin 1916"

Maurice Romberg.
French, 1916.


"Un Dernier effort et on l'aura."

French, 1917.

Ellsworth Young
American, 1918.



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