Posters of the Great War - An Exhibition

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The exhibition has been curated by Matthew J. Bruccoli, Patrick Scott, and Elizabeth Sudduth (Thomas Cooper Library) and Jay Williams and Jason Shaiman (McKissick Museum).  Administrative support has been provided by Paul Willis (Dean of Libraries) and Lynn Robertson (Director, McKissick Museum).  The exhibition has been prepared for the web by Zella Hilton (Thomas Cooper Library).  The posters displayed in this exhibit were all donated by Prof. and Mrs. Bruccoli; additional posters have recently been donated by Mr. William Schmidt.  Two Maine dealers—Elliott Healy of Wiscassett and Joseph Riley of Lincolnville Beach—provided many of these posters.  Preparation and framing of the posters for this exhibition, by  Etherington Conservation, has been largely funded by a grant from the Exxon Foundation, in partial match to a major donation by Edward Hallman (in memory of Donald Easterling) through the Easterling-Hallman Foundation.

The public program and lecture relating to this exhibit by leading Great War historian Robert Cowley was funded in part by the Humanities Council of South Carolina, an independent state level agency of the National Endowment for Humanities




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