The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Collection

'The World War - A Call to Arms'

A "magic slide" image designed to inspire British patriotism

The Great War of 1914-1918 remains a watershed in social and cultural history, on both sides of the Atlantic. It involved millions of combatants from around the globe. It technologized warfare. It redrew the map of Europe. It precipitated lasting changes in demographic structure, social behavior, and cultural expression. It marked the imagination, not of one generation only, but of generations to come.

Joseph M. Bruccoli (1892?-1965) was a veteran of the Great War. His campaign medal carried eight bars, each representing a major battle in which he participated. He was severely wounded and was deeply patriotic. His son, Professor Matthew J. Bruccoli, has initiated this collection as a continuing personal project in his father's memory.

The Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Collection, to which Prof. Bruccoli and others have already donated several hundred items, A Scots soldier marching to waris distinct from the successful Great War loan exhibition mounted by the library in 1997, though it encompasses a similarly wide range of material. Current holdings include popular and technical as well as historical and literary items — posters, snapshots, service manuals, and sheet music, as well as memoirs, novels, and poems. The focus of the collection is on the literature of World War I and manuscript materials — diaries, letters, and documents — from participants. Researchers using the Joseph M. Bruccoli collection will be able to draw also on Great War material in other collections held by the University of South Carolina, including the Allen of Hurtwood papers (on conscientious objection), the Campanella Collection (on the War in Italy), the Roy Collection (on Scottish poetry of the Great War), and the Matthew J. & Arlyn Bruccoli Collection (on F. Scott Fitzgerald and the War).





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