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General Description: The Kaye Gibbons Archive covers the whole of her literary career to date.  The archive includes notes, drafts edited typescripts, and proofs for Ms. Gibbons’s novels, together with typescripts for stories and essays, correspondence, reviews, etc. The archive itself is support by a very full collection of advance proofs, published books including reprints and translations, limited editions, etc.  

Provenance: acquired from Ms. Gibbons as a mixture of gift and purchase, with the initial transfer in August 2006 and several further groups of gifts since that time.  .The archive is associated with the broader collecting project for the Donna I. Sorensen Endowment for Southern Women in the Arts.

Access/permissions: Access to the archive requires acceptance by the researcher of the Department’s standard registration agreement in respect to an author’s and other third-party rights in archival materials.  Literary rights/copyrights in both published and unpublished materials in this archive are retained by the author.  Publisher's contracts in the archive will not be made available to researchers without special permission from the author.

Note: the list below covers boxed archival materials.  Books by Kaye Gibbons, advance proofs, and some other published items by Kaye Gibbons are not included in the list; they have been cataloged and shelved as individual items.  Detailed entries for such items are available in the library’s on-line catalogue at  One archival item, the annotated typescript of Kaye Gibbons’s talk “Saying it: don't try this at home,” at the library’s Ex Libris Society meeting, November 8, 2004 (previously donated by the author), is also cataloged individually at PS3557.I13917 S3 2004.                                                       

Prepared by: Patrick Scott, August, 2006; revised April, 2007.

PART A: BOOKS by Kaye Gibbons

Box 1
A.1.1  Edited typescript for Ellen Foster (1987) 
A.1.2 Edited version for audio book.

Box 2
A.2 .1 Autograph manuscript version for A Virtuous Woman (1989) 
A.2.2  Edited typescript.

Box 3
A.3Diskettes with drafts for A Cure for Dreams (1991)

Box 4
A.4.1 Typescript for Charms for the Easy Life (1993)
A.4.2  Screenplay for Charms (2001)

Box 5
A.5 Notes and manuscript draft for opening of Sights Unseen (1995)

Box 6 
A.6 Page proof for On the Occasion of My Last Afternoon (1998)

Box 7
A.7.1 First draft, first chapters of Divining Women (2004)
A.7.2. Second draft
A.7.3 Author’s final draft with cover note.
A.7.5 Proof printout for opening pages
A.7.6 Updated bio note (2004)

Box 8a
A.8a The Life All Around Me (2006)
--early versions as “Ellen in Love”

Box 8b 
A.8b The Life all Around Me (2006)
--later versions as The Life All Around Me

Box 9
A.9 Notes and edited typescript for The Other Side of Air (2006)
--Jeanne Braselton, completed with an afterword by Kaye Gibbons

Box 10
A.10.1 The Lunatics’ Ball--notes
–note related canvas chart with 19th century photos is separately housed
A.10.2 Proposal
A.10.3 First editorial read
A.10.4 Rough draft --second editorial reading

Box 11
A.11  Jackie Onassis book project


Box 12
B.12 Correspondence, I
--Ellen Foster

Box 13
B.13  Correspondence, II

Box 14
B.14  Correspondence, III
–xerox file copies of contracts etc. (not available without special permission from the author)

Box 15
B.15  Reviews and Miscellaneous
–includes folder of cover art 

Box 16
B.16  Speaking: Welty tribute and letter; speech for high schools, correspondence , tour schedules, broadsheets, photos 

Box 17
B.17  Stories etc.: On going unpublished (about my mother); My Mother, Literature etc (in The Writer on Her Work), The First Grade Jesus (publ 1988), Unpublished novel

Box 18
B.18  Essays: Katharine Anne Porter (Kenyon Review), O’Connor, Ransom, Hopkins, MacDiamid, Arnold/Eliot, Kate Chopin’s Awakening (for Modern Library edition), Allure.

Box 19
B.19 Notebooks, I
–4 notebooks, incl. first sustained piece of fiction.

Box 20
B.20 Notebooks, II
–3 notebooks.

Box 21
B.21  Magazines. 


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