The Anthony P. Campanella
Collection of Giuseppe Garibaldi

The Thomas Cooper Library has received a major new collection of research materials about the great Italian patriot leader Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882). The collection has been donated to the library by a leading Garibaldi scholar, Dr. Anthony P. Campanella.

For over fifty years, Dr. Campanella has devoted much of his time and energy to the Italian patriot and revolutionist and has assembled a collection with material in at least nine languages, documenting Garibaldi's influence and importance both in Italy and internationally.

The collection includes more than 3000 books and 400 manuscript letters from and to Garibaldi, together with contemporary newspapers, pictures, maps, valuable commemorative medals, Garibaldi postage stamps, and memorabilia. Among the books are a collection from the Garibaldi family's own library, and among the memorabilia is a sword presented to Garibaldi by the people of Montevideo as he left from exile in South America to return to Italy in 1848. As a research resource, the collection "cannot be over-emphasized," said Dr. George Terry, USC's vice-provost and dean of libraries. "It is truly a first-rate addition to the world-class collections we have acquired over the past several years."


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