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Fitzgerald worked for MGM producer Hunt Stromberg from May to October 1938 writing a screenplay based on the hit play The Women by Claire Boothe Luce.  The cast included Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Paulette Goddard, and Rosalind Russell, all of whom Fitzgerald had to provide with equally good lines.  Toward the end of the assignment Donald Ogden Stewart was assigned to work with Fitzgerald, but they were replaced by Jane Murfin and Anita Loos when it was decided that female screenwriters were required. The 1939 movie was directed by George Cukor.

[Revised from Fitzgerald A to Z]

The archive for this motion picture consists of manuscript, revised typescript, and mimeographed leaves, made up, in part, of the following:

  1. Heavily revised typescript, 39 leaves, of Fitzgerald’s initial treatment or conception of the adaptation, dated 3 June 1938.

  2. Bound mixed heavily revised typescript and manuscript, ca. 200 leaves, dated 9 July 1938. Evidently, the primary draft of the Fitzgerald version.

  3. Mixed manuscript and revised typescript, including both Fitzgerald manuscript some Donald Ogden Stewart manuscript, revised typescript of various sequences and portions of the script, and treatments, etc. Includes one contiguous typescript, 33 leaves, with extremely heavy Fitzgerald manuscript revisions, plus some manuscript inserts, dated May 31, 1938, and a typescript, 5 leaves, of a FSF review of a Joan Crawford film.

  4. Two revised typescripts of the Fitzgerald draft, one a carbon, 119 leaves, dated July 9, the other typescript, denoted the "First revise," 84 leaves, both indicated as "From F.S. Fitzgerald" on outer studio wrapper.  

  5. Four drafts of the Jane Murfin revision (possibly also including work by Anita Loos), largely mimeographed typescript in studio wrappers, dated variously from October 4 1938 to April 1 1939.

Included in this file are typescripts or carbon typescripts re: Fitzgerald’s MGM work on other films, Yank at Oxford and A Star is Born (these items are specifically identified as being written by FSF), as well as others not specifically signed by FSF, as well as FSF's manuscript record of time spent on Three Comrades.

Other associated correspondence about the project, including readers’ reports addressed to FSF or studio principals. 

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