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In early 1938 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer assigned Fitzgerald to Hunt Stromberg’s production unit to work alone on a movie for Joan Crawford, whose movies he studied in order to tailor the role to her acting abilities. MGM had acquired rights to "Infidelity," a short story by Ursula Parrott; but Fitzgerald was to write virtually an original story. He worked from February to May on a 104-page screenplay about wealthy Nicolas and Althea Gilbert. Althea discovers that Nicolas has had a one-night affair with a former sweetheart, and she develops a platonic relationship with a former suitor. The project was abandoned because the subject of marital infidelity was taboo in Hollywood in 1938.

[Revised from Tate, Fitzgerald A to Z]

The archive for this motion picture is a large file of revised typescript and manuscript pages (roughly 50/50), comprised in part of the following:

  1. FSF’s five-page manuscript, "Argument for Stromberg" dated 4/21/38, with 15 pp. similar additional pages, untitled, roughly same time, and other mixed manuscript and typescript (original and mimeo), heavily revised, clipped and dated variously 4/15, 4/18. ca. 75 leaves.

  2. Heavily revised typescript, dated 25 February 1938, "Infidelity F. Scott Fitzgerald", 75 plus leaves with many inserts, including inserted ms. leaves in FSF’s hand, with revisions as well in at least one other hand.

  3. Another ca. 100 leaves, all FSF manuscript of heavily revised working drafts, dated variously from 2/25/38 through 3/17/38.

  4. Another ca. 20 leaves of carbon typescript of notes, working schedule, themes, characters, etc.

  5. Another sequence of mixed typescript, carbon typescript, manuscript and mimeo typescript, dated variously, 10 May, 25 May, 27 June, 8 May, 3 May, 27 April 1938, etc. Majority of manuscript is FSF, but some of the typescript has revisions or comments in another hand. Total ca. 125 leaves.

Includes related items, such as:

"New Treatment for End of Infidelity." 10 May 1938, carbon typescript, 6 leaves, plus thirteen leaves of holograph draft for same.

Carbon typescript of FSF letter "Dear Hunt [Stromberg]: For a month I have been thinking about Infidelity, inventing and rejecting solution…." Dated in type 27 June 1938, 5 leaves, accompanied by manuscript draft, 11 leaves, for same by FSF, heavily revised.

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