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     Title: Matthew J. Bruccoli Papers, 1894-2010
     Collection Number: MSS. 2010-1

     Creator: Matthew J. Bruccoli

     Extent: 173 linear feet (126 boxes)

Administrative Information

     Provenance: Gift of Arlyn Bruccoli, 2010.

     Processed by: Jessica Dowd.

     Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research.

     Preferred Citation: [Item], Matthew J. Bruccoli Papers, Rare Books and Special Collections, University of South Carolina Libraries

     Publication Rights: All rights reside with the estate of the creator. For permission to reproduce or publish, please contact Rare Books and Special Collections.




·         August 21, 1931         Born in New York

·         1953                            Yale University (B.A.)

·         1958-1968                   Editor of the Fitzgerald Newsletter

·         1961                            University of Virginia (M.A. and Ph.D. in English)

·         1962                            Founds Bruccoli Clark, Inc. with C. E. Frazer Clark, Jr.

·         1962-1969                   Professor of English, Ohio State University

·         1963                            Composition of Tender is the Night

·         1964                            F. Scott Fitzgerald Collector’s Handlist

·         1969-1972                   Editor of the Fitzgerald/Hemingway Annual

·         1969-2002                   Editor of the Pittsburgh Series in Bibliography

·         1969-2006                   Professor of English, University of South Carolina

·         1972                            F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Descriptive Bibliography

·         1972                            As Ever Scott Fitz-

·         1972-1980                   Editor of the Lost American Fiction series

·         1974                            The Romantic Egoists

·         1975                            The O’Hara Concern: A Biography of John O’Hara

·         1976                            Ring W. Lardner: A Descriptive Bibliography

·         1978                            John O’Hara: A Descriptive Bibliography

·         1978                            Scott and Ernest: The Authority of Failure and the Authority of Success

·         1978-2008                   Editor of the Dictionary of Literary Biography

·         1979                            Raymond Chandler: A Descriptive Bibliography

·         1981                            James Gould Cozzens: A Descriptive Bibliography

·         1981                            Some Sort of Epic Grandeur

·         1985-2008                   Editor of Understanding Contemporary American Literature series

·         1986                            The Fortunes of Mitchell Kennerley: Bookman

·         1990                            James Dickey: A Descriptive Bibliography

·         1991-1993                   Editor of Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald

·         1991-2008                   Editor of Understanding Contemporary British Literature series

·         1994                            Commitment of the Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald to USC

·         1994                            Fitzgerald and Hemingway: A Dangerous Friendship

·         1996                            The Only Thing That Counts: The Ernest Hemingway/Maxwell Perkins Correspondence, 1925-1947

·         2001                            Classes on F. Scott Fitzgerald

·         2002                            Classes on Ernest Hemingway

·         2002                            Joseph Heller: A Descriptive Bibliography                

·         2004                            The Sons of Maxwell Perkins

·         2005                            Hemingway and the Mechanism of Fame

·         June 4, 2008                Death in Columbia, South Carolina




Scope and Contents


This collection documents the life and work of Matthew Joseph Bruccoli (1931-2008), who was Jefferies Professor of English at the University of South Carolina for the majority of his academic career. He was a preeminent expert on F. Scott Fitzgerald and also wrote on Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Wolfe and John O’Hara. Bruccoli was a book collector of these authors and other subjects, including the First World War. Over the course of his career, he authored or edited 50 books. His 1981 biography of Fitzgerald, Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald, is considered the standard Fitzgerald biography, and his friendship with Fitzgerald’s daughter Scottie (Scottie Fitzgerald Lanahan Smith) led to their collaboration on The Romantic Egoists, from the scrapbooks of photographs that Scott and Zelda had maintained throughout their lives. In addition, Bruccoli was the founder and editor of the Dictionary of Literary Biography, published by Bruccoli Clark Layman Inc, a publishing company where he served as president. He was the director for several years of the Modern Language Association’s Center for the Editions of American Authors. Bruccoli was also editor for several series for the University of South Carolina Press and the University of Pittsburgh Press, including the Lost American Fiction series, the Understanding Contemporary British Literature and Understanding Contemporary American Literature series, and the Pittsburgh Series of Bibliography. Bruccoli served for a time as a trustee of the literary estate of F. Scott Fitzgerald and as literary executor for the estate of the poet James Dickey. The Bruccoli Papers contains documentation of all these activities, and are organized into the series noted below.
     Additional notes and description occur at the beginning of each series in finding aid.  Bruccoli became known for writing to contemporaries of the Fitzgeralds, Princeton classmates, widows, and children of people who knew and interacted with them, in order to learn biographical details and anecdotes, and much of this correspondence is contained in the collection. All folder titles and unique usages are Bruccoli’s own and have not been supplied by the processors.




Series                                                                                                                          Box


I: Biographical Material                                                                                              1-3

II: General Correspondence and Subject Files                                                           4-23

III:  Frances Scott “Scottie” Fitzgerald Lanahan Smith Materials                             24-32

IV: F. Scott Fitzgerald Research Files                                                                        33-79

V: Ernest Hemingway Research Files                                                                        80-83

VI: James Dickey Literary Estate Materials                                                               84-89

VII: Works by Matthew J. Bruccoli                                                                           90-109

VIII: Teaching Materials                                                                                            110-113          

IX: USC Press and Press Board Series                                                                       113-117          

X:  Great War Collection Related Materials                                                               118-121

XI: Audio-Visual Materials                                                                                        122-123

XII: Oversize Material                                                                                                124-126




Container List


Series I: Biographical Material


This series is comprised of calendars and journals kept by Bruccoli as well as articles and awards relating to his career as a professor and scholar.


Box 1:



Appointment Calendars, 1972-1983


Box 2:


Appointment Calendars, 1983-1984, 1998-2008


Box 3:


Logs, “To Do Lists”, 1980-1990

Pocket Calendars, 1973, 1995, 2002, 2004-2005


Articles and Clippings

Bibliographical Society of America, Bruccoli on Fitzgerald’s first book appearance, n.d.

“Bruccoli the Bulldog,” The State newspaper article, 2004

“Two professors stir up ‘dust’ of noted writers,” The State newspaper article, 1972

Quotes, miscellaneous, 1974, n.d.


Awards and Honors

Modern American Literature Collection (Thomas Cooper Library), curator appointment, 1997

Notebook containing personal thoughts regarding first meetings with authors, 1958

South Carolina Academy of Authors, induction, 2001

Winthrop College, Award for Excellence in Writing, 1981




Bruccoli, Matthew, n.d.

Bruccoli employees at University of South Carolina, n.d.

Bruccoli, Hemingway lecture, 2001

Bruccoli and other “bookmen,” n.d.

Camellia Place, North Broad Street, n.d.

Childhood photographs, n.d.

Dust jacket photos, n.d.

Event photos, n.d.

General photos, n.d.

Payne, Dorothy, 2000, 2003

Scribner, Charles, signed photo,  n.d.

Scott, Patrick, n.d.

Thomas Cooper Library, photos, n.d.

Thomas Cooper Library Society meeting, 2004

Thomas Cooper Library staff, n.d.

Travel photographs, n.d.


Audubon, n.d.

Film Library, n.d.

Interlibrary loan staff, n.d.

Library Development Group, n.d.

Library water damage, 1999

Reflections newsletter, 1999

Thomas Cooper Library, n.d.



Series II: General Correspondence and Subject Files


     This series contains original correspondence and alphabetical subject files relating to Bruccoli’s teaching, research, lecturing, English department and University of South Carolina business, and, to a lesser extent, his publishing activities. There are substantial groups of correspondence and subject files with the authors and literary figures Robert Coover, George Garrett, John Jakes, Joseph Heller, George V. Higgins, Dmitri Nabokov, George Plimpton, and Budd Schulberg. Most of Bruccoli’s correspondence with James Dickey is contained in the Bruccoli Dickey Collection (Mss. 2001-7) in the Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Correspondence with representatives of the Fitzgerald Trust, with Scottie Fitzgerald, and relating to World War I literature and collecting and other publishing and editorial correspondence related to specific publishing projects are contained in other series in this collection.

     Literary correspondents that appear in this series may have been written to by Bruccoli for approval and fact-checking of their entries in the Dictionary of Literary Biography, or for requests for blurbs, introductions or afterwords for various publishing projects. Correspondence with figures in the circles of the Fitzgeralds and Hemingway (Honoria Murphy Donnelly, Sheilah Graham, Gerald Murphy, and Mary and Sunny Hemingway, e.g.) are included in this series. In addition, there is substantial documentary material relating to the work of the Center for the Editions of American Authors, a project of the Modern Language Association, which Bruccoli was for several years the chair, and the America’s Library project, a project proposal supplanted by the Library of America.

     N.B. Bruccoli gave a large group of literary correspondence, presumably from this series, to the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas shortly before his death. Researchers looking for additional correspondence should see their collection as well.



Box 4:


Abshire, Kreg, 1992-1994

ADE (Association of Documentary Editing), 1982

Advising, 1996

Advisory Committee of the Center for Understanding Media, 1975

Advisory Committee: College Research Development, 1979

Against the Grain, articles, 2007

Agent (Potential) Rosen, 1996

ALA Conference, 1993

Albion College, 1984

Alexander Street Press, 2006-2007

Algren Addenda, 1986

Algren Bib Reviews, 1988

Algren, Nelson Bills Etc., 1965-1966, 1983

Algren Bio Lady (Bettina Drew), 1986

Algren (David Ray), n.d.

Algren Interview, 1988

Algren Miscellaneous, 1983-84

Algren—McCollum, 1995

Allin, Michael, 2004-2007

Alston, Martha, 1993-1995

Alumni Award, 1997

America’s Library Project

            Proposals (3 folders), 1979-1986

            Correspondence (2 folders), 1978-1981

            Clippings, 1979-1981

            Binder containing proposals, 1979

American Council of Learned Societies, 1976-1978

American Literature Anthology Plan, 1983

American Literature at USC Conference, 1999-2000

American Philosophical Society, 1979

“The American Short Story” Project, 1976-1980

Anderson, Edward, n.d.

Anderson, Jodi, 2005

Anderson, Nancy, 2000

Archer, Jeffrey, 1993

Appointments Committee, 1978-1980

Arl, Ellen, 2003

Anderson, George, 1990-1991

Antion, Dan, 1992

Armed Services Editions, 1984-2002

ASE—Charleston Newspaper, 1998

ASE Exhibition—UVa, 1996

ASE—German Guy, 1998

ASE Wants, 1997-1999

Artist-Museum Partnership Act, 2004

Asher, Ben, n.d.

Asheville Postcard, ca. 1920s

Association for Documentary Editing, 1978

Auchincloss Louis, 1976-2005

Auchincloss Translations, 1995

Auerbach, Bart, 1992



Box 5:


Austen (Jane) Bib Inquiry, 1992

Australia Trip, 1993-1994

Australia, 1998

Australia, 1999

Australia, 2001

Author Price Guides, n.d.

Authorship, ca. 1990s

Authors’ Registry, 2004

Avallone, Michael, 1983-1996

Axe, David, 2001

The Bad and the Beautiful, 1997-1998

The Bad and the Beautiful Execution (Warners), 1997

BAF Addresses and Sample Letters, 1993

BAF Reviews, 1991-1993

BAF Treasure File, 1991

Bagaduce Music Library, 1997-2002

Baird, Davis, n.d.

Baker, Nicholson, 1994-2000

Baker, Nicholson, as Speaker at USC, 1991

Bandy, Betty B., 1982-1984

Bandy, Betty B., Looneygrams, 1988-1989

Benet, Eve, n.d

Barker, Heather, 1982-84

Barnhill, Sarah, 1989-92

Barzun, Jacques, 2005-2006, n.d.

Basbanes, Nicholas (article on Bruccoli), 2004

Baseball Writers, n.d.

Baughman, Judith S., 1991-2001

Baughman, Ronald, 1995

Baughman, Ronald—Vietnam Collection Inventory, 2003

Baumgarten, Bernice, 1992-1994

Bausch, Robert, 1996

Baxter, Kimberly, 1995

BC Material (Bruccoli Clark), 1976-1982

Beck, Nick—Old Fight Films, 1986-2000

Becker, Mark P., 2005

Beer, Alice, 1968

Bessinger, Suzanne—Theatre Lady, 2000-2002

Beinecke Library, 1991

Bell, Madison, 1997-2002

Bellagio Study and Conference Center, 1997-2003

Belt, Don, 2002

Benchley, Peter, 2003

Benfield, Carol, 2001

Berger, Thomas, 1996-2006

Best Sellers Proposal, n.d.

Bibliographical Description (articles), n.d.

Bibliographical Miscellanea, n.d.

Bibliographical Notes—For Possible Handbook, n.d.

Bibliographical Society (BL), 1991

Bibliographical Society of America Conference, 1991

Bibliographical Society of America Meeting (Columbia), 1991-1992

Big Read, 1997-1998

Bills, 1982-1987

     Includes dealer invoices.

Bills, 1992

Bills, 1994

Bills, 1996-1997

Bills, 1997-1999

Bills, 2001



Box 6:


Biography Conference (3 folders), 1998

     Includes signed postcard from John Updike, folder 2.

Biography Depository or Center, USC, 1998-2000

Biography and Popular Culture Area, 2000

Biography: Purpose, 2000-2004

Bird, William, 1997-2001

Bitonti, Tracy, 1997

Blackbird, William, 1992-1999

Black Mask, 1989

Blurbs, 2003

Bly, Robert, 2000

Bobbs-Merrill, general correspondence, 1970-1971

Bogosian, Neal, 2000

Boice, Daniel (Kennerley bib), 1993-2006

Bond, Will, 1973

Bontemps, Arna, 1969

Book Collecting, 1945-2007

Book Collecting 101: Handout for session by Bruccoli and Patrick Scott at South Carolina Book Festival, 2003

Book Collecting—Prices (article from Connoisseur), 1983

Book Prices, letter to Jack Lanahan, 1992

Bookplates, n.d.

Books in America: An Illustrated Chronicle Project, 1991

Bookstore (Russell House) Complaints, 1993

Bookstore—Maine, 1996

Borkowski, Francis, 1994

Bostick Award, 1988

Boswell, Marshall, 2006

Bourjaily, Vance, 1998

Bowers Conference Paper, 1964-2001

Bowers, Fredson (3 folders), ca. 1960-1991

     Includes letter from Edmund Wilson, 1969.

Bowers Symposium, 1984-2006

Boxes (Form for Measuring Rare Books for Protective Boxes), 2002

Boyle, Kay, 1975-1979

Bracchitta, Zack, 2007

Brackett, Jennifer, and Magellan Award, 2006-2007

Bradbury, Ray (Lilly Holdings), 1996-1997

Bradbury, Ray, 1973-2005

Braggs, Melvyn, 2005

Bramwell, Kale, n.d.

Brannon, Barbara, 1993-1999

Brennan, Dan, 1991

Briggs, Ward, 1990-2006

Brinkley, Douglas, 2003

British Bibliography and American Literature, 1972-1973

British Library (Round Reading Room flap), 1991-1994

British Tax Relief, letter from IRS, 1995

Brooks, Cleanth, acquisition, 1997

Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1978

Broomfield, Michael, 2004

Brosman, Catharine, 2005

Browar, Lisa, 1991-1997

BCL Beginnings, 1981

     Includes photo.

Bruccoli, Joseph, Photo Policy, n.d.

Bruccoli, Matthew J.

            Activities Reports, 1983-2003



Box 7:


            Aging Writers, 2000

            Awards, 1967-2001

            Book Reviews, 1981-1982

            Chair Review Letter, 1983-1985

            Chair Review Report, 1994

            Chair Renewal Evaluations, 2000-2004

            Comps (3 folders), 1985-1987

            Cooper Medal, 2000

            Copyrights, 1992-2001

            CV, n.d.

            CV Publications Lists, n.d.

            CV Material (Early Stuff), 1969-1983

            Death Threat (Internet Hoax), 2007

            Dos Passos Lecture, 1999

            Estate Arrangement with English Department and USC, 2006-2007

            Evaluations, 1995-2003

                             Includes signed postcard from John Jakes, 2001.

            Expense Limits (English Department), 1984-84

            Fellowships, 2007

            First Article (on TSOP)

            Jefferies Chair, 1976-2005

            Keepsake, 1956

            Kent State University, 1987

            Ohio State University, 1968

            Sribnik Letter for Parking, 2008

            Private (mostly CEAA Material), 1962-1987

            Research Prof., 2006

            Retirement (3 folders), 2001-2005

            Revenues Generated by Bruccoli for USC Press, 2007

            Royalties to USC Press, 1985, 2006

            Russell Award, 1982-1985

            Sabbatical, 1997-1998

            “Some Transatlantic Texts: West to East” Offprints, 1958

            South Carolina Academy of Authors Induction, 2001

            “Take To” Envelopes (15 folders), n.d.

            Teaching Load, 1995

            Transcript (UVa), 1960

            Usage Rules for Students, n.d.

Brush, Judy, 1994-2002

Bryan, CDB Correspondence, 1975

Bryher, W., 1969

Buchanan, Cynthia, 2002

Bucker, Park, 1997-2007

Buckley, Christopher, 2002-2005

Buckley, Fergus, 2007

Buckley, William, 2003

Burns DLB, 1999

Burns Collection, n.d.

Burnshaw, Stanley (2 Folders), 1978, 1986, 1998-2001, 2003-2004

Busch, Frederick, 1998

Bussell, Mary Beth, 2005-2008

Butler, Robert Olen, 2005-2007

Buttitta, Anthony, 1970-1990

BYU Concordance File, 1985

Cabell, James Branch, 1956-1957

Cadmus, Paul, 1993

Cagle, William  (folders 1-4 of 8), 1986-2007



Box 8:


Cagle, William, (folders 5-8 of 8), 1986-2007

Cain, James M., 1982

Cambridge History of American Literature, 1992

Cameron, Diana Kennerley, 1994

Canadian Publishers, 1994

Canadian Scholar—Pharand, 2002

Candwell, Robert, 1972

Cannon, Jimmy, 1973, 1996

Cansler, Lynn, n.d.

Carbondale Trip, 1987

Carey, Peter, 2003

Carlton, Paul, 1992-1994

Carmen, Ring Lardner, 1976

Carolina Voices, 2000

Carr, Virginia Spencer, 2000-2001, 2006

Carrasqueira, Miguel, 2006

Carreño, Richard D., 1981

Cassell, RV, 1979

Caxton Club, 1974

CEAA (Center for the Editions of American Authors) (10 folders), 1971-2004

            Includes reports, drafts, correspondence, and contracts.

Census of American Literary MSS in the UK proposal, 1972

Chadwyck-Healey, 1997

Chadwyck-Healey, Sir Charles, 1994-1997

Chaired Profs Committee, 1990

Chairman Search (English Department), 1986

Chambers, Barry, 1994

Chambers, David, 1997

Chandler—Bruccoli On, n.d.

Chandler CD Course, 1995, 2007

Chandler Fan, 1997

Chandler—Lilly, 1945, 1955

Chandler—Moss, 2000

Chandler Offer, 2007

Chandler Talk Proposal, 1998

Chandler—David Thomas, 2002-2008

Chandler Misc., 1954-1988

Charitable Gifts—Clinton, 1993

Charleston Conference, 2007

Charters, Ann, 1991

Charters, Jimmy, 1972-1974

Charvat Collection (Ohio State), 1991-1992

Charvat Flap, 1991-1992

Charvat, William, 2004

Charyn, Jerome, 1983, 1990

CHE Report in English Dept., 1998

CHE Report (Bruccoli Response), 1985

Cheever, John, 1993

Chen, Steven, 2001

Chesnutt Pittbib Proposal (Joseph R. McElrath), 1995

Churchill Pittbib Proposal (Ronald I Cohen), 1986-1993

Churchill Society (South Carolina), 1991

Chute, Marchette, 1976

Cinema Bookshop UK, 2001

City University of New York, 2006

Clark, Alex, 1963

Clark, Curtis, 2004-2005

Clark, Frazier, 1961

Clemens, Cyril (International Mark Twain Society), 1966

Clinton-Baddley, V. C. , 1970

Cobbs, John L., 1993-2001



Box 9:


Cole, Olivia, 1999-2004

Collating (Limey Process), n.d.

Collins, Fanny, 1998-2001

Color Descriptions in Descriptive Bibliography, 1990

Columbia College Talk, 1999

Compton, Thorne, 1996

Computer Crap, 1985-1987

Comrade Bill Clinton, 1992

Conflict of Interest, 1997-1999

Connelly, Mark, 1971

Conroy, Jack, 1969-1982

Conroy, Pat—Copies of Several of His Talks, Essays, 1997-2007

Conroy, Pat—Dickey Speech, 2007

Conversion Rates—1774-1987

Cooper Society/Cooper Library General (14 folders), 1991-2005

Coover, Robert, Correspondence (3 folders), 1971-2001

Coover, Robert, 1998 residency and hypertext conference (4 folders), 1977, 1996-1998

Copier Info (2 folders), 2004-2008



Box 10:


Copyright Decision, 2001-2002

Copyright Information, 1973-1974

Cornwall, David, Correspondence, 1998-2004

Correspondence, 2006

Coster, F. Donald, 1938

Court, 1982

Covel, Robert (2 folders), 1987

Coward and McCann, Inc, press release, 1960

Cowley, Malcolm, 1964, 1975-1982

Cozzens, James Gould–Books in Print, 2007

Cozzens, James Gould—Carroll & Graf Projects, 1997

Cozzens, James Gould—Reprints, 2004

Cozzens, Margaret, 1996

Cozzens Collection to Houghton, 2003-2007

Cozzens Symposium (2 folders), 2000

Crane, Stephen (10 folders), 1970-1992

Creative Writing Guy—UVa, 2001

Crawford, Max, 2002-2003

Cross, Robert, 1978-1979

Crediford, Gene, 1999

Cross-Currents, 1978-1983

Crouch, Stanley, 2004-2005

CSE (Center for Scholarly Editions), 1977-1978

Darwin, Charles—Maggs catalogue listing, 2002

Davidson, Lionel, 1996, 2007

Davis, Richard A., 1987

Dayrit, Rosalie Grace, 1998

Dean’s Committee, 1987

Death Certificate Request Forms (re: Mitchell Kennerley), 1983-1984

“Debts” (corrected proof for Bruccoli article in Private Library), 1991

DeLillo, Don, Inventory, 1998

De Niro, Robert and Texas, 2007

Detroit Public Library, Friends of, 1980-1981

DeVito, Carlo, 1995

De Vries, Peter, 1971

DALC (Dir. of Am. Lit. Characters), n.d.

Dickey, James, n.d.

Dillard, RHW, 2004

Dillon, Bert, 1991-1995

DiMaggio, Joe, 1947

DiMedio, Greg, 1992

Dionysos, 1995

DEIS courses (4 folders), 1995-2001

DLB, n.d.

DLB 200 Celebration, 1998

DLB Termination, 2006

DLB Yearbook Ideas, 1997

Doctorow, E. L., 1985

Donleavy, J. P., Pittbib Proposal, 1993

Donnelly, Honoria Murphy, 1970-1974

Dove, Rita, 2005-2006

Downey, Rep. Thomas J., 1984

Drabble, Margaret, 2000

Dreiser, Theodore, Edition Reviews, n.d.

Dreiser Pittbib, 1990

Dubinsky, Stan, on USC Research Strengths, 2005

Duke, 1991

Duke University, 1999

Duquesne, n.d.

Dunhill, 1992

Dunlap, Bernie, 1992

Dunow, Henry, 1998

Dust Jacket (Early), 2006

Early American Fiction Project (UVa), 1996-1997

Easton, Robert, 1983-1984

EBAF (Essential Bibliography of American Fiction), 1994

Ebay Auctions, 2005

Edinburgh, 1994-1995

Editing, n.d.

Editorial Problems, 1991-1992

Editorial Test, 1999

Eger, Jeffrey, 2007

Egleston, Charles, 2002

Electronic Books, 1992

Eliot, George, Pittbib, 1989-1996

Elizabethan Club, 2002

Ellroy, James, 1996-1999

Elnimeiri, Ahmed, 2003

Emerson Secondary Supplement Proposal, Pittbib, 1990-1998

Emerson, William R. (Bill), 1981

Eminent Scholars/Teachers, 1996

Endowed Chairs Policy Statement, 1983

Engagements, Speaking, etc., 1969-1970



Box 11:


English Department (13 folders), 1986-2004

Erotic Literature Symposium, 1999

Erskine, Albert, 1970, 1993-2002

            Includes correspondence with James Laughlin, 1993.

Erskine, Albert, Inventory, n.d.

Espy, Willard R., 1984

Estleman, Loren, 1990

Etherington, Donald, 1996

Evaluation Records (Judith S. Baughman), 1998-2008

Ex Libris Essay (“A Vast Conspiracy”), 1996

Faculty House, 1995

Fair Use, 1990

“Fair Use” Article, 1983

Faherty, Robert, 1983

Farrar, Ronald, Journalism Class, 1991

Farrel, James, 1977-1978

Faulkner, William, 1988-1997, n.d.

Faust, Irvin (4 folders), 1965-2007

Federal Theatre Project Plays, 1976

Feinberg, Charles, 1970, 2000

Fenton, Charles, 1958

Ferszt, Elizabeth, 1990-1996

Festschrift, 1990-1991

Fiedler, Leslie, 1998

File and Forget, 1983-1985

First Printings of American Authors, n.d.

Fitzpatrick, Mary Anne, 2005

Flint, Ruth, n.d.

Flower, Desmond, 1965

Flowers, Don, 2002



Box 12:


Foote, Shelby, 1977-1993
Foster, Lee, 2006

Fowles, John, 1994

Fox, William Price, Papers, 1999

Frame, Frances, 2004-2005

Francis, Dick, 1981-1989

Franklin, Ben—DLB Documentary Query, 2001                                         

Frazier, George, ca. 1963-1984

Freebies—Assorted, n.d.

Friedman, Bruce Jay, 1999

Frog Forms—REU, 1994

Frost Editing, 2008

Fry, Catherine, 1995

Fry, Catherine—Publishing Course, n.d.

Fry Dementia, 2001

Furst, Alan, Correspondence, 2005

Furst, Alan, 2001

Furthman, Jules, Screenplay Archive, 2001

Gale, Robert, 1996-2008

Garland Publishing, 1990

Garfield, Leon, 1996

Garrettt, George (7 folders), 1978-2006

Garvin, Mary Arnold, 1999-2002

Gateway Books, n.d.

Gault, William, 1987

Geezer Writers, 2000

General Assembly, 1997

Gift Books, n.d.

Ginsberg, Allen, Pittbib Proposal, 1993

Ginsberg, Leon, 2001

Gioia, Dana, 2003-2007

Gioia and NEA Donations to Cooper Library, 2007-2008

Giovanni, Nikki, 1976

Giroux (Student), 1995

Gordon, Caroline, 1971

Gores, Joe, 1976-2005

Goudy/Cabell Keepsake, 1984

Gould, Warwick (Publication of Bruccoli Talk), 1995

Governor’s School (Furman), 1982

Grade Reporting Guide, 1981

Graduate Program Committee, 1984-1985

Grafton, Sue, 2003

Graham, Blease, and Reading Room, 1998

Graham, Sheilah, 1939-1981

Grant Reports, 1991-1993

Graves Products (Library), 1998

Great Writer Search, 1998

Green, Ashbel, n.d.

Greene, Graham, Correspondence, 1986

Greene, Graham, Pittbib, 2001

Greenfield, George, 1985-1993, 2000



Box 13:


Greenspan, Ezra—History of Book in America Course, 1994

Greenspan, Ezra—Nineteenth-Century American Rare Books, 2000

Greer, Ben, 1978-2004

Greiner, Donald—Auerbach Appraisals, 2000

Greiner, Donald, 1993-2003

Griffin, Gwyn, 1967

Griffith, D. W., n.d.

The Grolier Club, 1978

Groundbreaking for the USC Rare Books and Special Collections Library, bulletin with Bruccoli’s handwritten notes, 2006

Grove Press Bib Guy–S. E. Gontarski, 1990-1997

Guide to Documentary Editing, 1981-1982

Guild Guide, n.d.

Guinn, Matthew, 1998

Gurganus, Allan, 2003

Gwara, Scott, 2004

Hale, Nancy, 1972

Hallman, Edward S., ca. 2003

Hammarskjold Chair, 1988

Hammett Conference Proposal (Richard Layman), 2000

Hansen, Arlen, 1988-1989

Hansen, Jamie, 1999

Harburg, Yip, 1997

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1990-1991

HBJ Production Schedule, 1982

HBJ Royalty Statements (Bruccoli), 1990

HBJ Series, 1978-1981

Hard-Boiled, 1927

Harkness, Bruce, 1997

Haupt, Jonathan, 2005

Heartman, Charles F., Collection, 1998

Heinz, W. C., 1997

Heller, Joseph (20 Folders), 1961-2003

            Includes 2 folders of correspondence.

Hemingway, Mary, 1961-1976

            Includes letter from Robert Penn Warren, 1972

Hemingway, Sunny, 1967-1970

Henson, Daniel, 1986

Herstein, Robert and Arthur Schlesinger, 2001

Hetzel, F. A. , 1988-2007

Hewne, Laura, 1967



Box 14:


Higgins, George V. (folders 1-24 of 29), 1974-2006



Box 15:


Higgins, George V. (folders 25-29 of 29), 1974-2006

Hilary, Sir Edmund, 1999

Hilton, Omega, 1982

Himes, Chester, 1969

History Chair (USC), 1986

Hoagland, Edward, 1995

Hoch, Edward, 1985

Hodder and Stoughton, 1981

Holderman, James, 1990-1996

Hollick, Richard, Publishing, 1994

Holm-Olsen, Erik, 2003

Honan, Park, 1991

Honorary Degrees Committee, 1983

Honors College: Bruccoli Plan, 2001

Honors College: Bruccoli Proposal, 2001

Honors College: Thesis, 2001

Horowitz, Glenn, n.d.

Horton, Merrill, 1992-1995

Hospital, Janette Turner (2 folders), 1999-2004

Howard, Peter, 1999-2001

Howard, Robert, 2005

Hoyem, Andrew – Arion Press, 1980-1981

Hubbard, William, 1999, 2004

Hubbell, Jay B., 1967-1977

Huckleberry Finn, 1981

Hughes, Maggie, 1982

Humphrey, William, 1977

Hunter, Dard, 1962

Hunter, Evan, 1991-1992

Huntington Library, 2003

Huston, James and Diana, 2000

Hutton, Barbara, 1984

Hyphen (Trevor Howard-Hill), 1990-1994

Iggulden, John, 1983-2008

Illinois State Project, n.d.

Imperial War Museum, 1991-1993

Indian Prospective Student—Arpa Ghosh, 1994

Inland Revenue—Tax, 1995

Inn of That Journey (Emerson Price), 1976-1978

Institute of English Studies (London) Conference, 2001

Institute of Technology, Textual Criticism, 1976

Insurance (Lyn), 1990

Irving, John, 1985, 1991, 1997

Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1998

Istomin, Eugene. 1981

Intellectual Property Committee (USC), 2004

Italian Society (Columbia), 2007

Jackson, Shirley, Pittbib Proposal, 1999

Jakes, John (ABE Search), 2005

Jakes, John (4 folders, General Correspondence), 1980-2007

Jakes, John (Homeland), 1993-1998

James, Henry, The American, 1990

James, Rosemary, New Orleans, 2004-2005

Japan Trip, 2000

Jarrell, Mary, 1986

Jefferies, R. M., 1985, 1995

Jeffers, Robinson, Project—Bill Thesing, 1992

Jerussi, Robert A., 2000

Jividen, Jill, 2003-2007

Jobs Committee, 1996

Johnson, Brian, 2001

Johnson, Charles, 2004

Johnson, Dianne, 2001

Johnson, Samuel, 1991-1994

Johnson, Samuel, Plays, 1994

Johnston, Carol, Pittbib, 1985-1996



Box 16:


Jones, James (Biography—includes George Garrett letters), 1981-1984

Jones, James (bibliographical material), n.d.

Jones, James, Society, n.d.

Jones, Jennifer (student), 2001

Jones, Marjory, 1963

Jovanovich, William—America’s Library Proposal, 1979-2000, 2004

Jovanovich, William—Temper of the West, 2002-2004

Just, Ted, 2002

Just, Ward, 1999-2000

Kahn, Roger, 2000

Kakutani, Michiko, 2003

Kameny, Fred, 1995

Kaminsky, Stuart M., 2005

Karl, Deborah (Joseph Heller’s Agent), 2001-2003

Karl, Frederick, Papers, 2001-2003

Katz, Ellen Speiser, 2003

Kay, Carol McGinnis, 1991-1998

Keane, Molly, n.d.

Keith, Kenneth, 2007

Keller, Dean, 1988, 2003

Kelsogloff, Peter, 1995

Kelley, Edith Summers, 1983

Kelley, Edith Summers (Xeroxes of TSS), 1989

Keneally, Thomas, 2003

Kenner, Hugh, 1983

Kennerley, Mitchell, about Modern Love, 1929

Kennerley, Smithsonian Holdings, 2002, 2007

Kent State, 1997

Kent State Bruccoli Catalogue, 1987-1996

Kernan, Alvin, 2000-2002, 2006

Kerr, Lisa, 2006-2008

Kibler, James, 2000-2007

Kipen, David, 2006

Kirschenbaum, David, 1988

Kirschten, Robert, 1995

Kiser, Henry, 1973

Knopf, Alfred A., 1983-1986

Kober, Arthur, 1973

Kohn, John S., n.d.

Krementz, Jill, 1983

Kritzer, Hyman and Kent State Catalogue, 1974-1975, 1988-2003

Kritzer Fund, 1986

Kuhnle, John, 1997

Kutt, Inge, 1981-2000

Lacy, Ed (Leonard Zinberg), 1940-2004

LaFlaur, Mark, 1994

Lagardelle, Frederic Raphael, 2005

Lake, Danielle, 2001

Lardner, Ring W., 1965, 1976, 1994

Las Vegas Trip, 1994

Laughlin, James, 1996

Launspach, Sonja, 1991

Laurence, Frank, 1966

Lawhon, Richard, 1991-1992

Layman, Richard, 2004

Lazar, Irving “Swifty,” 1993

League, Cy, 1997, 2002

Le Carré, John, 1998

Lefton, Lester, 1994-1995

LeGuin, Ursula K., 1981-1985

Lentz, Perry, 1993-1994, 2004

Leonard, Elmore, 2006-2007

Leslie, Sir Shane, 1970

Leuchtenburg, William E., 2001

Levertov, Denise, 1996

Lewis, R. W. B., 1996-1997

Libel, 1997

Liberty project, 2005

Library Committee, 1987-1989, 2004

Library Letter, 1985

Library Rankings, 1989, 2003, 2005

Library, Report of Director, 1986-1987

Library—Ross Roy Catalogue, 1988

Libraries & Tax Laws, n.d.

Library of America, 1995-1996

Library Trends: “Twentieth-Century Books,” Offprint, 1959

Liddy, G. Gordon, 2005

Lieber, Fritz (Archive), n.d.

Lieberman, Laurence, 1998

Lightning Print, 1999

Lilly Conference, 1985

Lilly Exhibition, 1997

Lilly Library, 1999-2005

Lilly/Pittbib Celebration, 1986

Limited Editions Club, 1976

Lippman, Barry, 1994

Lish, Gordon, 1993

Literary Biography: Center for Lit Bio/Paris Review Proposal, 2000-2003

Literary Biography: Proposed Journal, 1998

Literary Estates Book: Proposal, 1995

Literary Estates and Wills, 1987-2000

            Includes correspondence with James Laughlin and Omar Pound.



Box 17:


Little, Anne, 1987

Liveright, Herman E., Obit, 2001

Living Author Addresses, 1992

Lodge, David, 2001

Loeb, Harold, 1961-1973

London Adventure, 2004

Long, Eugene, 1993

Longman Fellowship, 1980

Longstreet, Stephen, 1972, 1974

Loomis, Robert (Random House), 2006

Lost American Fiction (Age of Noon), 1973, 1976

Lost American Fiction (Bruccoli articles), 1974

Lynn, Steve—Partnership Boar Liaison Committee, 2002

McClintock Professor Search, 1989

McCants, Clark, 1997

McCollum, Kenneth, 1995-2006

McCormack, Thomas, 1998-2006

Macdonald, Ross/Kenneth Millar (2 folders), 1968-1978, 1998-2008

Macdonald/Millar and Anthony Boucher, 2000

Macdonald/Millar Dissertation, 2000

Macdonald/Millar and Lilly Library, n.d.

Macdonald/Millar: Notes on Collecting Ross Macdonald, 1984-1999

Macdonald/Millar: “Winnipeg, 1929,” 2001

McClellan, David, 1973

McKinney, Madison (daughter of Charles Heartman), 1991-1993

McLaughlin, Kathy (U Pittsburgh Press), 1996

Madden, David, 2005

Madsen, Deborah, 2002-2003

Magi, Aldo, 1999

Maggs, Edward, 1993, 2006

Maguire, J. Robert, 1993-2005

Mailer, Norman, 1981, 2005

Mallon, Thomas, 2003-2006

Malouf, David, 2003

Mambrino, Daniel, 1985

Mamet, David, 2002

Manchester Talk, 1972

Mandell, Richard, 1999

Mann, Charles, 1992, 1998

Margolies, Alan, 1971-1973

Markfield, Wallace, 1982-2002

Markle, Fletcher, 1977

Marks, Howard, Collection, 2006

Mapping American Literature Exhibition, 1986

Marmur, Mildred, n.d.

Márquez, Gabriel Garcia, Pittbib Proposal, 1993

Martin, Josh, n.d.

Mason, Bobbie Ann, 1989, 2002

Matthews, Jack, 1975

Matthews, Herbert, 1971

Matthiesson, Peter, 2004

McCarthy, Cormac, 1994

McCarry, Charles, 2004

McCormack, Tom, 2006

McManus, Shannon, 1998

McMurtry, Larry, 1976-2007

McNally, James, 2002

MediaLink Article, 1995

Meekins, Russ, 2003

Melchers, Gari, 1984-1992

Mencken, 2005

Meriwether, James, 1963, n.d.

Merker, Kim, 1970

Merwin, W. S., 1995-1997

Meserole, Harrison, 1984-2002

Meyer, Elaine E., 1970-2004

Meyer, Martin (German ASE Scholar), 1998

Michener, James A., 1990

Millar, Margaret, 1999

Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1990-1993

Milett, Kate, 1975

Miller, Arthur, Pittbib Proposal, 1992, 2007

Miller, Betsy, 2001

Miller, Cynthia (University of Pittsburgh Press), 1994-1998

Millar, Kenneth (Ross MacDonald), 1921-1928

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1981-1982

Moby-Dick MS note, 1985

Modern Authors Checklists, 1973

MLA, 1976-1977

Modern Library Pittbib Proposal, 1997-1998

Moeser, James C., 1994-1995

Moeser, James C. to Ezra Greenspan, 1993

Moore, Darla, 1999

Moore, Harry T. Festschrift, 1981

Morgan, Ted, 2005-2007

Morley, Christopher (research material related to), 1987-1990

Morris, Edmund, 2003-2006

Morris, Willie, 1998

Mortimer, Roger, and MS, n.d.

Moss, Robert, 1996

Movietone Library, 2002

Movies (UCLA), 1972

Muhlenfeld, Betsy, 1977

Mullen, Michael, 1986-1987

Muller, Julian, 1983, 2002

Murray, Les, 2003

Muse, n.d.



Box 18:


Myers, Carmel, 1963

Myerson, Joel, Collections, 1997-200

Myerson, Joel, Emerson Pittbibs (Review), 1987, 1999

Myerson, Joel, as Estate Successor, 2007-2008

Myerson, Joel, General, 1992-1998

Myerson, Joel, Rome, 2001-2002

Myerson, Joel, Whitman, 1989-1992

Myers-Scotton, Carol, 1993

Nabokov, Dmitri (3 folders), 1970-2005

            Includes correspondence with Vera and Dmitri Nabokov.

Nabokov, Dmitri, Memoir, 1995-2003

Nabokov, Vladimir and Otto Bettmann, 1989

Nabokov, Vladimir, Centenary, 1999

Nabokov, Vladimir, and Intro for Glenn Horowitz Catalogue, 1988

Nabokov, Vladimir, Legal, 1989

Nabokov, Vladimir, Letters book, Dmitri’s Corrections (2 folders), 1988-1991

Nabokov, Vladimir, Letters Book, Reviews and Endorsements (2 folders), 1988-1991

Nabokov, Vladimir, Plays and Essays, 1989

Nabokov, Vladimir, Progress Report (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich), 1989

Nabokov, Vladimir, TV, 1985

Nagel, James, n.d.

National Endowment for the Humanities—Monique Alexandra, 1986

National Endowment for the Humanities—Fiscal Records, 1976

National Endowment for the Humanities—Library of America, 1986

National Union Catalogue and Other Searches (2 folders), 1997

Newman, Robert D., 1995-2001

New York Times Book Review, photocopy, 1962

New York Times Index, 1922

Nicosia, Gerald, 1999-2007

Nims, John F., n.d.

Nin, Anais, n.d.

Nineteenth-Century Women Writers (HBJ project), 1982-1983

Nixon, Richard, Estate, 2000

Noland, William, 1972-1973

Nordloh, David, 1990

Norris, Frank, Pittbib, 1987-1989

North, Michael, 1999

Norway (Material for ASANOR Conferences) (3 folders), 2000-2004

Norwood, Doris, 1993

Nutt, David, Bibliography, n.d.

Oak Knoll Press, 1996-1999

Oak Knoll Press and Pittbib, 2003

Oakman, Robert, 1991

Oates, Joyce Carol, 1985

O’Brian, Tim, 2003

O’Connor, Flannery, Bib Proposal—Cambridge University Press, 1990

O’Connor, Frank, PittBib Proposal, 1993

O’Connor, Pat, 2004

Odom, Jerry, 1998-2002

Odom, Jerry—Trustees Retreat, 1999-2000

Odyssey Project, n.d.

O’Hara, John (folders 1-5 of 8), 1976-2005



Box 19:


O’Hara, John (folders 6-8 of 8), 1976-2005

Olsgaard, John, 2001

Olson, Jimmy, 2006

O’Neill, Eugene, 1969

Osander, John, 2006

Ottervik, Jennifer, 2007

Ozick, Cynthia, 1983-2006

Pair, Joyce Morrow, 1993

Palmer, I. A., 1967

Palmetto Club, 2000

Palms, John M., 1991-2002

Pappin, Joseph, 1999-2000

Paris Review – Cafe le Tournon, n.d.

Paris Review/USC Spy Novel Conference Proposal, 2003

Paris Trip, 2005

Parker, Robert, 1981

Pastides, Harris, 2004-2005

Patent & Copyright Committee, 1980-1981

Payne, Dorothy, 1999-2003

Peckham, Morse (Memorial Service bulletin), 1993

Penn, William, n.d.

Percy, Walker, 1985

Perkins, Maxwell, 1947

            Includes one TLS to Helen Gerry.

Perotti, Luz Stella, 2003

Perrello, Anthony, 1995

Pertchuk, Michael, 2002

Peterson, Theodore, 1976

Petievich, Gerald, 1983-2002

Ph.D. Candidacy (USC), 1982

Phillabaum, L. E., 1999

Photo Lab Guy, n.d.

Pierce, Anna, 1986

Pierce, Waldo, 1978

Pinter, Harold, 1971-1974

Pirating Bruccoli, 2003

PittBib—Dickey Reversion, 2002

PittBib—General, 1967, 1996-2001

Plimpton, George (8 Folders), 1999-2003

Plumes, correspondence, 2005

Plunkett, Horace, Curzon Reference Card, n.d.

Plutarch, 2004

PocketBOOKS, 1942

Political Correctness, 1992

Ponick, Terry, 1976

Popular Library Publishers, 1976

Porter, Katherine Anne (Appraisal of U Maryland Collection), 1996

Porter, Katherine Anne, Proposal, 1992

Post Office (Lost Package), 1986

Potter, Dennis, 1992

Pounder, Nicholas, n.d.

Powell, Anthony, 1971

Preservation of Documents—Companies, 1991

Press—Proofreading (Ken Scott), 1969

Price, Reynolds, 1978

Print on Demand, n.d.

Private Libraries Association (Frank Broomhead), 1990-1997

Profession of Authorship in America Series, 1997

Profession of Authorship (History of the Book) Proposal, 1993

Profession of Authorship—Membership, 1994

Profession of Authorship Newsletter (Proposal), n.d.

Profession of Authorship—Various Materials, 1988-1997

Promotions, 1991-2001

Proulx, Annie (2 folders), 1976-2000

Provost Conference, 2000

Provost Search Committee, 1988

Pruitt, Dennis, 1997

Publishers Archives, 1993

Publishers’ Cooperative Bureau (from Robert Trogdon), 1998

Publishing, general, 2005

Pukl, Joseph, 1999

Pukl, Joseph, on Gale Sales, 2005

Quigley, Michael, 1992

Quirk, William J., 1997-2002

Raines, Theron, 1999

Ranson, William F., 1991

Raphael, Frederic, 2005

Ray, David, 1997-2006

Reader’s Digest, 1980

Readers’ Guides, 1993

Receipts and Invoices, 1975

Records Revisited (Morton J. Savada, Prop.), 2001

Rediscoveries by David Madden, 1969

Red Napoleon from Daniel Levey, 1992

Reid, Jennifer, 2001

Reinig, Vance, 1980-1982

Reisman, Don, 1994

Research Assistants, 1982-2001

The Rest of the Story, Sheilah Graham, 1964

Reviews (miscellaneous), 1981

Rice, Tom, 1996-2002

Rigal, Joseph, 2000-2001

Rigg, Diana, 1981

Riggan, William, on Nobel Prize, 2003

River City Publishing, 2004

Riverside Studios, n.d.

Roberts, Richard Samuel, 2000



Box 20:


Robertson, Brewster, 2000

Robinson, Derek, 2002-2006

Rogers, Will, papers, 1968-1972

Rosen, Lynn, Running Press, 2002

Rosenthal, T. G., 1995-2005

Rosset, Barney, 2002

Rossetti, Christina, PittBib Proposal, 1997

Rossi, Jamal—American Songwriters Conference, 2001

Rota, Anthony, 1995-2005

Rota, Anthony, Arranging London Lecture, 2000

Roy, Ross, Collection Cataloguing, 1992

Ruddy, Jonah, 1982

Rudolph, Alan, 1995

Russell & Volkening Acquisition, 2001-2002

Russell Award Committee, 1976-1980

Russell Award Committee, 1993-1994

Safire, William, 1991-1998

St. Martin’s Press, 1996

Salinger, J. D., Xeroxes of Letters to Donald M. Fiene, 2008

Salter, James, Papers, 2005

Samsell, R. L., 1969-1972

Sanford, John, 1971-1974, 2007

Saroyan, William, Human Comedy Screenplay, 1981-1982

Saussy, George Stone (Pete), Front Matter for Oxford English Dictionary, n.d

Scan, Nielsen Book, 2005

Scarlet Letter Proofs, 2004

Schmalz, Wendy, 2002

Schmidt, Susan, n.d.

Schulberg, Budd (10 Folders), 1951, 1971-2007

Schultz, Charles, n.d.

Schulz, Monte, 2000

Scott, Evelyn, n.d.

Scott, Ken, 1994

Scott, Patrick, 2005-2007

Scott, Walter, Imprint Bib, 1991-1997

Screenplay Library, n.d.

Screenwriters’ Complaints, 1997

Scribners, 1975-1998

Sederberg, Peter, 1995

Selby, Hubert, Jr., 1998

Self-Generated Papers: Estate, 2005

Sendak, Maurice, on Melville, n.d.

Seton Hall, 1991-1992

Settle, Mary Lee, Interviews, 1993-1998, 2004-2006

Seven Gables/Papantonio (4 folders), 1969-1991



Box 21:


Sexual Harassment Guidelines, 1988-1991

Shakespearian Rag, Score, n.d.

SHARP—Edinburgh, 1995

Shaw, Irwin, Collection—Clouds Hill, n.d.

Shaw, Joseph T., 2004

Shields, David S., 2002-2003

Showman, Richard, 2001-2007

Siebert, Donald, Letter to Department, 1995

Sister Carrie, 1973

Simon, John, 2000

Simpson, Louis, 1975

Simpson-Baikie, General Sir Hugh, 1991

Skvoretz, John, Commitment for Higgins Collection, 2003

Slavitt, David, 1997

Slesinger, Warren, 1982

Smith, Betty, Proposal to USC Press, 2005

Smith, Dean Gordon, 1998

Smith, George D., 1993

Smith, J. L., 1976

Sorensen, Andrew A., 2004-2006

Smythson Catalogues, 1995

Snow, C.P., 1972-1979

South Carolina Academy of Authors, 2001

South Carolina Humanities Council, 1995-1998

South Carolina Humanities Council Book Festival, 1997, 2005-2006

Southern Illinois University Press, 1972-1999

Southern, Terry, Papers, 1999-2003

Spector, Irv, 1953, 2005

Spillane, Mickey, 1997-2001

Spindler, Elizabeth, 1978

Sprauge, Mrs. C. A. F., 1970

Stebbins, Todd, 1992-1999

Steinbeck, John, Secondary Bib Proposal (PittBib), 2002

Steloff, Frances, 1987-1988

Sternberg, Vernon, 1974-1998

Stevens, Wallace, Secondary Bib Proposal (PittBib), 1989

Stewart, Dean Joan, 1999-2003

Stewart, Donald Ogden, 1970-1975

Stewart, Seamus, 1969

Stilwell, Andrew, 2003

Strategic Plan—USC, 2002

Strickland, Ruth, 1981

Stuart, Jesse, 1989-1992

Stubbs, Kendon (UVa), 1997

Student (Prospective), 1998

Stutz, Michael 2007

Stypeck, Allan, 2005-2006

Styron, William, n.d.

Suarez, Ernest, 1995-2001

Sudduth, Elizabeth, 2005-2007

Sullivan, Frank, 1972

Sutton, Michael, 1997

Symonds, Julian, 1983-1992

Takahashi, Michiko, n.d.

Tanselle, Thomas, on Editing, 1994

Tarkington, Booth, Holdings at Princeton, 1983

Tarr, Rodger, 1983-2002

Tarr, Rodger—Clippings, 1996

Tarr, Rodger—NEH, 1996-1998

Tarr, Rodger—NEH, 2000-2001

Tarr, Rodger—Dickey Materials for NEH Seminar, 1993-2004

Tate, Allen, 1970

Tate, Mary Jo—BAF, 1993

Tate, Mary Jo—General, 1993, 2004

Taxes—Estate Planning, n.d.

Taxes—Receipts, 1981, 1992

Tax Relief—UK Royalties, 1992

Taylor, Peter, 1969, 1988

Teachers’ Guides—Signet and Plume, n.d.

Tenure and Promotion, 1979-1982

Terry, George (3 folders), 2001-2005

Texas A & M Talk, 2000-2001



Box 22:


Text, 1994

Textual/Editorial Stuff, 1991

Thambimuttu, Cuthbert C., 1996

Thesing, William, 1988-1998

Thomas, Roy, 2000

Thurber, James and Helen, 1969-1970

Thurmond, Strom, 1976

Time & Effort Report, 1982

TLS (Letter about DLB), 2005

Toll, Seymour, 1978

Toombs, Kenneth, 1998

Trademarks, 1992

Trakas, Deno, 1997

Traven, B., 1967-1973

Trewin, Ion, 1984

Trillin, Calvin, 1992

Trips (11 folders), 1978-1982

Trogdon, Robert, 1994-1997

Tumarkin, Peter (George D. Smith Catalogues), 1993

Turnbull, Andrew, 1958

Turner, Robert Edward III (Ted), 1979-1982

Turner, Robert (Eulogy for His Son), 1987

Ulizio, B. George, 1966-1983, 2004

Union, SC—Friends of the Library, 1992

U.S. Air—Bruccoli’s War, 2005

Unrue, John and Darlene, 2002-2006

Unrue, John: Proposed Collection of Bruccoli Writings (USC Press), 2007

Updike, John, Bib Proposal: De Bellis, Jack, 1991

Updike, John, Bib Query: Broomfield, Michael, 2005

Updike Biography Conference, 1997-1999

            Includes several Updike letters, postcards and drafts.

Van Ness, Gordon, 2002-2003

Vaughan, Courtney, 2004

Virginia, University of, Libraries, 1987-2007

Vogt, William T., Jr., 2007-2008

Vonnegut, Kurt, 1998-2005

Walker, Alice, 1985

Walker, Meredith, n.d.

Wallace, Francis, 1978

Warren, Robert Penn, Correspondence, 1971-1984

Warren, Robert Penn, Proposal, PittBib, 1992

Washington Flights (USC Airplane), 1990

Waugh, Alec, 1971

Webber, Hallam, 1992

Weidman, Jerome, 1972-1986

Welty, Eudora, 1971-2005

Welty, Eudora, Proposal, PittBib, 1986

Wenning, Henry, 1991-1993

Wesker, Arnold, 1992, 2005-2006

West, Jessamyn, 1976

West, Paul, 1998

West, Rebecca, 1973

Westlake, Donald, 1976-1986

Wharton, Edith, PittBib, 1987-1991

Wheeler, John N., 1970-1971

Wheelock, John Hall, 1957, 1970

White, Milton, 1972

Whitehead, Thomas, 1986

Whitlock, Everett, 2002

Whitman, Alden, 1978

Whitman, Walt, Leonard R. Levin, 1995

Whitman, Walt, Keepsake, n.d.

Whitman, Walt, PittBib, 1991-1992

Whittemore, Edward, 2005

Wickenheiser, Robert J. (Catalogue of Milton Collection, USC), 2005

Willett, J. Jackson III, 2004

Williams, Kenny J., n.d.

Williams, George, 2006-2008

Williams, John A., 1975-1976

Williams, Linda M., 1995

Williams, Tennessee, PittBib, 1988-1995

Willis, Paul, 2002-2007

Willis, Paul, Dean Search Material, 2001-2002

Willis, Paul, Great War Catalogue, 2004

Willison, Ian, 1998

Willison, Ian, Conference Talk, 1992

Wilsbacher, Greg, Newsfilm Library, 2004

Wimsatt, Mary Ann, 1992-2003

Winberry, John, 1993

Windhover Press, Merker, 1970-1974

Winick, Eugene, 1999

Winter, Ella, 1976

Wittenborg, Karen (UVa), 1996-2002

Withers, Kenney (SIU), 1983-1990

Woiwode, Larry, 2000

Wojtasik, Ted, 2000

Wolfe, Esther, 1970

Wolfe, Thomas, 1980-2007

Wolfe, Thomas Memorial, 1998-2004

Wolfe, Thomas Society, 1981-2004

Wolfe, Tom, 2005

Wolff, Morris, 1987

Word Processors Article, 1985



Box 23:


Woods, John, 1983

Woods, Steve, 1999

Words and Music, 2008

Work Product, 2002

World War II Symposium, 1995

Wrinkle, Louise, 1995

Writers Against the War, 2003

Writers at USC, n.d.

Writer-in-Residence Search, 1997

Writer Search (Candidates), 1998

Writer Search, 1998

Wunder, Harriette D.—Royalty Agreement, 1998

Wylie, Andrew, 2005-2007

Wyllie, John Cook (6 folders), 1970-2007

Xerox Bills, 1983

Yale, 1980

Yale Catalogues (1950s), 2005

Yale Club, 1999

Yeager, George, 1994

Young, Arthur, 1991-2006

Young, Richard, 1996

Zentner, Freddie, 2005

Zimmerman, Kurt, 2004

Correspondence, general and unidentified (5 folders), 1965-1998



Series III:  Frances Scott “Scottie” Fitzgerald Lanahan Smith Materials


     This series includes correspondence, newspaper clippings and writings relating to Scottie Fitzgerald and the legacy of her parents, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. The correspondence is primarily between Bruccoli and Scottie Fitzgerald (hereafter SFS) and is arranged chronologically. Personal and business correspondence between the two relating to the F. Scott Fitzgerald literary trust, books and other project proposals regarding Fitzgerald, Bruccoli’s Fitzgerald scholarship, their partnership for the Fitzgerald scrapbook publication and correspondence regarding their friendship, including visits together and holiday plans, is interfiled.

     Correspondence written by or sent to other parties have been separated into separate groupings. Notable correspondents in this series include: Arthur Mizener; Charles Scribner; Harold Ober; Arnold Gingrich; and Malcolm Cowley.

     Writings by SFS are included in this series as well as newspaper clippings, financial statements and personal notes pertaining to Scottie written by Bruccoli.




Box     Folder




24        1          Official copy of Scottie Fitzgerald’s birth certificate, May 1974

24        2          Scottie Fitzgerald, general. Articles, invitations, schedules, and announcements relating to SFS’s charity work, political involvement and daily life, 1974-1979, n.d.

24        3          Scottie bio sketch by unknown author, n.d. 




24        4          Dated letters by MJB to SFS, November 1967- June 1985

24        5          Undated letters by MJB to SFS

24        6          Fragments/notes by MJB to SFS, undated

24/25   7-8       Letters composed by SFS to MJB, ca.1965-1986

                        The majority of this correspondence is undated and includes intermixed personal and professional communications.

25        9          Envelopes

                        The envelopes associated with the correspondence in folders 6-7 were housed separately from the letters. 

25        10        Correspondence to MJB from various correspondents concerning Scottie and/or the Fitzgerald Estate, ca. 1963-2004

25        11        Correspondence from MJB to various correspondents concerning Scottie and/or the Fitzgerald Estate, June 1969-October 2004

26        12        Correspondence between MJB and Elizabeth Fischer, 1986-1987

Fischer was SFS’s secretary and companion in her later years.

26        13        Letters to various correspondents from SFS, ca. 1929-1973

            This folder contains correspondence of both a personal and business nature, the majority of which relates to SFS’s management of her parent’s legacy.

26        14-17   Letters from various correspondents to SFS (3 folders), ca. 1929-1986

These folders relate to both personal and business matters related to the FSF estate, the majority of which relates to SFS’s management of her parent’s legacy. There is extensive correspondence with Harold Ober and Malcolm Cowley throughout the group.

27        18        Valentine to SFS from Zelda Fitzgerald, photocopy, February 1940

27        19        Correspondence between SFS and Arthur Mizener, December 1947 – July 1953

27        20        Correspondence between SFS and Charles Scribner III, August 1978 – May 1986

27        21        Correspondence between SFS and Arnold Gingrich, ca. 1961-1963

27        22        Correspondence to SFS from Dean Thompson (Vassar), 1967

27        23        Correspondence between SFS, MJB and Sara Mayfield, 1965-1971

27        24        Correspondence to MJB from Courtney Vaughn (Fitzgerald’s niece), 2005, n.d.

27        25        Correspondence between MJB and Dodgie Shaffer (friend of SFS), 1986-1994

27        26        Artie Shaw correspondence with James Rieman, photocopy, 1969

27        27        Peter Shepherd correspondence, photocopy, 1970-1980

27        28        German correspondence, 1978-1980 

27        29        SFS fan mail, April 1964-October 1985


Scottie’s Writings


27        30        “Diary of a Trip Abroad,” typescript, uncorrected, July – September 1938

27        31        “The Right Person Won’t Write,” song composed by SFS, ca. 1942

28        32        “The Cat’s Whiskers,” reviews; newspaper clippings about play written by SFS, 1988

28        33        Introduction to Bits of Paradise, corrected typescript, n.d.

28        34        Introduction to As Ever, Scott Fitzgerald corrected typescript and related correspondence, ca. 1970-1971

28        35        Introduction to The Romantic Egoists, corrected typescript, n.d.

28        36        Fitzgerald/Hemingway catalog introduction, 1972

28        37        Excerpt from Scott & Ernest with MJB handwritten notes

28        38        Newspaper articles; published short stories; reviews, ca.1938-1975

28        39        “Daddy’s ideas about organizing novel into episodes and scenes,” n.d.     

29        40        “Mama quotes,” typescript, corrected


Financial Statements


29        41        Bills, payments, royalty statements, ca. 1949-1957

29        42        Contracts, account statements, photocopy, 1959-1975

29        43        Inventory/Appraisal of “Books in Scottie’s Montgomery house,” n.d.

29        44        Estate of Mary (Mollie) McQuillan, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s mother

29        45        Financial records of scrapbooks SFS commissioned Josephine Bruccoli to create, ca.1986-1988

29        46        Inventory of Scottie’s FSF books prior to her death, 1986

29        47        Scottie’s Princeton donation, 1950

29        48        Scottie’s bequest to MJB in her will, 1987


Scottie Fitzgerald, General


29        49        Scottie/Artie Shaw lawsuit, 1977

29        50        Working material and notes for Romantic Egoists, ca. 1974

29        51        Reviews and advertisements for The Romantic Egoists, n.d.

30        52        MJB vetting of Nancy Milford’s Zelda biography, 1970

Primarily correspondence between MJB, Nancy Milford and her editor Genivieve Young. MJB engaged in a series of correspondence with Milford on behalf of SFS, who did not endorse or approve of the biography.

30        53        Interview between SFS and MJB, 1977

                        Transcript of an interview MJB conducted with SFS about her childhood.

30        54        Copies of letters by FSF

30        55        Photocopy of letter by SFS to FSF, n.d.

30        56        Letter by SFS to her grandmother, A. D. Sayre, 1928

30        57        Letter fragment to Zelda Fitzgerald, author unknown, ca.1930

30        58        Photocopy of letter to Zelda, 1934

30        59        Photocopy of letter from Zelda, ca. 1931

30        60        Photographs

30        61        SFS obituaries and condolence letters to MJB, 1986-1987

30        62        Scottie remembrances and speech by MJB, typescript, corrected, ca. 2005

30        63        MJB research on “Paroxide Blonde,” ca. 2003-2007

31        64        Photocopies of SFS/Mizener correspondence, 1950-1959

31        65-66   Correspondence, notes, photocopies relating to Scottie’s gift of Fitzgerald papers to Princeton and MJB-related research. 

31        67        Copies of articles and letters used by MJB for research; handwritten research notes

32        68-70   Newspaper clippings, specific subjects include: The Fitzgeralds; Charles Lindberg; various international articles; ca. 1927-1982

32        71-72   Newspaper clippings, general, ca. 1956-1985

            SFS collected numerous newspaper clippings, both family-related and general. Those articles relating to the Fitzgeralds have been separated from the general subject clippings. 

32        73        Writing fragments, author unknown, primarily pages of fictional short stories and poetry



Series IV: F. Scott Fitzgerald Research Files


     This series is a comprehensive research archive on F. Scott Fitzgerald. It includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, research and writings relating to F. Scott Fitzgerald. The correspondence is primarily between Bruccoli and his colleagues and pertains to both business and personal subjects relating to the Fitzgeralds.

     Subseries include: general files; works by Fitzgerald; Zelda Fitzgerald-related materials; photographic material; film materials; materials relating to the Fitzgerald Trust; the University of South Carolina’s Fitzgerald Collection; Fitzgerald Centenary Celebration; and materials used by Bruccoli in his research and study of Fitzgerald. Due to the overlapping nature of many of these topics, there is some overlap of these subseries, primarily in relation to the general files and other subseries.

     Notable correspondents and subjects include: Malcolm Cowley; Ring Lardner; John O’Hara; Harold Ober; Charles Scribner, III; Scottie Fitzgerald Smith; and the various plays, movies and written works of Fitzgerald and his contemporaries. Named individuals on folder titles may also have additional correspondence files in Series II.

     This series is divided into subseries according to the original order established by Bruccoli.  Folders in the General Files subseries may relate to additional materials in later subseries.



Box 33:


Subseries A: General Files

Aalfs, Joann, 1984

Abeles, Sally, 1996-1998

“Les Absents Ont Tourjours Tort,” photocopy, 2000

Absolution, 1965

Acquaintances of Fitzgerald (possible), 1969-1981

Advertisements, n.d.

Affairs of Anatol by DeMille, 1985-1986

Agreements/Contracts, photocopy, 1923-1949, 1965-1968

Alabama Symposium, 1994

Alcoholism, photocopy, 1930, 1970, 1991

Alexandre, Monique, 1988

American Book Collector, 1980

American Book Prices Current, notes, n.d.

American Dream, 2004-2008

Anderson, Ralph G., 1983

Anderson, Susan, 1972

Appraisals by Bruccoli of FSF/ZF Material, ca. 1970

Archives USA (FSF), 2003

Argyll, Duchess of, 1972, 2000

Arion Press, 1984

Army, photocopy, 1918, 1979

Army-Navy Game, photocopy, 1938

Aronson, Alan, 2004

Articles, 1988-1989

Articles about Fitzgerald, photocopy, 1920-1934

As Ever, Scott Fitz, corrections, 1972-1973, n.d.

As Ever, Scott Fitz, correspondence about (2 folders), 1969-1973, n.d.

Asselineau, Roger, 1994

Audio-cassette course (Bruccoli): Report from Susan Bridwell, 1995

Azrael, Louis, photocopy, 1963

Baltimore, 1979

Bannatyne, Steve (Fitzgerald/Hemingway Screenplay), 2004-2007

Barlow, Samuel and Eze, 1980, 1992-1993

Baraolini, Helen, 1997

Barr, Bertie, 1977-1978

Barrett Library, n.d.

Barron, Father Joseph, photocopy, 1971, 1995-1998

Barry, Philip, n.d.

“Basil” Proposal to NEH (Jed Dannenbaum), 1989

Basso, Hamilton, photocopy, 1936, 1998

Battery Park Inscription, 1993

Baughman, Judith, 2001

BBC Fitzgerald Projects, 1985, 1996-2000

Beauchamp, Cari, 1997

Beautiful and Damned, research, photocopy, n.d.

Beck, Laurence, 1994

Ben Hur, MGM, n.d.

Benchley, Peter, 2002

“Benjamin Button” movie, 1990-1995

Bennett, Jeanne, 1996-2006

Benson, Robert Hugh, n.d.

Berg, A. Scott, 1994

Berger, Robert B., 1972-1974

Berman, Ronald, 1995, 2005-2006

Biblio magazine, 1997

Bibliography (2 folders), photocopy, 1917-1934, 1962-1973, n.d.

Bibilography, acknowledgments, n.d.

Bibliography, Correspondence, 1971-1972

Bibliographical Info Via Computer Search, 2000

Bibliography Introduction, n.d.

Bibliography, Presentation at LC, 1972

Bibliography, Zelda information, 1970

Big Read Notes, Great Gatsby, 2007

Biggs, John Jr., 1968, 1978-1981

Biggs, John III, 1966

Binding Orders: Fitz Books, n.d.



Box 34:


Bio, American National Biography (by Robert A. Martin), n.d.

Bio, Brief (by Bruccoli), n.d.

Bio, Brief (by Bruccoli)—Mystery, n.d.

Biography, Fitz, photocopy, n.d., 1973, 2003-2005

Biography magazine, 1999

Birth Certificate, photocopy, 1979

Bishop, John Peale, n.d.

Bits of Paradise, 1973-1974

Blackbird editors, 2006

Blankenship, Roy, 2006

Bodley Head (2 folders), 1972-1973

Boni & Liveright: Censorship Bill, photocopy, 1923-1924

Book-A-Minute, Great Gatsby, 2007

Book of the Month Club News (on FSF-Related Writers), photocopy, 1934-1976, 1990

Book Collector Magazines, 1966, 2004-2006

Book Sellers Offers, 1984, 1992, 2007, n.d.

Bookman’s Weekly, 1996

Bourjaily, Vance, 1998

Bow Wow (Wojciechowicz Staniscownovicz Wojkiewicz), 1964-1969, 1997, 2006

Boyd, Thomas, 1978

Braggiotti, Mario, 1977

Braille, 1971

Breland, Ed: Dos Passos and Mencken Tapes, n.d.

Bremmer, John, 2007

Brennan, Fanny, n.d.

Briggs, John, and Thomas L. Daniels, 1963

Brooke, Rupert, photocopy, 1918

Broun, Heywood, photocopy, 1920

Brown, Carter, 1977

Brown, Philip, 2003

Bryan, J. III, 1979

Bruccoli on Fitzgerald, notes, 1998-2005

Bryer, Jackson, 1991-1992

Bryer, Jackson: Letters Proposal, 1999

Bryer, Jackson: Stories Proposal, 1989, 1994-1995

Buckley, Christopher, 2003

Burden, Carter, 1986, 1995

Burnley, H. J., 2000

Bussell, Mary Beth, 2002

Buttitta, Tony (2 folders), 1983-2006

Chadwyck-Healey (Fitzgerald Electronic), 1997



Box 35:


Calendar, Fitzgerald (2 folders), 1992-1993

Calmer, Ned, 1979

Cambridge Arms (Baltimore), 1967

Campbell, C. Lawton, 1979

“Carraway” by Kenneth Brown, 1994-1995

Catalogues Offering Fitz, n.d.

Cather, Willa, and FSF (“An Instance of Apparent Plagiarism” by Bruccoli), photocopy, 1925, n.d.

Catholic Essay on Gatsby by Marjorie Feasler, n.d.

Caesar’s Things: Ted Mitchell, 1998

Cecie, Cousin, 1961

Celebrity Responses (Fitzgerald Tribute), 1995-1996

Centenary Celebration, News Stories, 1995-1996

Chamson, André, n.d

Chandler, Raymond, Album Bio, 1981-1983

Chandler photocopies (2 folders), n.d.

Chandler Film Inventory (Moss), n.d.

Chanler, Theodore, 1959

Chaplin, Duncan D., Jr., 1975

Charvat, William, 1964, n.d.

Chawton: Conference on Collections, 2007

Chelsea House, 1987

China: Fitzgerald, 1995, 2005-2006

Chorus Girl’s Romance (Silent Movie), 1999



Box 36:


Christ-symbol Gatsby Letter, 1996

Christopher Street Magazine, 1980

Chronicles, “A Magazine of American Culture,” 1993

Clark, Alexander, 1977, 1997

Clark, Dean, 1980

Clayton, Jack, 2001

CLEON (Cleonikes Damianakes, illustrator), 1992-1996, 2007

Clippings, FSF (7 folders), ca.1920-1980

Club Magazine, ca. 1974

Cody, Dan, 1999

Cole, Olivia (essay on British responses to FSF), n.d.

Collecting Fitzgerald, 1977-1978

Collection on CD, 1995, 2006

Collection On Line, 1999

Collectors, 2003-2005

College of Charleston Jazz Age Celebration, 2002

Colliers/Fitz Correspondence, photocopy, ca.1930s

Collins Archive, Glasgow, Scotland, 1992, n.d.

The Company, The Young and the Beautiful, n.d.

Conference in Montgomery Query, 1984

Cooper Keepsake Proposal, 1928

Copyright, 1992

Copyright Protection, 1991-1994

Correspondence, General, letters to Bruccoli about Fitzgerald (3 folders), 1969-1973

Correcting Errors, Fitzgerald On, n.d.



Box 37:


Corsco, Joe, 1974

Cottage Club, Death of Fitzgerald Announcement, 1941

Cottage Club Tie, 1980

Covers, Lousy, and Mark Gompertz, 1994-1995

Couch and Chair, 1999

Covino, Joseph, 1975

Cowan, Lester, 1990, 1997

Cowley, Malcolm: “Final Version” of Tender Is the Night, photocopy, n.d.

Cowley, Malcolm, and Ernest Hemingway, photocopy, 1951

Cowley, Malcolm: Inventory of Trunk, 2004

Cowley, Malcolm: Second Flowering, photocopy, n.d.

Cowley, Robert and Malcolm, 1997-1999, 2004

Crane, Stephen, photocopy, 1967, n.d.

Critical Assessments promo stuff, 1991-1992

Critic’s Credentials, n.d.

Criticism of Books, photocopy, n.d.

Crosland, Andrew, Great Gatsby Concordance, 1972-1974

C-Span: Responses to Bruccoli on FSF, 2002

Cugat, photocopy, 1976, n.d.

Curtin, Kathleen, 2006

Daily Princetonian, photocopy, 1915

Dallas County Community College, 1979

Dance, Beatrice, 1963, 1978

Daniels, Thomas E., 1978

Dardis, Tom, 1974-1975, 1990

Darrow, Whitney, photocopy, 1956

Dartmouth, photocopy, 1939, n.d.

Death Certificate, photograph, 1970

Dearly Beloved, Esquire rejection, photocopy, n.d.

Debt (FSF’s) to Scribners,  1996

DEIF, 2001

Detroit Public Library: Bruccoli’s Fitzgerald Lecture, 1981

DeVito, Carlo, 2004

“Diamond as Big as the Ritz” Broadcast, 1980, 1994

“Diamond as Big as the Ritz” Movie Proposal and Contract, 1995-1997

Dickey, James, 1992, n.d.

Dirge, photocopy, 1922, 1967

Disposal of MSS and papers at his estate, photocopy, 1941-1945

Dissertations (Fitzgerald), 2003

DLB, n.d.

Doll (Daisy)—Franklin Mint, 1992

Donaldson, Scott, 1991

Donaldson, Fitzgerald Vs. Hemingway, 1999, 2009

Donnelly, Honoria, 1977-1998

Dos Passos, John, Exhibition, 1998

Dos Passos, John, on FSF, photocopy, 1942, n.d.

Dos Passos, John, Seven Times Round the Walls of Jericho, 1981, 1997, 2001

Dos Passos, Lucy, 1997

Dullea, Keir (Fitzgerald Play), 1991-1992

Dupont Cavalcade of Television script, n.d.

Dutch Fork High School Gatsby Responses, 1993

Dvonch, Patricia Mathison, 1996

Easton Press: Fitzgerald Stories, 1989-1991

Edelstein, J.M., 1971

Edward and Catherine O’Donnell Collection of Modern Lit, 1979

Egorova, Lubov, photocopy, 1930, n.d.

Eisel, Paul J., 1959

Electronic Texts (10 Folders), 1991-1997

Ellerslie, n.d.

Ellison, Emily, 1981-1982

Ellingson, Dorothy, newspaper photocopy, ca. 1925

Ellis, Walker, photocopy, n.d.



Box 38:


Engalitcheff, Prince Vladimir N., photocopy, 1923

Epstein, Joseph on Fitzgerald, n.d.

Esquire (2 folders), photocopy, ca. 1960-1970

Estate Papers (California)—Fitzgerald, photocopy, 1940-1943, 1977

Evans, Jill—Bookmark, 1985-1986

Exhibition, Hofstra—Steven Goldleaf, 2004-2005

Fair, Ray C.—Article on Gatsby and Gray’s Economics, n.d.

Fan Letters to Bruccoli (2 folders), 1993-2007

Farmer, David, 1981

Fashion, 1973-1975

Fay, Fr., Msg. Sigourney, 1971-1978, photocopies ca. 1920s

Fay Family Papers, 1997

Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi Letter, 1995

Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi Video Introduction by Bruccoli, n.d.

Field, Bradford S., poem, n.d.

Finances (Fitzgerald): To William Jovanovich, 2004

Firsts, book collector’s magazine, 1997, 2000

Fitzgerald Festival, Montgomery, 1997

Fitzgerald Film Bio (Film Company), 1983-1987

Fitzgerald, Edward, 1979-1980, photocopies, 1894-1931

Fitzgerald, Mollie, 2004, n.d.

Fitzgerald, Scottie: Appendix for Some Sort of Epic Grandeur, 2004

Fitzgerald, Scottie: Catalogue, 2007

Fitzgerald, Scottie: “Paroxide Blonde,” photocopy, 1948-1949, n.d.

Fitzgerald, Scottie: “Time With Tonsein,” photocopy, 1965, n.d.

Fitzgerald, Scottie: Writings Etc., 1975

Fitzgerald Society, 1990-2007

Fitzgeraldiana, n.d.

Flagg, James Montgomery, 1999

Flannagan, Thomas on Gatsby, 2000

Flandrau, Grace (DeCoster, Georgia Ray), 1997

Flanner, Janet, n.d.

Flynn, Nora Langhorne (Obit), photocopy, 1955

Ford, Gerald, Museum, 1998-1995

Forgeries (Fitzgerald), 1992

Foreign Fitzgerald, n.d.

Foreign Language Material, 1991, n.d.

Fountain Theatre, The Last Tycoon, 1997-1998

Fowler, Larley, 1988, photocopy, 1926, 1930, 1977

Frazier, George, 1984

Friedman, Bruce Jay, 2007

French Film Folks, 1995-1996

French Fitzgerald letter, photocopy, 1928, 2007

French Interview with Bruccoli, 1996

French Scholar (Antolin-Pirès), 1995-1996

French Scholar (Sorin), 1996

French TV, 1997-1998

Frisco, Joe, 1999



Box 39:


Fritchey, Clayton, 2001

Front Matter, 1970, n.d.

Fuller, General J. F. C. (Hoax), 1992, photocopy ca. 1940

Fuller, Rosalinde, photocopy, 1959, n.d.

“A Full Life” Flap, 1987-1988

Funeral (Washington Post Magazine Story), 1979

Funeral, reburial of FSF and ZF, 1975, n.d.

Garden of Eden: Fitzgerald References, photocopy, n.d.

Garnett, David, photocopy, 1934, 1980, n.d.

Garzilli, Enrico, play, 1990

Gates, Bill, 1999

Gatsby Co., 1970

Gatsby Prospectus (Meriden Gravure Company), 1973

Gauss, Christian, photocopy, 1934

Genealogy, n.d.

German Tender is the Night Seminar, 1994

Gibbs, Walcott, n.d.

Gingrich, Arnold (University of Michigan), photocopy, 1938-1978

Godwin, Sayre, 1998

Gold Hat (Doug Wyman), 1993-2005

Graham, Sheilah, 1975, 1997

Grant: Fitz at Book Fair, 2007-2008

Graves, Michael, 1985

Gravesite, Rockville, n.d.

Gray-Couch-Wakeman House, probate records, n.d.

Great Gatsby articles, 1953, 1975, n.d.

Great Gatsby ballets, 1987, n.d.

Great Gatsby CD-ROM, n.d.

Great Gatsby documentary, 1924

Great Gatsby essays, 1983-1984, n.d.

Great Gatsby facsimile, n.d.

Great Gatsby literature guide, 2005

Great Gatsby movie (2 folders), photocopy, 1926, 1973-1974, n.d.

Great Gatsby movie articles, photocopy, 1926, 1973-1974



Box 40:


Great Gatsby movie, magazines articles, 1974

Great Gatsby movie, world premiere tickets, 1974

Great Gatsby murder, 2005

Great Gatsby opera, 1999-2000

Great Gatsby opera materials, photocopy, 1923-1924, 1999, n.d.

Great Gatsby restaurant, 1979

Great Gatsby stamp, 1974

Great Gatsby statue, 1978

Great Neck Estates Forum, 1986

Great Neck Phone Book, photocopy, ca. 1920s

Greenblatt, Julie, 1992-1993

Grit, n.d.

Guardian Weekend Magazine, 1996

Guthrie Production: Great Gatsby, 2006

Hackett, Albert, n.d.

Hale, Nancy, n.d.

Hall, G. K. Microfiche, 1986-1988

Halliburton/Hemingway: Lost Photo, 1999

Hamid, Mohsin, Review, 2000

Hamilton, Marise, 1979

Hammett, Dashiell, photocopy, n.d.

Hansen, Jamie, on Cataloging Fitzgerald, n.d.

Harbison, John (and Stories on Gatsby Opera), 1999-2000

Hardy Boys, 1998

Harkness, Bruce (copies of various letters from Cowley, Mizener, Wilson), 1957-1969

Harmon, William, n.d.

Harper, Robert, 1998-1999

Harris, Jed, 1993, photocopy, 1934

Harrow, Nancy, 2005

Hay, Mary, photocopy, 1957

Hearne, Laura, 1963-1972

Held, John Jr., Catalog, photocopy, n.d.

Held, John Jr., Prints, 1964

Held, Margaret (wife of John Held), 1972

Hellman, Joan E., 1996

Hemingway, Ernest (his Resentment of FSF Revival: Bruccoli Notes), n.d.

Hemmick, Msgr. William, 1971

Henson, Suzy, “Dear Plagiarists,” photocopy, 2004

Heritage Book Shop, 1976

Hindus, Milton, FSF: An Introduction and Interpretation, galley proofs, n.d.

Hines, Marion, 1969



Box 41:


Hobby (Pat) Performer—Paul Birchard, 1997

Hoffman, Richard L., 1991-1992

Hofstra Conference, 1992

Hollywood, Fitzgerald In Proposal, photocopy, 1992

Hollywood Revisited, Sheilah Graham, 1985

Hotel Belles Rives, n.d.

Homes and Haunts, DVD, 1996-2006, n.d.

Hoover Library Loan of Fitzgerald Items, 1992-1993

Hopalong, Cassidy, photocopy, n.d.

Hope, Edward, photocopy, 1958

Horn, Chris, 1995

Horowitz, Glenn—General, 1991, 1995

Horowitz, Glenn—Seldes/Fitzgerald Letters, 1995

Horowitz, Glenn—“Paroxide Blonde,” 2002

Horowitz, Glenn—FSF Ulysses in Exhibition, 1998

Hôtel du Cap, 1997

Hovey, Carl (FSF/ZF Letters to), photocopy, ca. 1920-1930s

Hudson, Wilson M., “F. Scott Fitzgerald and a Princeton Preceptor,” photocopy, 1916-1917

Humanities Research Center Fitz Holdings, 2006-2007

Hume, Cyril and the Newman School, photocopy, 1999

Huntington Library Quarterly, 1956

Hurley, James and Daisy, 1996

Hyman, Sally, n.d.

Illinois State University Summer Institute, 1987

Indian Fitzgerald Scholar—A. K. Sethi, 1989

Indiana University, Lilly Library, 1986

Information Services Story (USC), 1978

Inge, M. Thomas, 1996

Inscriptions (FSF), photocopy, 1998

Inscriptions, Goodbye To All That, 2000

Inscription (FSF) to John Biggs, photocopy, n.d.

Inscription to HLM, photocopy, n.d.

Inscription (FSF) to H. L. Mencken about Ernest Hemingway, photocopy, n.d.

Institut D’Etudes Americaines, n.d.

Italian Fitzgerald Exhibition, 1985

Jackson, Norris Dean, 1978, 1980

Japan, Fitzgerald Club, 2000-2001

Japan Trip, 1991

Japanese Attack on CUP Gatsby and Bruccoli Response, 1994

Japanese Bibliography, 1997

Japanese Cross Dressing Fitzgerald Play/script, n.d.

Japanese Fitzgerald Scholars, 1992-2000

Japanese Gatsby in English (Tate Report), 1994

Japanese Scholar on The Last Tycoon and the Japanese Novel, 1992, 1999

Japanese Stories on Bruccoli, 1991

Japanese Student—Union Institute, 1998-2001

Japanese Translation of Some Sort of Epic Grandeur Query, 1991

Jazz Age, short stories, cover art, n.d.

Jelly Bean, n.d.

Jemison, Marie (Would-Be Scottie Biographer), 1987-1992

Johns Hopkins Magazine, 1970

Johns Hopkins Transcriptions, n.d.

John Jackson’s Arcady, n.d.

Journal of Modern Literature Article by Bruccoli, cassette, 1985

Jozan, Martine, 2007

Kaufmann, Hans J., 2004

Keats, John, n.d.

Keepsake, 1971

Keeley, Edmund, 2008

Kennedy Center, 1980

Kerr, Joan Paterson, photocopy, 1977, 1991, 1996

Kilpatrick, John Reed Obit, 1960

Knight, Richard A., photocopy, 1948

Kretzmer, Mrs. Herbert (Sybil), 1995

Kroll, Ernest: Article About and Keepsake, 1994

Kroll Ring, Frances, 1993-1995

Kruse, Herr Prof. Doctor Horst, 1992-1997



Box 42:


LaHood, Marvin, Review, 2000

Lake Forest Guy (Stephen Salny), 1998

Lamp in the Window, photocopy 1923, 1970

Lanahans: ABA Report (1993) to Bobbie & Jack, 1993

Lanahans: Scottie’s Kids—General Correspondence, 1986-1987, 1995

Lanahans: Bobbie’s Biography of Scottie, 1994

Lanahans: Bobbie on Grandparents, 1996

Lanahans: Jackie (Samuel J. Jr.) Interferences, 1990-1992

La Paix, n.d.

Lardner, Ring: Best of Ring Lardner, n.d.

Lardner, Ring: Background: On Dempsey and Tunney, photocopy, ca. 1920

Lardner, Ring: Fitzgerald Correspondence, photocopy, 1924-1925, 1974, 1979, n.d.

Lardner, Ring: On Dempsey and Tunney (Bruccoli’s Essay), n.d.

Lardner, Ring: On Dempsey and Tunney (Photos from Nicholson Baker), photocopy, 1926

Lardner, Ring: General File, photocopy, 1982-1994, n.d.

Lardner, Ring and H. H. Howland, photocopy, 1918

Lardner, Ring: Obit, photocopy, 1933

Lardner, Ring: Proposal for Edition, 2001

Lardner, Ring: Research materials, 1974

Lardner, Ring: Ring Around the Bases, 1991-1992, 2004

Lardner, Ring: Ring Around the Bases Reviews, 1992, 2003-2004, n.d.

Lardner, Ring: Photocopy, scrapbook, n.d.

Lardner, Ring: Some Champions, 1992, n.d.

Lardner, Ring: Transcription by Bruccoli of Lardner Letter, 1965

Last of the Belles, 1973

Last Tycoon, Letters and Intro, photocopy, 1941, n.d.

Lathbury, Roger, 1993, 2003-2007

Le Dernier Nabab (The Last Tycoon), France, 1977

League of American Writers, 1997, 2001

Ledger, Microcard edition (2 folders), photocopy, 1973, n.d.

L’Etang, Dr. Hugh, 1993

Lemmon, Elizabeth, 1969-1971, 1994-1999

Leslie, Shane, 1958-1978

Letters: New Fitzgerald, photocopy, ca. 1920s, 1986, 1994-1996

Letters: For Bruccoli research, photocopy, 1934-1940, n.d.

Letters: FSF and ZF, photocopy, n.d.

Letters: Inventory of FSF Letters by Year, photocopy, 1919-1940

Letters: From People Who Knew the Fitzgeralds, 1982

Letters: HRHRC, photocopy, 2002

LeVot, André, F. Scott Fitzgerald reviews, 1983

Levy, Simon, 1996-1998, 2006

Levy, Simon, play, draft, 2007

Lewis, Roger, 1980

Liberty magazine, 1974

Library of America, 1996, 1998

Library of Congress, card catalog card, 1974

Lid, R. W., 1998

Life Magazine, 1959

Lindenbusch, John, 1973

Literary Criticism of FSF: Proposal, 1993

Levitt, Paul M., 2000

Lincoln, Gilbert, 1995-1996

Lisio, Michael de, n.d.

Literary Lives Series, 1996

Littauer, Kenneth: Fitzgerald and, 1999

Libowitz, Steve, 1983

Lo, The Poor Peacock, photocopy, 1935

Loeb, Harold, 1972-1973

London Fitzgerald Exhibition at Mowbrays, 1981-1982

Long, Ray, photocopy, 1931

Looneygrams (“nut cases”), 1993, 1999-2000, 2005

Lorimer, George H., Collection: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1991

Lorimer, George H., Collection: University of Georgia, 1997

Lost American Fiction, Southern Illinois UP pamphlet, 1978

Love of the Last Tycoon, photocopy, 1996

“Love Song of F. Scott Fitzgerald,” photocopy, 1955



Box 43:


Lowry, Malcolm and Margerie Bonner Lowry: Notes on a Screenplay for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night (13 folders), 1971-1976, 1992

Luce, Mrs. William, n.d.

Ludwig, Richard, 1981, 1987

Lyndon Baines Johnson museum, 1920 exhibit, 1979-1980

Lyndon Baines Johnson museum, 1920s exhibit, materials, photocopy, 1925-1995

Manhattan Literary Map, photocopy, 2005

McAlmon, Robert and Sanford J. Smoller, 1995, 2001-2002

MacArthur, Charles, photocopy, 1928, 1956

MacArthur, Charles, Papers, 1993

McCandless, Lansden, 1965

McCarthy, Michael, 1996

McCormick, Hazel, n.d.

McCormick, Hazel (Fitz letters to), photocopy, 1922-1938, 1989-1991, n.d.

Macdonald “Administration,” 1992, 1995

McKaig, Alexander, 1978

Mackenzie, Compton, 1970

            Includes 1970 letter.

McKissick Museum: Insurance on Bruccoli/AB Traveling Art, 1992

McLain, G. W., 1992

McMahon, Arthur F. B., III, 1993

McMurtry, Larry, 1970

McPherson, Margaret (Peaches Finney), 1980-1981

McQuillans and Edward Fitzgerald, 1976-1979

Magnet, n.d.

Maitland, Glen, 1990

Man’s World magazine, “The Passionate Eskimo,” short story by Fitzgerald, 1970

Mandal, Somdatta, 1997

Mangum, Bryant, 1982-2007

Mankiewicz, Joseph, 1992

Manners Cooper, Diana, photocopy, 1986

Markle, Fletcher, 1977-1986

Marks, Jeffrey, 2000, 2003



Box 44:


Martin, Townsend, 1992

Marvin, Blanche, 2001

Mayfield, Sara, 1969-1971

Maryland Historical Society Record, photocopy, 1934

Masefield, John, n.d.

Masterwork Studies, 1984

Matchboxes, Gatsby’s Restaurant, n.d.

Maurer, Jim: Offer of Robert Kerr Material, 2006

Mayer, Roger L., 2004

Media, 1995, 2005, n.d.

Mellow, James R., 1984

Men’s Club Magazine, photocopy, 1985

Mencken, H. L.: Collection, 19th-Century Shop, 1998-2000

Mencken, H. L.: Collection, Thompson, 2006

Mencken, H. L.: Correspondence with FSF, photocopy, 1920, 1930-1934, 1969

Mencken, H. L.: Inscriptions from FSF, 1991-2000

Mencken, H. L.: PittBib, 1990

Mencken, H. L.: Papers at Dartmouth, 1990

Mencken, H. L.: Papers at New York Public Library, 1989-1991, 2000

Mencken, H. L.: World War I Diary, 2000

Menckeniana: Enoch Pratt Free Library, 1995

The Merc, 1996

Merton College, Oxford (essay by R. B. Peberdy), 2000

Messenger, James, “Koryo Celadon,” 1980

Metro Production, 1920-1921

Metropolitan opera subscription series, 1999-2000

Meyers, Jeffrey, 1990-1994

MGM, 2002-2004

MGM: Acquisition of FSF screenplays (3 Folders), 2004

Mickey Mouse Comic, “The Mystery of Diamond Mountain,” 1956

Miller, D. Edmond, 1981

Miller, Mrs. James (Bruccoli cartoon), 2007

Miller, Linda Patterson (Murphys), 1981

Minnesota Public Radio/Fitzgerald Theatre, 1994

Minnesota, University of (Fitzgerald Conference), 1982

Miscellaneous Fitzgerald/Hemingway Annual Materials, 1971-1972

Mizener, Arthur, Biography Reviews, photocopy, 1950

Mizener, Arthur, Material Related to Far Side of Paradise, photocopy, 1950

Modern Library Great Gatsby Offer, 1993, 2005-2006

Modern Screen Magazine, 1974

Mok, Michel, photocopy, ca. 1936

Moneys from USC Fitz Collection and Hits on Website, 2002-2005

Mongolian Fitzgerald Scholar, 2007

Montana Magazine, 2007

Montgomery, Alabama, photocopy, 1920, 1979, 1987

Moore, Garry, Phone Interview Notes, 1979

Moran, Lois, photocopy, 1925-1927, 1982, 2002, n.d.

Morehouse, Kathleen, n.d.

Morgan, Walter L., 1993

Morris Archives, photocopy, ca. 1990

Moses, Robert, Gatsby & Beyond, 1964

Moss, Robert—Online Catalogue Proposal, 1998

Mount Holyoke Talk, 1981

Moveable Feast, A—Fitz, photocopy, n.d.

Moveable Feast, A—MSS, n.d.

Movies, photocopy, 1991

Movie Proposals, 1999, 2005, 2007

Movies, Fitzgerald and Hemingway Proposals, 1994-2005

Movies, Silent: The Great Gatsby and The Beautiful and Damned, 1997

Movie, Television Gatsby, 1995-1998

Murphy, Gerald and Sara, 1998-2001



Box 45:


Museum, Fitzgerald—Asheville, 2000

Museum, Fitzgerald—Montgomery, Ala., 1987-1996

Museum, Fitzgerald—St. Paul, Minn., 1989

Musical, Fitzgerald, 2005

Musicals, Gatsby, 1995, 1999-2000

Musical, Gatsby by Jay Landesman, 1992-1994

My Generation, 1968

Myers, Carmel, “I Knew Scott and Zelda,” n.d.

Myers, Mrs. Richard E., n.d.

Myerson, Joel, as CUP Consultant on Fitzgerald Edition, 1992

Myths, 1999

Nassau Lit, photocopy, 1916

Nathan, George Jean, photocopy, 1958

National Conference of Teachers of English, 1992

National Lampoon, 1972

National Portrait Gallery, 1980

NEH Grant, 1988

NEMLA Convention at Penn State, Bruccoli speech, 1974

Neville, Maurice and Marsha, 1993

New Perspectives, photocopy, n.d.

New Philistine, n.d.

New Republican, 1941

Newsletters (Fitzgerald), 1992-1999

New York Hilton, 1963

Newman School, photocopy, 1916, 1979-2000

New Yorker: Fitzgerald in, photocopy, 1929-1937, 1993

Norris, Charles, 1979

North Carolina, post cards, n.d.

Notes, n.d.

Novel Club Account, 1997

NPR (3 folders), 1977

Oates, Joyce Carol: Review of Bruccoli Books, 1996



Box 46:


Ober/Fitz book: additions in proofing, photocopy, 1970

Ober/Fitz book: appendices, photocopy, 1920-1924, n.d.

Ober/Fitz book: correspondence (3 folders), photocopy, 1922-1940, 1970, n.d.

Ober/Fitz book: correspondence about letters, 1970-1971

Ober/Fitz book: drafts, 1970, n.d.

Ober/Fitz book: notes, n.d.

Ober/Fitz book: notes from Gene Young, photocopy, 1970-1971

Ober/Fitz book: notes on introduction, 1970

Ober/Fitz book: permissions, 1972

Ober/Fitz book: research, photocopy, n.d.

Ober, Harold, photocopy, 1959-1973, n.d.

Ober, Harold and Anne, 1969-1973

Ober, Harold & Associates to Scottie Fitzgerald, statements, (3 folders), 1950-1959

Ober, Harold & Associates: Fitzgerald Holdings, 1971, 1988

Ober, Harold, Fitzgerald Keepsake, photocopy, negative, n.d.

Ober, Harold, Inventory of letters at Princeton, photocopy, 1927-1929

Ober, Harold, Letters, photocopy, 1929-1940

Ober Deal, 1972-1976, n.d.

Ober, Dr. William: Fitzgerald Medical History (2 folders), photocopy, 1930-1937, 1980

Obituaries and house fire (FSF), 1925

O’Connor, Bijou, photocopy, 1975

Odds-and-Ends Bio Stuff, photocopy, 1925-1940

OCLC MS Listings for FSF, n.d.

Offshore Pirate adaptation, photocopy, 1977

Offshore Pirate Opera (scenes from), 2006

Of Thee I Sing Search, 1999



­Box 47:


O’Hara, John: Timothy J. Adams & Bruccoli on Samarra Letters, 1987

O’Hara, John: Appraisals of O’Hara Estate by Bruccoli (4 folders), 1971-1975

O’Hara, John: Artist Is His Own Fault Headnotes, n.d.

O’Hara, John: Dan Brennan, 1991

O’Hara, John: Copyrights, 1970

O’Hara, John: Correspondence, 1975-1976

O’Hara, John: Wylie Doughty (John O’Hara’s daughter), 1978

O’Hara, John: Hollywood Stories (2 files), 2000-2006

O’Hara, John: Fitzgerald Letters, photocopy, 1936-1960

O’Hara, John: Letters Offered by Glenn Horowitz, 2006

O’Hara, John: Malloy, Jimmy: Collection Proposal, 2008

O’Hara, John: Naturalization Speech (Keepsake), 2006

O’Hara, John: New Yorker Records at NYPL, 1992-1994

O’Hara, John: O’Hara at Random House; note from Donald S. Klopfer, 1978

O’Hara, John: Permissions, 1961

O’Hara, John: Reviews Mostly, 1977

O’Hara, John: Screenplay Xeroxes (5 folders), 1942-1972



Box 48:


O’Hara, John: Screenplay Xeroxes (1 folders), 1939, 1956

O’Hara, John: Stories, photocopy, n.d.

O’Neill, Eugene, n.d.

Osander, John, 2006

Other writers and Fitzgerald, photocopy, 1951, 1970, 1995-2005, n.d.

Owens, Gwinn, 1997

Owens, Isabel W., photocopy, ca. 1930s, 1989

Oxford University Computing Service (Gatsby), 1991

Oxford Historical Dictionary: Bruccoli Entry on Fitzgerald, 1997-1998

Oxford University Press Proposal for Fitzgerald Edition, 1988-1989

Page, David, 1983

Paris, 1964, 1978

Paris Evening Telegram, photocopy, n.d., 1999

“Paris was Yesterday,” Janet Flanner, photocopy, n.d.

Parker, Dorothy, Collection Query, 1992

Parker, Dorothy, Parody of FSF, 1977-1978

Parrott, Stephen, 1996-1998

Pat Hobby Turns Fifty, Ernest Mannix, n.d.

PBS Writer: DeWitt L. Sage, 1996-1998

Peanuts (Charles Shultz), 1998, n.d.

Pen (Dupont “Gatsby”), 1993

PEN Center, Literary Award, 1996

Penguin Fitzgerald/Hemingway Project, photocopy, n.d.

Penguin Readers, 1998-1999

Penguin T-Shirt, n.d.

Perkins, Maxwell: Daughters, 2001-2002

Perkins, Maxwell: Daughter Bertha Frothingham, 2001-2004

Perkins, Maxwell, to Ernest Hemingway, photocopy, 1940, 1980

Perkins, Maxwell, to Zelda Fitzgerald, photocopy, 1939

Permissions (General), 1982

Persica (Journal of the English Literary Society of Okayama), 1976

Petry, Alice Hall, 1988

Photographs, photocopy, 1937

“Pierian Springs” reprints, 1964

Piper, Henry Dan, 1959-1961, 1996, 2001

Pirie, Ginevra King, 1979

Plath, Sylvia, 2006

Play: Gatsby by John Dunne, 1993

Play: The Fitzgeralds by Steve Lawson, 2000

Play: Tender Is the Night by Simon Levy, 1994-1995

Play: Tycoon by Simon Levy, 1995

Play: Outdoor Australian Gatsby by Barry Lowe, 1998

Play: Fitzgerald One-Man Performance by Michael McCarthy, 1996

Play: Gatsby in Hollywood by Joshua Rebell, 2002

Play: Fitzgerald & Hemingway by Mark Scharf, 1994-1995

Play: Scott and Ernest by Ira David Wood III, 1982-1983, 2005


Playboy, Gatsby Parody, 1974

Plimpton, Fitzgerald/Hemingway play, 2001

Plimpton/Westberg Disagreement, 2003

Poe, n.d.

Poem, Carpenter: FSF MS, 1984

Poem: FSF Set to Music, 1992

Poets’ Corner, n.d.

Polish Theses on FSF, n.d.

Pollinger, Laurence, 1973-1975

Porter, Bernard, The First Publications of FSF, photocopy, n.d.

Porter, Geneva, n.d.

Postcard Keepsakes, 1998

Postcards, Literary, n.d.

Potts, Stephen W., 2005

Pottsville Journal Queries—John O’Hara, photocopy, 1924-1926, 1991-2005



Box 49:


Poupard, Dennis, 2002

Prater, Larry, 2002

Preiss, Byron, 1995-1997

Price, Michael, 1996

Prices, Rare Book (FSF), 1993

Prigozy, Ruth, 2000-2001

Prigozy, Ruth: Fitzgerald Conference Proposal (NEH), 1992

Princeton: Alumni Weekly, 1956, 1966, 1973, 1974, 1978

Princeton: Class of 1917, 1967

Princeton: Class Photo Signature, n.d.

Princeton Club: Invitation, 2006

Princeton: Clubs, 1990

Princeton: Exhibition, 1990

Princeton: General (2 folders), photocopy, 1916, 1979-1980

Princeton: Gifts to, 1993, 1996

Princeton: Faculty-Alumni Forum, 1967

Princeton: FSF Inventory (5 folders), n.d., 1972, 2005

Princeton: Fitzgerald Prize, photocopy, 1955-1956

Princeton: Library Chronicle, 1951

Princeton: Restrictions to Archives, 1979, 1992-1994

Princeton: Snotograms, 1997

Princeton: Tiger Club magazine, 1957

Princeton: Treasures of the Library, n.d.

Princeton: Triangle Club, 1963

Princeton: FSF: The Princeton Years by Chip Deffaa, 1997

Princeton University Library Chronicle, 1961

Princeton University Library Rare Books, additions, n.d.

Princeton University Magazine, 1961, 1964

Printing Records from Princeton, photocopy, n.d.

Profile of FSF, correspondence, 1970-1971

Profile of FSF, manuscript, 1970

Projected Collected Works by FSF, photocopy, n.d.

PTLA listings for FSF, photocopy, 1941

Publicity of Bruccoli, 1971-1974

Publishers, photocopy, n.d.

Publishers Weekly (2 folders), photocopy, 1922-1936

The Push-Her-In-The-Face, photocopy, n.d.

Queensboro Bridge painting with note by Bruccoli, n.d.

Quotations, 2005, n.d.

Randall, David A.—FSF Appraisal, photocopy, 1942, 1962

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan and Fitzgerald, photocopy, n.d., 1991, 1997

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan (Rodger Tarr Projects), 1988-1996

Read, Clifton R., 1992

Read With Me, n.d.

Reading Lists, 1968

Reidy, Carolyn K., 1996

Reifsneider, Amalya, 1982

Rendell, Kenneth W., n.d.

Reprints, Collectors’ (Henry Reath), 1996

Retinas: Ian Gordon, 1997



Box 50:


Reviews and Stories on FSF, 1962

Reviews: English, photocopy, n.d., 1922-1974-1965

Revisions, Some Sort of Epic Grandeur, n.d.

Revival, notes, n.d.

Reviews, photocopy, 1950-1951

Rich Boy, photocopy, n.d.

Rich Boy, cover art, n.d.

Rights, photocopy, 1920-1980

Riviera, photographs, n.d.

Roaring Twenties Pictorial Magazine, 1955

Rockville Commemoration Ceremony, 1990

Rogers, Michael, 1996

Romantic Egoists, USC Press correspondence, 2003

Rome, Fitz in, 2001

Ronnell, Ann, 1997

Rothstein, Arnold and Black Sox Scandal, photocopy, 1927-1929

Ruddy, Jonah, photocopy, 1995, 1996, n.d.

Russian Fitzgerald Scholar (V. M. Tolmatchoff), 1986

Russian Offprint, 1963

Russian Translation, n.d.

St. Paul, photocopy, 1922

St. Paul Academy, photocopy, 1968, n.d.

St. Paul Historic District, planning program, 1975

St. Paul Research Material, 1976, n.d.

St. Paul Visit, photocopy, 1876-1922, 1976-1978

St. Nicholas,1978

Salt, Waldo, 1980

Samsell, Robert, 1984-1993

Sara and Gerald (American Playhouse), 1984-1989

Saskatchewan Student, 1998

Saturday Evening Post, 1980, 1990

Saturday Evening Post, request 1991

Saturday Review, 1951

Satyricon, photocopy, 1922

Save Folder, 1973-1976

Sayre Family (Daniel), photograph, n.d.

Sayre, Judge, photocopy, 1972, 1978

Scandalabra, photocopy, 1933

Schenck, A. William, 1998

Schulberg, Budd, 1983

Schulberg, Budd, Harder They Fall, 1947

Schulberg, Budd, Advanced Book Exchange, 1997

Schulberg, Budd, DLB, 1999

Schulz, Charles, 1990-2005

Schurmeier, Gustave (Interview With), n.d.

Scrapbook, n.d.

Screenplay Proposal: This Side of Paradise, 1990

Screenplays Symposium: Planned for January 2010, 2004-2010

Scribner, Charles Jr. Appreciation by Bruccoli, 1993, 1999

Scribner, Charles III, “Celestial Eyes,” 1991

Scribner, Charles III, and DAB, 1995, 2000

Scribner, Charles III, and Spiritual Autobiography, photocopy, n.d. notes, 2007

Scribner, Charles III: USC Talks, October 1992, 1991-1995

Scribner, Charles IV: Review of Gatsby, 2001-2002

Scribners: Advertising Files, 2003

Scribners Agreement for Maxwell Perkins’s Letters, 2004

Scribners Archive Request, 2003

Scribners Books from 1934 in DJs, 2003

Scribners Catalogues, photocopy, 1920-1921, n.d.

Scribners Catalogues Stuff, 1995

Scribners Correspondence, 1965-1989

Scribners Editors, 1992



Box 51:


Scribners General (2 folders), photocopy, 1988-2002

Scribners: Letters from Perkins to Fitzgerald, 1920

Scribners Library: FSF Proposal, photocopy, 1922

Scribners Stories Collection, 1991-1992

Seldes, Gilbert, photocopy, ca. 1920-1936, 1991

Selznick, David O., photocopy, 1939, 2002

Serial (Beautiful and Damned), negatives, photocopy, 1923, 1971

Serial (This Side of Paradise), negatives, photocopy, 1923, 1968

Sermon by Rabbi Stephen Fuchs on Gatsby, 1996

Seyfried, Vincent, 1995

Shadow of God (with Bruccoli notes on back), photocopy, n.d.

Shain, Charles, Correspondence, 1984

Shank, Martha Marie: Notes on Interview, n.d.

Shaw, Artie, Suit, photocopy, 1970-1977, 2005

Shaw, Charles G., photocopy, 1980-1982

Shenton, Edward, 1983

Shepherd, Peter, correspondence, 1975-1985

Shevlin, Tom, 2005

Signatures, 1974, 2006, n.d.

Silent Film Society of Atlanta, 1999

Silhouette—Martin Garden, 1996

Silvette, David, 1965

Simon & Schuster History, 1997

Simplified Fitzgerald (Penguin English), n.d.

Slater, Joyce, 1987

Smith, Newman, 1996-1997

Smith, Phil, Great Gatsby adaptation, 1995

Smith, Rosalind, 1950, 1965, n.d.

Smithsonian Engagement Calendar, 1983

Smithsonian Paris Exhibition, n.d.

Society meeting, 1998-2006

Some Time In the Sun Documentary Proposal by Thomas Fuchs, n.d.

Songs in Fitzgerald works, photocopy, n.d.

Soupault, Philippe, Interview With, n.d.

South, The, n.d.

Songs and Fitzgerald: Prigozy, Ruth, photocopy, n.d.

Spafford, Robert, photocopy, 1960, 1979

Spencer, Katheryn Robb, FSF Collection, 2005

Spengler, Oswald, photocopy, 2000, n.d.

Sprague, Admiral, n.d.

Sprague, Annabel Fitzgerald, photocopy, 1971, 1987

Speech Details (Miami), 1983

Springer, Wilbur C. III—Fi-Fi! Owner, 1996

Sports Illustrated Magazine, 1992

Stafford, John, 1984, 1991

Stage and Screen adaptions of life and work (2 folders), 1997-2007, n.d.



Box 52:


Stamp (Fitzgerald Commemorative), 1979-1995

Stamp, broadway song writers, n.d.

Stanford Lecture Series: Hemingway and Fitzgerald, 1983

Stein, Allen, Gatsby’s Daughter, 2000

Stein, Gertrude, n.d.

Stern, Milton, 1984, 1991, 1997

Stewart, Donald Ogden, 1970-1971, 1980, 2002-2004

Stillwater Photos from John S. Herin, 1996

Storage Place in Baltimore, n.d.

Stories (Saves), 1978

Story Contest, 1995

“Stuff,” (2 folders), 1970-1990

Sturtevant, Ruth, photocopy, n.d.

Suggested Reading, n.d.

Swann Gallery, 2001

Swann Material (Baltimore), 1933-1934, 1963

Swanson, H. N., 1970

Swinnerton, Frank, 1989

Swope, Herbert Bayard, Jr., 1996

TAMU: Texas A & M Fitzgerald Webpage, 1997

Takarazuka: Japanese Gatsby Opera, 1991

Talty, Stephan, 1989

Taps at Reveille, n.d.

Tate, Mary Jo: Fitzgerald A-Z, 1995-2006

Taxes (FSF), 2003, n.d.

Taylor, Frank, Papers, photocopy, 1998, n.d.

Taylor, J. Hume Jr. (Son of “Cousin Ceci”), 1996

Teacher’s Guide, 1968, n.d.

Television (Fitzgerald), 1980, 1982

Television (Gatsby), 1997

Television (Tender, BBC), 1985

Television (British FSF Film), 1996

Tender is the Night, photocopy, 2005

Tender is the Night, author’s suggestions, photocopy, n.d.

Tender is the Night keepsake, Munster, n.d.

Tender is the Night, sample pages, n.d.

Tenenbaum, Samuel J. (and Schulberg), 2004

Terry, Alice, photocopy, n.d.

Theme parties/events, 1975-1997

This Side of Paradise, photocopy, n.d.

Thomas, Karen (The Film Company), 1984

Three Comrades, 1977-1980

Thurber, James, 1953

TLS, 1999

Todd, William B., Festschrift (“Getting It Right” Essay First Published Here), 1989-1993

Toll, Seymour, 1984-1986, 1993, 2008

Toll, Seymour, Perm Request, 1993

Translations List (Gatsby ), n.d.

Treasures of the Library, Princeton University Library, 1963

Trimalchio, 1999-2000

Trouble, the dog, news clipping, photocopy, n.d.

T-Shirt, 1993

Tsuboi, Kiyohiko, 1977-1999

Tsuboi, Kiyohiko, and Other Japanese Guests at Centenary Celebration, 1996-1999

Tunney, Gene (TLS from), 1970

Twin Citian magazine, 1967

Typewriter (Fitzgerald-related), 1994

Unterberg Poetry Center, 2002

USC acquired screenplays, 1994-2004

USCAN: Fitzgerald Listings, 1996

University of Pittsburgh, manuscripts, 1950

University of Texas: Library Chronicle, 1955

U.S.S. F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1996

U.S.S. F. Scott Fitzgerald, log book, photocopy, 1946



Box 53:


Vagabonds, photocopy, 1933

Valentine Poem, n.d.

Van Cortlandt, Julian, 1996

Vanity Fair—Stolen Photo, 2003

Vassar, photocopy, 1938

Vaughan, Fitz Silver and Stamps, 1996-2000

Vaughn, Courtney, 1993-1995, 2008

Vegetable, Czech Production, photograph, 1974

Vegetable, letters, 1970

Vegetable, playbill, 1985, n.d.

Venice Public Library, 2003-2004

Vidor, King, 1986

Villa Marie, 1997, n.d.

Virgil, Petronius, and Gatsby—from Ward Briggs, photocopy, n.d.

Virginia, University of—Fitz Holdings, n.d.

Von Gerlach, Max, or Max Gerlach (12 folders), photocopy, photograph, 1974-2005, n.d.

Vonnegut, Kurt, 1986

Wald, Malvin, 2007

Wales, National Library of, 1986

Warren, Charles Marquis, photocopy, 1934, 1971, 1976

Warren, Robert Penn: Fitzgerald to, photocopy, n.d.

Washburne, Mollie H., 1998

Washington, Kenny, photocopy, n.d., 1971, 1978

Watch—Franklin Mint Jazz Age, 1993

Website: FSF Centenary, USC (3 folders), 1996-2005

Weiss, David, 1985

Wells, H. G., photocopy, n.d.

Welsh, Freddie, 2005

West, Rebecca, n.d.

West Egg Café, n.d.

Westbrook, Robert, 1993-1999

Wharton, Edith, photocopy, n.d., 1963, 1966

“What a Handsome Pair!” Play Version, 1999

Wheelock, John Hall, n.d., 2003, 2005

Who’s Who Entries on Fitzgerald, photocopy, n.d.

Wilde, Dorothy Irene, n.d.

Wilder, Thornton, photocopy, n.d.

Williams, John H., photocopy, 1972, 1990

Wilson, Edmund: Biographer Lewis Dabney, photocopy, n.d.

Wimbledon postcard, n.d.

Winslow, Richard, 1992

“Winter Carnival,” photocopy, n.d.

“Winter Dreams” for Norton Anthology: Bruccoli’s Advice, 1998

Wolfe, Thomas, and Fitzgerald, n.d.

World Peaceways, 1971

World’s Fair, photocopy, 1938

Wysong, Annie Laurie Letters, photocopy, 1934-1936, 2007

Yale Sports Programs, 1974

Yank at Oxford, 1996

Yank at Oxford promotion, photocopy, n.d.

Yeiser, Frederick, photocopy, 1963

The Young and the Beautiful, playbill, 1955

Young, Lois Moran, 1978-1991

            Includes letters from Lois Moran.

Young, Tim, 1995

Zelda, bio material, 1970-1987

Zelda, Bruccoli Collection, 1970-1975

Zelda, play (2 folders), 1972-1998

Zelda by herself, 1996

Zelda, Save Me the Waltz, n.d. 

Zelda/Spratt (Gilkes Correspondence), 1974



Box 54:


Subseries B: Works by FSF and Bruccoli-edited Editions of FSF

“Absolution,” photocopy, 1924

All the Sad Young Men

            Bruccoli note on Maxwell Perkins Letters, handwritten copy, 1925

Apparatus to The Great Gatsby: Contract, 1974, 1988

As Ever, Scott Fitz—

            Congratulations, 1972

            Scottie intro and letters, 1970-1978, n.d.

Fitzgerald A-Z  by Mary Jo Tate

            Permissions, 1995-1996

            Reviews, 1998, n.d.

“Author’s Apology,” n.d.

“Baltimore Anti-Christ,” 1989

Before Gatsby

            General, 2000

            Reviews, 2001, 2003, n.d.

            Texts used in Before Gatsby (in book order)

            Notes, n.d.

            Research of stories, 1966, 1989, 2000, n.d.

            “Babes in Woods”, photocopy, 1953, n.d.

            “Jemina, The Mountain Girl”,  photocopy, 1921

            “Tarquin”, photocopy, n.d.

            “Debutante”, photocopy, n.d.

            “Four Fists”, photocopy, n.d.

            “Dalyrimple Goes Wrong”, photocopy, n.d.

            “The Smilers”, photocopy, n.d.

            “Porcelain and Pink”, n.d.

            “Benediction”, photocopy, n.d.

            “The Cut-Glass Bowl”, photocopy, n.d., 1965

            “Head and Shoulders”, photocopy, n.d., 2000

            “Mr. Icky”, photocopy, n.d.

            “Myra Meets His Family”, photocopy, 1920

            “Ice Palace”, photocopy, n.d.

            “The Camel’s Back”, photocopy, n.d.

            “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”, photocopy, 1922, n.d.

            “The Off Shore Pirate”, photocopy, 1920, 1922, n.d.

            “May Day”, photocopy, 1969, n.d.

            “The Jelly-Bean”, photocopy, 1920, n.d.

            “The Lees of Happiness”, photocopy, 1920, n.d.

            “His Russet Witch”, photocopy, n.d.

            “Two for a Cent”, photocopy, 1922

            “The Diamond as Big as the Ritz”, photocopy, n.d., 1968

            “Popular Girl”, photocopy, 1922

            “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, photocopy, n.d.

            “Winter Dreams”, photocopy, n.d.

 “Bernice Bobs Her Hair”: Bruccoli introduction, n.d.

 Beautiful and Damned

            Article by Amy J. Elias, 1989

            Bibliographical Notes, 1958, n.d.

            Collations (2 folders), n.d.

            Hovey, Carl, to Arthur Mizener, photocopy, 1951

            Margolies, Alan (Garland Facsimiles Project), 1988, 1996

            Zelda’s cover art, photocopy, 1945, n.d.

Fitzgerald Bibliography

            General, photocopy, 1922, 1979-1983, n.d.

            Grant Proposal: Revised Edition, 1986-1987

            Reviews: Revised Edition, 1988-1990, 2001

            Supplement, photocopy, 2001, n.d.



Box 55:


Bits of Paradise corrections, 1992

Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald

            Fredson Bowers’s letters about edition and Gatsby, 1989

            Bruccoli plan for the edition, photocopy, 1986-1988, n.d.

Catalogue of the Bruccoli Collection by Park Bucker

            General, 2003-2004

            Introduction, 1997

            Plan, 2002

            Promotional Material, 2004, n.d.

            Reviews, photocopy, 1997-1998

Classes on F. Scott Fitzgerald

Lecture Transcriptions, 2000

            Reprint, CDs, 2002-2004

            Responses, 2001-2002

Conversations With F. Scott Fitzgerald

            Permissions, 2002-2003

            Reviews, 2002-2003

Correspondence of F. Scott Fitzgerald

            Inventory Notes (Turnbull and Crack-Up), n.d.

            Letters, photocopy, 1925-1936

            Permissions, 1978-1979

            Reviews, 1980

The Crack-Up (letter from James Laughlin), 1979

The Cruise of the Rolling Junk (Introduction by Bruccoli), n.d.

The Evil Eye, photocopy, 1915, n.d.

Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi!

            Damage incurred at USC Press, 1996

            Photos, photocopy, n.d., 1995

            Production and Publication, 1995-1998

            Title Page, Text, and Illustrations, photocopy, 1996, n.d.

“First Blood,” photocopy, 1930, n.d.

Fitzgerald and Hemingway (Including Scott and Ernest)

            Bodley Head, 1978

            Deutsch Reprint, 2002

            Japanese Translation, 1996

            Portuguese Translation, 1995

            Query to Gallimard, 1995

            Reviews, 1995-2003, n.d.

Flappers and Philosophers (Leslie Copy), 1993

            Concordance (folders 1-9 of 11), n.d.



Box 56:


            Concordance (folders 10-111 of 11), n.d.

Garland Facsimiles

                        Ad, 1993

                        Correspondence, 1987-1988

                        Facsimiled Pages, photocopy, 1990

                        Lecture, n.d.

                        Notes by Bruccoli, n.d.

                        Plays (2 folders), photocopy, n.d., 1988

                        Review by Milton Stern, n.d.

Getting It Right

            Drafts, 1990, 1996

            General, photocopy, photographs 1923, 1993-1994, n.d.

            Reprint, 1994

            Responses, 1994

            Website (Fitzgerald Centenary), 2001

Getting It Wrong

            Responses, 1997, 2006, n.d.

            Revision, 2005, n.d.

            Text, photocopy, 2005-2006, n.d.

The Great Gatsby

Abacus Gatsby and Stories, 1992

            Advertisement for Gatsby in Scribner’s Magazine, photocopy, 1925, n.d.

            Announcement for Concordance, ca. 1974

            Concordance, 1976

            Cugat and Gatsby, photocopy, 1979, n.d.

            CUP Announcements for Gatsby, 1991

            CUP Classroom Edition of Gatsby, 1994-1995

            CUP Corrections for Gatsby, 1992

            CUP James Dickey Statement, n.d.

            CUP Documentary, photocopy, 1920-1940, 1997-1999, n.d.

            CUP Emends, 1996-1998

            CUP Julie Greenblatt, 1991-1992

            CUP Launch Party, 1991, n.d.

            CUP Modern Library Perm, 1992

            Facsimile of Gatsby Manuscripts, n.d.

            Facsimile of Gatsby manuscripts advertisement, n.d.

            “Final Words on the Gatsby Dust Jacket” (Bruccoli essay), 2003, 2008
            Freshman Reading Experience, 1995

            Influences, 2002, 2007

            Inscription Slips, photocopy, n.d.

            Introduction, photocopy, 1934, n.d.

            Introduction to concordance, n.d.

            Macdonald/Scribner Contract, recorded tape, 1990-1992

            Macdonald General, 1990-1991, n.d.

            Macdonald Intro (2 folders), 1988-1991

            Macdonald/Little, Brown Proofing Costs, 1992



Box 57:


Moss, Robert, Gatsby and Beyond, 1964

            Musical, 1995

            Online, 2000

            Party Themes, 2005, n.d.

            Penguin’s “Authentic” Gatsby, 1992

            Penguin/Bodley Head Agreements, 1991

            PBSA and Gatsby Emendations, 1996

            Readings, 2000

            Reduced Words Gatsby, 1995

            Sales, 1990-2003, n.d.

            Satyricon, photocopy, 1922

            Scribner Corrections, 1992-1993

            Scribner General, 1991-1992

            Scribner Introduction, photocopy, n.d., 1992

            Scribner Textbook Edition, 1991-1992

            Gatsby at Seventy-Five” (Bruccoli Essay), 1999

            Serialization, 2004

            Student Guide (Proposal), 1994-1999


                        French, 1993

                        German, 1993-1994

                        Italian/English Proposal, 1992

            UNC Greensboro, Jackson Library, photocopy, n.d.

            Update, 2001

The Last of the Novelists Reversion, 1991

“Let’s Go Out and Play,” photocopy, 1935, 1982

A Life in Letters

            Correspondence, 1992-1993, n.d.

            Reviews, 1992-1994

“My Generation,” photocopy, n.d.

New Essays on The Great Gatsby: Reviews, 1985-1986, 1996


            Contract, 1978

            Plan, 1977-1980

            Reversion, 1991

Fitzgerald Collection Notes (5 folders), 1995-1999, 2003-2004, n.d.

On Authorship

            Deutsch (Thomas G. Rosenthal), 1996

            Perms, 1995-1996

            Reviews, 1996-1998


Correspondence, 1980-1981

            Front Matter, 1981, n.d.

            General (2 folders), photocopy, 1911-1940, 1952-1968, n.d.

            Permissions, 1981

            Reviews, 1981



Box 58:


Portrait of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1970-1985

The Price Was High

            General, 1979-1981, n.d.

            Insurance Copy of Headnotes, 1978-1979

            Introduction by Bruccoli, photocopy, 1935, n.d.

            Permissions, 2002

            Reprint, 1996

            Royalties, 1991

Reader’s Companion to Tender Is the Night

            Corrections for Second Printing, 1997

            Correspondence, 1995

            Permissions, 1994-1995

            Proof, Corrected, 1995

            Proposals, 1993-1995

            Reviews, 1996, n.d.

“The Rich Boy” Notes (Materials from University of Wyoming), n.d.

“The Rich Boy”: Bruccoli Note On , n.d.

The Romantic Egoists

            Afterword by Bruccoli, 1999, n.d.

            Corrections from Scottie, n.d.

            Correspondence, 1976-1977, 1984

            Front and Back Material, n.d.

            Material From, photocopy, ca. 1920s-1940s, 1974

            Permission Query to Charles Scribner III, 2000

            Princeton Flap: Curtis Clark Failed to Clear Permissions, 2004-2006

            Proposals, 1993-2002

            Reviews, photocopy, 1975-2004

Safety First, n.d.

“Screenplay of F. Scott Fitzgerald” Proposal, 1996

“The Sensible Thing” Collations, 2004

“The Sensible Thing,” photocopy, 1924

The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (1989 Collection)

            American Edition (Scribner), 1988-1992

            British Edition (Everyman),1995-1997

            British Edition (Macdonald), 1990-1992, n.d.



Box 59:


Corrections, photocopy, n.d., 1989

            Headnotes, 1989-1992

            Introduction by Bruccoli, 1989

            Reviews, 1984-1989, 2001

            Transmittal, 1989, n.d.

            Working Material, 1988-1995, n.d.

Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Correspondence, 1978-1981

Fan Letters, 1981-1983

French Cut, 1992

French Reviews, 1994-1995

German Translation, 1994

Japanese Translation, 1991

La Table Ronde, 1992-1995

La Table Ronde, French Translation, 1994

La Table Ronde, page proofs, photocopy, 1994-1996, n.d.

Mass-Market Reprint Query, ca. 1999

Permissions, 1980-1982

Portuguese Translation, 1995

            Promotion List, 1980

            Reversion, 1990-1999

            Revised Edition, First, Carroll & Graf, 1993-1994, 1998

Revised Edition, Second, USC Press, Agreement, 2000-2005

            Revised Edition, Second, Notes, 2000-2001

            Revised Edition, Second, Proposal, 1999, 2003

            Revised Edition, English, 1991

            Reviews of 1981 Edition, ca.1981

            Reviews of Later Editions, 1995

            Reviews of Revised Editions, 1991-1994

            Sales Figures, 1991

            Spanish Translations, 1995

            Tax Exemption UK, 1981

            Wylie, Andrew (Bruccoli’s Agent)—Possibility of British Reprint, 1999-2005

The Sons of Maxwell Perkins

Back-up Information, photocopy, n.d.

            Corrections for Proofs, 2002

            Correspondence: FSF and Perkins, 1919-1939

            Introduction: Early Bruccoli Draft, photocopy, 1943, n.d.

            Permissions, 2003

            Proposal to Scribner, 2001-2004

            Proposal to USC Press, 2001

            Reviews, 2004-2005

            Stuff in General, 2004, n.d.



Box 60:


Stories: Collations, notes (2 folders), n.d.

Tales of the Jazz Age

            Canadian Edition, photocopy, 1993, n.d.

            Salesmen’s Dummy, 1994

Tender is the Night

            Anderson, George—Strippings, n.d.

            Audiotapes, 1991

            Australian Reprint Query, 2007

            BAC: Business Archives of Scotland, 1993

            Beaumont-Hamel, photograph, n.d.

            British Publishers, 1992-1994

            Broadview Press, 2007

            Chanel Ad, n.d.

            Concordance (folders 1-13 of 16), n.d.



Box 61:


            Concordance (folders 14-16 of 16), n.d.

Corrected, Deposited Copies, 1995

            Correspondence, 1992

            Cover Art, 1994

            Cowley, Malcolm, 1959-1980

            Dashiell, Alfred; Maxwell Perkins; and Fitzgerald, photocopy, l933-1934, n.d.

            Everyman Edition, 1995-1996

            French Bookstores, 1989-1992

            Jeambar, Denis, 1992-1993

            Letters (Fitzgerald) about Tender is the Night, 1933-1934

            Pollinger, Gerald, 1980

            Proposal to Little, Brown (UK), 1995

            Magazine Versus Book Version, n.d.

            Murphy, Gerald, 1961

            Notes, photocopy, n.d., 1981

            Perrault, Stephen J. (Merriam-Webster), 1993

            Piper, Henry Dan, 1962

            Printing Information, 1958-1959, n.d.

            Proposal to Scribner, 1994

            Publication and Reception, photocopy, n.d.

            Reputation, photocopy, 1937-1949, n.d.

            Reversion, 2005

            Samuel Johnson Edition: Offered for Sale, 1995

            Seldes, Gilbert, photocopy, 1934-1962, 1991

            Treatment: Fitzgerald and Warren, photocopy, ca.1934

            Tsuboi, Kiyohiko, 1992

This Side of Paradise

            Copyright, photocopy, 1920, 1991-1993, n.d.

            Concordance (folders 1-6 of 9), n.d.



Box 62:


            Concordance (folders 7-9 of 9), n.d.

            E-Book Project (Gale), photocopy, n.d.

            Media/Link Proposal (Robert Oakman), 1995

            New American Library with Bruccoli Intro, 2006

            New American Library: Text, 2006

            Notes: Essay Lynn Haywood, 1980, n.d.

            Playbill, n.d.

            Proposal: Oxford Classics, 2000

            Proposal: Princeton, 1992

            Proposal: Scribner, 1992-1993

            Proposal: USC Press, photocopy, n.d., 2003

            Review, photocopy, 1920

            Text Note, photocopy, 1918, n.d.

            Typescript for TSOP (2 folders), photocopy, n.d.

            Typescript and Collations for TSO, photocopy, n.d.



Box 63:


Three Comrades: dj and promotional material, n.d.


            CUP edition, 2000

            USC facsimile volume: Bruccoli introduction (3 files), 1996-2000

            USC: Permissions, 1999

            USC: Promotional Material, 1999-2000

            Proposal: to USC Press and Deutsch, 1996

            Restrictions on Uncorrected Galleys in TCL, 1995

            Reviews/Stories, 2000

            Thanks from William Jovanovich, 2000

            “Trio of Trimalchios,” n.d.

Tycoon (The Last Tycoon and The Love of the Last Tycoon)

            Last Tycoon: early intro by Bruccoli, n.d.

            Last Tycoon Review, n.d.

            LOLT: Concordance (6 folders), n.d.

            LOLT: CUP (Correction to Andrew Brown), 1994

            LOLT: Little, Brown (UK) Contract/Correspondence, 1993-1994

            LOLT: Little, Brown (UK) Introduction and Notes, 1994

            LOLT: Little, Brown (UK) Money Mess, 1994

            LOLT: Little, Brown (UK) Proposal for Illustrated Edition, 1993

            LOLT: Scribners/Collier Correspondence, 1994

            LOLT: Scribners/Collier Copy-edit, n.d.

            LOLT: Scribners/Collier Introduction and Notes (1 folder), 1993-1994, n.d.



Box 64:


            LOLT: Scribners/Collier Introduction and Notes (2 folders), 1993-1994, n.d.

            LOLT Reviews, 1993-1994

The Vegetable

            MS from Charles Scribner IIIJ, photocopy, 1923, 1975

            Xerox of TS from Lilly, photocopy, n.d.



Box 65:


Subseries C: Zelda Fitzgerald



Allmond, Bayard W., Jr.— correspondence offering ZF art, 1976-1997

Asheville Art Museum—exhibition, 1988-2000

Auction of ZF painting, Montgomery Museum of Art, 2000

Giving away of canvases (letters about), 1989, 1993

Hamner, Anne and Reggie (owners of ZF painting; photos enclosed), 2003

Inventory of ZF Holdings at PUL, n.d.

McKissick Museum—exhibition, 2003-2004

Massillon Museum, photocopy, n.d.

Mencken, H.L. and ZF paintings (e-mails about), 1999

Montgomery, Ala., Museum—catalogue of ZF paintings, 1990, n.d.

Montgomery, Ala, Bruccoli’s paintings sent to, 1974

Moody, James K.—about his ZF painting, 1997-1998

Morres Museum, 2006

Ober House—ZF Painting of, 1993-1994

Perkins—ZF to (plus Bruccoli’s description of Perkins’s reply), photocopy, 1941

Press for Paintings, photocopy, 1968-1973

Randolph-Macon Woman’s College (Catalogue of Their Exhibition), 1998

Sheppard Pratt Art Collection, 2004-2005

Thesis—“The Art of Zelda Fitzgerald” by Carolyn Shafer (USC, 1994), 1994-1995, n.d.

Zelda: An Illustrated Life, edited by Eleanor Lanahan—material related to, 1995-1996



“Caesar’s Things”(3 folders), photocopy, 1942, 1997-1998

The Collected Writings, edited by Bruccoli (2 folders), 1970, 1990-1997

The Collected Writings Reviews, 1991-1997

Other writings, photocopy, 1925-1934, n.d.

Save Me the Waltz (reviews), photocopy, 1932-1967

Scandalabra (4 folders), photocopy, 1932-1933, 1971-1980, n.d.

Works in Progress, photocopy, n.d.



Alabama Hall of Fame—ZF Induction, 1991

Articles about Zelda and FSF, photocopy, n.d.

Cline, Sally—biographer, 1996-2003

Centenary Celebration, Fitzgerald Museum, Montgomery, 2000

Compact, correspondence and photographs regarding a compact possibly belonging to Zelda, n.d.

Correspondence about, 1971-1973, n.d.

Couch, 1993

Collection of Essays on ZF—Proposal, 2000

Mama Sayre, photocopy, n.d.

Memorial Stone, Highland Hospital, 1998

Milford, Nancy, College of Charleston Lecture, 2003

Milford, Nancy, 1967-1970

Milford, Nancy, Review, 1970

Movie (TNT, November 1993)

Musical, 2001

Notes, n.d.

Play—Charleston Guerrilla Theatre, 1997

Play—Mark Scharf, 1982

Play—Willard Sims, 1990-1995

Portrayals, 2004, n.d.

Press about, photocopy, 1998-2005

Zelda By Herself, Exhibit, 2004



Lanahan, Bobbie, sent to, 1988

Published, photocopy, 1918-1940



Box 66:


Subseries D: Fitzgerald-Related Photographic Material/Newspaper Clippings


Family Photographs

Fitzgerald Family, Mother, Father, etc, n.d.

FSF, 1896-1910

FSF, 1911-1920

FSF, 1921-1930

FSF, 1931-1940

Negatives of family photos, n.d.

Non FSF photos mistaken for FSF, n.d.

FSF and Zelda photos, CD-R of scanned photos, 1921-1937

FSF, Zelda and Scottie photos, negatives, 1928-1935, n.d.

FSF and Scottie, 1928-1931, n.d.

Zelda, negatives, 1932, n.d.

Zelda and Scottie, 1922-1924, 1938, n.d.

Scottie, 1927, 1943, 1950, 1981, n.d.

Zelda and Grandchild, 1946

FSF and Zelda, paintings and sculptures of, 1971, n.d.        

Family Newspaper Clippings, ca.1930-1940


FSF in Art

FSF Caricatures, 1922-1923, 2003, n.d.

FSF Caricature in Art, n.d.

Zelda’s Artwork, ca.1932-1934, 1940s, n.d.

Perkins with self portrait with Fitzgeralds, 1920

Alleged FSF photos in silent film, n.d.                      


Fitzgerald Personal Documents

These folders contain photographs of personal items that once belonged to F. Scott Fitzgerald, some of which are in USC’s collection.


Map of France, n.d.

Fitzgerald legal documents, 1917-1941

Zelda play, WWI Pagent, n.d.

Save Me the Waltz, n.d.

FSF on France – Baltimore Sun, n.d.

FSF Death, 1940-1941

FSF Tombstone, n.d.

Zelda Death Clipping, ca.1948

Zelda’s Letters, n.d.

Fitzgerald’s MGM card, n.d.

FSF Camp Sheridan Library Card, 1923

Who’s who in Paris Clipping, n.d.

FSF at Soap Beauty Competition, n.d.

FSF Scrapbook, n.d.

Gatsby Maps, Original Artwork, 1991-1992


Fitzgerald Friends, Associates

These folders contain photographs and photocopies of photographs of individuals who knew Fitzgerald personally, corresponded with him, or were somehow associated with him.


Birdie Barr, n.d.

R. Barthelmess and M. Hay, n.d.

John Biggs, Jr, n.d.

John Peale Bishop, n.d.

Rupert Brooke, n.d.

Edith Cummings, 1924

Dunn, n.d.

T.S. Eliot, n.d.

Ballet, Egorova, 1911-1930

Monsignor Fay, n.d.

Joe Frisco, n.d.

Max Gerlach, n.d.

Sheilah Graham, n.d.

Ernest Hemingway, 1931

Rex Ingram, 1923

James Joyce, n.d.

Edward Jozan, 1957

John Keats, n.d.

Robert Kerr, n.d.

Ginevra King, 1918, n.d.

Ring Lardner, n.d.

H.L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan, 1946, n.d.

Lois Moran, 1927, n.d.

The Murphys, 1932, n.d.

The Obers, 1933, 1935, n.d.

John O’Hara, n.d.

Ms. Owens, FSF Secretary, n.d.

Dorothy Parker, ca.1920s

Maxwell Perkins, ca.1920s, n.d.

Sylvia Plath, n.d.

Frances Kroll Ring, 1939

Clothilde Sayre, 1917

Budd Schulberg, n.d.

Charles Scribner II, n.d.

Charles Scribner III and Frances Ring, n.d.

Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, photo, n.d., postcard, 1996

Thalberg/Hollywood, 1926, n.d.

Allen Tate, n.d.

Wanger and Bennett, 1951

Edmund Wilson, 1977, n.d.

Thomas Wolfe, n.d.

Friends, general, n.d.



Box 67:


Fitzgerald Places

These folders contain photographs of places visited by or associated with Fitzgerald.


Asheville NC, ca. 1935

Ash heaps, Long Island, n.d.

Beaumont Hamel, 1916, n.d.

Camp Sheridan, n.d.

Highland Fire, n.d.

Canada, n.d.

Columbia, SC (Centenary Billboards), n.d.

Ellersie, ca. 1928, n.d.

E.E. Horton Estate, n.d.

Eze Village, n.d.

Geneva, n.d.

Hollywood (Garden of Allah), 1928, n.d.

Hotel Du Cap, n.d.

Italy, n.d.

La Paix, n.d.

Long Island, n.d.

Maps of Great Neck, Long Island, n.d.

Montgomery AL, n.d.

New York City, Guide to, 1924

New York, Long Island, n.d.

New York, Penn Station, n.d., 1995

New Orleans, 1985

Paris, 1924-1925, n.d.

Paris Cafes, n.d.

Prangins, 1930

Princeton, 1935, 1970, 1975, n.d.

Queensboro Bridge, n.d.

Ritz Bar, n.d.

Riviera, n.d., 1996

St. Paul, n.d.

Switzerland, n.d., 1995

Trinity College, n.d.

Tryon, NC, n.d.

Villa America, n.d.

Villa Barlow, n.d.

Villa Marie, n.d.

Westport, CT, n.d.

Unidentified, n.d.


Fitzgerald Works

These folders contain photographs taken for specific editions of these works and/or for cover art.


“All the Sad Young Men”, n.d.

“Afternoon of an Author”, n.d.

“Appomattox”, n.d.

Author’s Apology, n.d.

Beautiful and the Damned, photocopy, 1922, n.d.

“Bernice Bobs Her Hair”, photocopy, 1920

“The Camel’s Back”, n.d.

“The Crack Up”, n.d.

“The Cruise of the Rolling Junk”, 1976, n.d.

“Dearly Beloved”, photocopy, 1969

“Diamond as Big as the Ritz”, photocopy, 1922

“Echoes of the Jazz Age”, n.d.

“Fie! Fie! Fie!”, n.d.

“Fifty Grand”, n.d.

Flappers and Philosophers, photocopy, 1920, n.d.

Great Gatsby, n.d.

Great Gatsby in Japan, n.d.

Great Gatsby, Medal, n.d

Great Gatsby Reprint, n.d.

“Head and Shoulders”, photocopy, 1920

“The Ice Palace”, n.d.

“Indecision”, n.d.

The Last Tycoon, photocopy, 1941-1942, n.d.

“John Jackson’s Arcady”, n.d.

“Ledger Material”, photocopy, ca.1925-1935, n.d.

“The History of the Raymond Mortgage”, 1960, n.d.

“The Offshore Pirate”, n.d.

The Pat Hobby Stories, photocopy, ca.1960, 1971, n.d.

Plan and Charts for Philippe Series (Count of Darkness), n.d.

The Saint Paul Daily Dirge, photocopy, 1922

St. Paul Plays, photocopy, n.d., 1978

“The Swimmers”, n.d.

“Tales of the Jazz Age”, photocopy, 1922, n.d.

“Taps at Reveille”, ca.1935

Tender is the Night (3 folders), 1934, 1951, 1994, n.d.

This Side of Paradise, photocopy, 1919-1920, n.d.

“Turkey Remains”, n.d.

“The Usual Thing” (Shameless), photocopy, n.d.

“The Vegetable”, photocopy, n.d., 1923

Short Stories, n.d.

“Safety First”, “The Evil Eye”, “Fie Fie Fie” compilation, ca. 1915-1920

General, n.d.


Posthumous Publications

These folders contain photographs of pages of works by Fitzgerald, published after his death.


General, negatives, n.d.

Apprentice Fiction, n.d.

As Ever, Scott Fitz, ca.1972

Before Gatsby, n.d.

Basil and Josephine, n.d.

Bits of Paradise, n.d.

Correspondence of FSF, n.d.

Dear Scott/Dear Max, n.d.

FSF: In His Own Time, n.d.

FSF Ledger, n.d.

F. Scott Fitz on Authorship, n.d.

Life in Letters, 1924-1927, n.d.

The Notebooks of FSF, dust jacket, n.d.

FSF poems, negative, n.d.



Box 68:


Portable FSF, n.d.

The Price Was High, 1973-1979, n.d.

Romantic Egoists (2 Folders), ca. 1920-1940, n.d.

Some Sort of Epic Grandeur, n.d.

French SSEG (Xerox photos), n.d.

Short Stories of FSF, photocopy, 1951, n.d.

Thoughtbook of FSF, photocopy, 1965

Trimalchio Art, n.d.

Letter from American Expatriate Series, n.d.


Letters/Correspondence by Correspondent

These folders contain photographs of correspondence used by Bruccoli for research, publication and exhibits. The correspondents and subjects may be related to other folders within the collection.


John Biggs, photocopy, n.d.

Van Wyck Brooks, n.d.

St. Louis, from FSF, n.d.

Hemingway, n.d.

Ober, 1922-1940

Ober Memo, on being phoned of FSF Death, 1940

Perkins, photocopy, n.d.

Scribners, 1925-1934

Wolfe, n.d.


General Letters/Correspondence

General outgoing correspondence, 1917-1934

Fitzgerald letters, photocopy, 1926, n.d.

FSF Family, 1928, 1937, 1940, n.d.

Letters of FSF (Turnbull), n.d.

Collections of Letters, ca. 1963-1972

FSF Incoming Correspondence, 1922, 1925, 1937, n.d.

Fitz photo requests, 2000-2005



These folders contain photographs of inscriptions by and to FSF from books in institutional and private collections.


“All the Sad Young Men”, n.d.

Barber Inscription, n.d.

Beautiful and the Damned, 1922, n.d.

Butler, Samuel, notebooks, photocopy, ca. 1917

Flappers and Philosophers, 1940

Great Gatsby, 1925-1928, n.d.

Huck Finn, negatives, n.d.

Kipling Poem, n.d.

Lardner, Ring, n.d.

Mencken, to, 1920-1921, n.d.

Ober, Harold, 1922, n.d.

Parker, Dorothy, n.d.

“Taps at Reveille”, 1936

Tender is the Night, 1934, n.d.

This Side of Paradise, 1920, n.d.

“The Vegetable”, 1923, n.d.

Notes in Books, 1919, n.d.

Family, to, 1927, n.d.

From Others, 1920-1927, n.d.

To Others, 1923-1940


General Illustrations/Story Materials

Contemporary Photos, 1996, n.d.

General Published Material, 1929-1935, 1970-1977, n.d.

Great Gatsby title page, n.d.

Great Gatsby translations, n.d.

Saturday Evening Post covers, 1920, 1924

Story Material, n.d.

Title Pages, n.d.


Photographs Used in Collections, Exhibitions, and Publications

Backgrounds, n.d.

Bly, Nellie, n.d.

Centenary, 1996

Contracts, 1919-1934

Cover Art, n.d.

DLB Photos, 1996

FSF Plan for Scribners Exhibit, n.d.
Great Gatsby ballet, 1987

Great Gatsby contract, 1924

Great Gatsby manuscript, n.d.

Great Gatsby.txt, Floppy Disc, n.d.

Hypertext Photos, Photocopy, n.d.

Matthew and Arlyn Bruccoli Collection, photographs, notes, n.d.

Photocopies for Exhibit, 1929, 1940, 1953, 1996, n.d.

Save Me the Waltz and other Zelda works, 1932, n.d.

USC Centenary Exhibit Cases, 1996

USC Fitz Exhibition, 1996



Box 69:



General, glass negatives (3 folders), n.d.

Fitzgerald Inscriptions, glass negatives, n.d.



Bruccoli’s Fitzgerald album copies (photographs of each page of the Fitzgerald family albums, which Bruccoli and Smith later published, negatives and photographs (3 Boxes), ca. 1920-1950

Scottie Fitzgerald Smith’s photo album, negatives and photographs, ca. 1921-1940

Zelda Art, (1 Box) n.d.



Box 70:


Subseries E:  Fitzgerald Film Material



Agreement-Fitz Screenplays, 1936-1940, 2004

Babylon Revisited, photocopy, 1940, 1992-1993

Ballet Shoes Screenplay, photocopy, 1936

Bucker, photocopy, 1939, 2004

Grace at Sea Screenplay, photocopy, 1938, 1975

Golden Adonis, screenplay about FSF, 1997

Great Gatsby screenplay coverpage, photocopy, 1948

Lipstick Screenplay, photocopy, n.d., 1974

Madame Curie Screenplay, photocopy (4 Folders), 1938

MGM archive of FSF screenplays, n.d.

Research, Fitz Screenplays, 1974-1979

Screenplays material, USC, LA, 2004

Screenplay notes, photocopy, ca. 1923-1938, n.d.

Three Comrades Screenplay, photocopy, 1938

Unfinished Screenplays, photocopy, ca. 1939

Unpublished Screenplays, research, 1974-2004

USC’s collection of FSF Screenplays, 1997


Research Material

Appendix, Fitz movies, n.d.

Basil movie, story outline and letter, photocopy, 1938

Chorus Girl’s Romance, n.d.

Contract, MGM/Fitz, photocopy, 1937

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, 2008

Dramatizations, title pages, photocopy, ca. 1925-1998

Fitzgerald and the movies, 1992, 1996

Fitzgerald and the movies book, information sent to Herman Graf, 2008    

Fitzgerald movie book, photocopy, 2008

Fitzgerald and the movies book, research, 2008

Fitzgerald related movie research, photocopy, n.d.

Great Gatsby film and TV reviews, photocopy, 1926, 1974, n.d.

Hollywood and Fitzgerald, 1970

Infidelity, photocopy, 1938

Infidelity Schedule, photocopy, n.d.

Mankiewicz, Joseph, 1977

Mayer, Roger, 2004

MGM Contracts, 1937

MGM contract and notes, photocopy, 1957

MGM/USCal, 1970, 2004

Movie Symposium, 2007

Paramore, Edward, screencredits, n.d.

Schulberg, Budd, 1974-1980

Stromberg, photocopy, 1957, 1969

Swanson on FSF, 1970

Tender is the Night (FSF’s comments on adaptation), photocopy, n.d.

This Side of Paradise (FSF comments on adaptation), n.d.

This Side of Paradise, movie notes, ca. 1923

Three Comrades publication, photocopy, 1937-1980

USCal West, Fitz movie collection, 1986



Box 71:


Movie Adaptations
The Beautiful and the Damned, 1922

Beloved Infidel, 1959

Chorus Girl’s Romance, n.d.

Conductor 1492, DVD, 1924

The Great Gatsby (silent film), 1926

The Great Gatsby, 1949

The Great Gatsby, stills, 1974

The Great Gatsby ads, ca.1974

The Great Gatsby, other adaptations, n.d.

The Great Gatsby play (Opera), n.d.

The Great Gatsby play, stills, ca. 1926

Husband Hunter, 1926

The Last Time I Saw Paris, 1954

The Last Tycoon, 1976

Off-Shore Pirate, 1921

Short Stories to Film, ca. 1920-1930

Tender is the Night (Film), 1962

Tender is the Night (Television), 1985

Three Comrades, 1938

The Wedding Night, 1935

Winter Carnival, 1939



Box 72:


Subseries F:  Fitzgerald Trust

Bruccoli served as one of three trustees for the estate of F. Scott Fitzgerald following the death of Scottie Fitzgerald in 1986. Bruccoli served as trustee until his resignation in 1997. After his resignation, Bruccoli sued the remainder of trustees over their handling of the estate.


General Files

Agreement, trust, 1975

Agreement, Scottie’s Estate, 1986

Agreement, Scottie’s Will, 1975

Balch and Bengham, 1987

Boose (resignation of Andrew Boose), 1990

Byrne, Chris, 1997-2000

Curtis Management, 1990-1992

Dunow, Henry, 1995-1996

Dunow, recapturing copyright, 1996-1997

Expiration of Copyright, 1999-2000

Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein and Selz, 1990-1992

General, 1986-1990

Kreisel, Fitz Trust, 1990, 1995

Lanahan, Eleanor (Bobbie), 1990-1994

Lanahan, Eleanor, accounting, 1990-1991

Lanahan, Eleanor, call for resignation, 1997

Lanahan, Jack (on Bruccoli Fitz Donation), 1994-1995

Lanahan, policy on trusts, 1991

Lanahan, Bobbie, Paper dolls, 1997

Lanahan, Bobbie and Jack-o-grams, 1993

Roche, Thomas, 1994, 1997

Shepherd, Peter, 1992-1995

Shepherd War, 1992-1993



Attempts to Assert Authority by Bruccoli, 1998

Lawsuit, 1994-1999

Settlement, 1999

Sole Trustee (Bruccoli as), 1996-1998

Wingate, Royalties, 2000

Wingate, Trust, 1999, n.d.

Wingate, bills, 1998-1999



To use Fitz material (3 folders), 1986-1998



Box 73:



Disbursements, Trust Amounts, Tax Returns, 1982-1993

Boose Bills, 1983-1990


Royalties to Fitzgerald Estate

Book Sales, 1997

Generated by Bruccoli, 1992

Royalties (5 Folders), 1983-1998

Scribner, 1997

Statements, 1998-1999

Trimalchio, 1999

TV Royalties, 1998



Box 74:


Subseries G: Cambridge University Press

Bruccoli acted as general editor for the CUP edition of F. Scott Fitzgerald for its first two volumes (The Great Gatsby, The Love of the Last Tycoon) before resigning after editorial disagreements with the press.


Arbitration, 1992

Bowers, 1989-1990

Brown, Andrew, 1993-1996

Great Gatsby, 1990-1991

Lanahan, Jack (Interferences), 1990-1992, 1999, n.d.

Love of the Last Tycoon, Agreement, 1993

Love of the Last Tycoon, 1992

Love of the Last Tycoon, Cup Correspondence, 1992

NEH Rebuff, 1990

Problems at CUP (alleged story about), 1994

Resignation from CUP, 1992-1994

Resignation (Jack Lanahan’s Reaction), photocopy, 1975, 1994, 1998

Resignation File, Fredson Bowers, 1990

Resignation, Fitzer, 1992

Successor as CUP editor, 1988-1997

“Things Fall Apart,” (Problems at CUP), 1989-1999

TITN, explanatory notes, 1992

West, James, 1994

West, James, new CUP editor, 1994-1999

West and Library of America, 1995, 1999

West on Fitz’s Posthumous Career, 1997, 2000

West, NEH/CUP Proposal, 2001

West, Trimalchio, 1999



Box 75:


Subseries H:  Bruccoli Fitzgerald Collection, USC


Agreement, Fitzgerald Collection, 1994

Agreement, Fitzgerald Collection, 2008

Agreements, Fitzgerald Collection, from George Terry, 1997-2001

Appraisals, 1998-2006

Appraisals (Ken Lopez), 2004

Auerbach, Bart, n.d.

Award, for Fitzgerald Collection, 1961

Catalogue of Collection (Park Bucker), 1996

Couch (belonging to Zelda Fitzgerald), 1996

Chronicle of Higher Education Article and Responses, 1994

Deposits at TCL, 1995-1997, 2007

Duplicates, Return of (Russell Putnam), 1995-1996

Exhibition, 2005

Film of Fitzgerald Collection, 1995

Gifts (8 folders),1996-2007

Gifts of DLBs, 2005

Gifts from Others, 2004-2006

Gifts to Others, 2004

Go After Books, 1996

Historical Stuff, 1980-1996, n.d.

Holdings at USC, 2004

Inventory (Early), 1985-1987, 1995

McNally, Tom/Bruccoli Meetings, 2007

Meekin, Russ, and Ron Bridwell, 2007

Meekins, Russ, about Satisfaction of $90,000 Debt, 2006

Photo: George Terry, Bruccoli, and Arlyn Bruccoli, n.d.

Newspaper and Magazine Stories about the Collection (3 folders), 1994-2006

On-line Proposal from Chadwyck-Healey, 1997

Permission to Use Collection, 1996

Revenues Generated by Collection, 2004-2007

Rota, Anthony, 1988

Rules for Collection, 1996-1998

Shelving of Collection, 1996

Terry, George, Purchases and Inquiries, 1993, 2003

Willis, Paul, and Others:  Support of Collection, 2004, 2006



Box 76:


Subseries I:  Fitzgerald Centenary Celebration

McKissick Museum

            Loan, Raccoon Coat, 1996


            April 25 Meeting, 1995

            Chamberlain, Ellen, Beaufort Librarian, 1995

            Preliminary Proposal for Conference, 1994

            Steering and Advisory Invites, 1994-1995


            Goodwin, Richard, 1994


            BBC, 1996

            Bridwell, Stet, 1996

            Chernofsky, Jacob, 1996

            ExLibris, Nancy Washington, 1995

            Grove Park Inn, 1995

            John Cabot University, 1996

            Lamb, Margaret, 1996

            Lazare, Michael, 1996

            Logo, 1995

            “Mary Stuff,” 2 floppy discs, n.d.

            National Magazines and Newspapers, 1996

            Numbers from Park Bucker, n.d.

            Possible Outlets, 1996

            Poster, 1996

            Press Release, Pittlas-Giroux Generated, 1995

            Publicity Committee, 1995

            Salkehatchie Talk, 1995-1996

            Stationery proofs, 1996

            Sumter Talk, 1996

            Times Literary Supplement, 1996

            Tonsing, WACH Fox 57, 1996


            Garvin Schedule, 1995-1996


            Announcements, 1997

            Brochures, 1996-1997

            Lowry’s Tender is the Night, 1995

            Smith, Betty, “Stinky,” Meeting Planner, 1995


            Banquet Program, 1995-1996

            Capital City Club, 1996

            Carolina Catering, 1996

            Clausen’s Information Inn, 1996

            Faculty House Menu, 1996

            Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi!, 1995-1996

            Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi!, Invitation Collation, 1996

            Presidential Luncheon, 1996

            Space Reservations, 1995-1996

            Summit Club, n.d.


            Breland/Bridwell, 1995-1996

            Consent Forms, 1996

            Dickey/Heller Teleconference, n.d.

            Merc Speech, 1996

            Players, 1996-1997

English Department

            Centenary Class Proposal, 1993

            Dillon, Bert, Bruccoli excused from course, 1996

            Letter to Colleagues, 1995

            Newman, Robert, 1995

            Princeton, 1979, 1996

Fitzgerald on Writers and Writing

            Fogle, Linda, 1996-1997

            Photographs, Fitzgerald in, photocopy, 1973, 1994


            Consent Forms, n.d.

            General, 1996


            100 Greatest Books of All Time excerpt, 1996

            Alabama, 1996

            Annual Report, USC, 1995-1996

            Antiquarian Book Monthly, March 1998

            Beaufort Gazette, 1996

            Book Forum, 1996

            Bookman Weekly,1997

            Bumper Stickers, ca. 1996

            Carolina Comments, 1997

            CBS Sunday Morning, 1996

            Centenary Celebration, 1996

            Columbia Metropolitan Magazine, 1997

            Commemorative Stamp, Montgomery Alabama, n.d.

            Commemorative Publication, 1996

            General, 1995-1996

            Grand Gazette, 1996

            Home Page, Internet, 1995-1996

            Huntington College, 1996

            Independent News Monthly, 1996

            Internet, 1996

            Kiosk, Oakman, 1996, n.d.

            Lancaster News, 1996

            Louisville KY Courier, 1996

            McKissick Museum, 1996

            Madden, Ed, n.d.

            Museum Association, 1996

            New York Times Book Review, 1996

            New York Times Book Review, Letters, 1996

            Poster, n.d.

            Princeton Alumni Weekly, 1996

            Reflections, USC periodical, 1996

            The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1996

            Schulberg, Budd, n.d.



Box 77:


The State Newspaper, 1996

            Symposium, The Influence and Example of Fitzgerald, 1996

            Thomas Cooper Library in the Press (3 folders), 1996

            USC, 1996

            USC Bookstore, 1996

            USC First Year Reading Experience, 1996

            USC Times, 1996


            Billboards, 1996

            Committee, 1996

            First Year Reading Experience, 1996

            Jackson, Rhett, school sales, 1996

            Jewel, Wanda, 1996

            Keillor, Garrison, St. Paul, 1996

            Librarians who want books, 1996

            McKissick Bash, 1996

            Montgomery Celebration, 1996

            Price, St. Paul Sculptor, 1996

            Princeton Alumni Weekly, 1996

            Princeton University, 1996

            Richland County Public Library, 1996       

            Richland County Public Library, Friends of, 1995

            Rockville Celebration, 1994-1996

            Roper, 1996

            Scribners, Book Display, 1995

            Stamp Appeal, 1994

            Stamp and reception at TCL, 1996

            Simon and Schuster, bookstore publicity, 1996

            USC bookstore, 1996

Cooper Exhibit

            Centenary Catalogue, 1996

            Cooper Exhibit, 1996

            Grant, 1994-1995

            Keepsakes, 1996


            Susan Anderson, 1996

Cooper Dinner/Accommodations

            Celebrity Statements List, 1995-1996

            Tributes, 1995-1996, n.d.

            VIP Reservations List, 1996

            Washington, Nancy, 1996, n.d.

Announcement Lists and Responses

            Busch, Frederick, 1995

            Facsimile Xeroxes, 1996, n.d.

            Kruse, 1996, n.d.


            ARL/Williams/Teachers, 1995-1996

            Commitment Letters, 1995-1996

            Flyer Text for USC books, 1996

            General Congratulations, 1996

            Library Journal, Review of Centenary Books, 1996-1997

            Library Journal, Story, 1996

            Paid Bills, 1996

            Readings, 1996

            Rules for Money (USC Grants), 1996

            Swanson, Nancy, 1996

Celebrity Speakers

            Invitations, “Big Folks,” 1994-1995


            Authorship in the UK, 1997

Celebrity Statements

            Bourjaily, Vance, 1996

            Catalog Dummy and Permissions, 1996

            Garrett Gant, 1995-1996

            Invitations for pre “Fi-Fi!” party, 1996

            Print Orders, 1996

            Schedule, 1996

            Schulberg, 1996

            Tributes, 1995-1996



Box 78:


Subseries J:  Bruccoli Research Materials


Photocopies of Fitzgerald Correspondence in Chronological Order

These letters were assembled from multiple libraries and repositories for several of Bruccoli’s editions of Fitzgerald correspondence. They include additional notes and annotations from MJB for the preparation of his editions.


Correspondence, photocopy, 1907

Correspondence, photocopy, 1909

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1910

Correspondence, photocopy, 1912

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1915

Correspondence, photocopy, 1916

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1917

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1918

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1919

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1920

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1921

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1922

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1923

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1924

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1925

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1926

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1927

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1928

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1929

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1930

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1931

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1932

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1933

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1934

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1935

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1936

Correspondence, photocopy, 1937



Box 79:


Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1938

Correspondence, photocopy (2 folders), 1939

Correspondence, photocopy, 1940

Rejected Correspondence, photocopy, 1907-1940


Photocopies of Short Stories by FSF

Phillippe Stories, photocopy, 1934-1941, n.d.

Short Stories, photocopy, 1923

Short Stories, photocopy, 1924

Short Stories, photocopy, 1925

Short Stories, photocopy, 1926

Short Stories, photocopy, 1927

Short Stories, photocopy (2 folders), 1928

Short Stories, photocopy, 1929

Short Stories, photocopy, 1930

Short Stories, photocopy, 1931

Short Stories, photocopy, 1932

Short Stories, photocopy, 1933

Short Stories, photocopy, 1934

Short Stories, photocopy, 1935

Short Stories, photocopy, 1936

Short Stories, photocopy, 1937

Short Stories, photocopy, 1939

Short Stories, photocopy, 1940

Short Stories, photocopy, 1941

Short Stories (posthumous), photocopy, 1947-1949, 1971




Series V: Ernest Hemingway Research Files


This series comprises a significant research collection on Ernest Hemingway. Contents include correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs and writings relating to Bruccoli’s study of Ernest Hemingway. Subseries include: general subject files; correspondence with Hemingway family members; Hemingway conferences; Hemingway foundation; Hemingway society; Bruccoli’s Hemingway-related correspondence; works by Hemingway; and photographic material.



Box 80:


Hemingway Subject Files



Alcohol and the Writer Article, photocopy, 1986

The American Way Magazine, 1974

Book of the Month Club, 1964-1970, 1986

Bookshop History Lending Library, borrower cards, photocopy, 1926-1937

Cartoons and Caricatures, photocopy, 1965, n.d.

Co-Operative Commonwealth, photocopy, 1920

Clark, C.E. Frazer, inventory of Hemingway works held by, n.d.

Clippings (articles, advertisements and press releases) 2 folders, photocopy, 1918, 1931-1936, 1961-2003, n.d.

Concordance, Silverstein Proposal, n.d.

Daily Worker (article and notes), photocopy, 1939, n.d.

Esquire, 1979

Esquire subscription advertisement, 1973

Essay Literature Test, 1967

Events and Invitations, 1979-2004

Exhibitions and Symposiums, 1967-1978, n.d.

Film Strip, reading script, n.d.

Fitzgerald/Hemingway Annual, photocopy, 1910, 1925, 1973-1974

Foundations, 1941, 1998-1999

French Translation, Gallimard, 1995

Green Lantern Comic Book, ca. 1971

Hemingway: A Psychological Portrait, order form, n.d.

Hemingway and the Sun Set, Bertran Sarasan, microcard edition, n.d.

Hemingway Centennial Conference, Call for Papers, 1999

“Hemingway Collection,” Art order form, Stanon and Lee, 1988

Hemingway Dispatch, 1997-1999

Hemingway House, Key West, brochures, n.d.

Hemingway Museum Souvenir, notebook, n.d.

Hemingway Newsletter, 2002-2003

Hemingway’s Spain, Movietone Article, n.d.

Hendrickson, Paul, Hemingway’s Boat book, n.d.

Hotel Brochures, n.d.

Interview with Jeanette De Garay, photocopy, 1979

Inventory of works in Hemingway Museum in Cuba (7 folders), microfilm, photocopy, 1966



Box 81:


Islands in the Stream, movie production, 1975

Journal Articles about, 1962-1979

Katakis, Michael, 1994

Katakis, Michael, meeting notes, 1995

Keepsake, Galley Proof, photocopy, 1986

Ketchum, Idaho Controversy, 2004

Letter Purchase, 2006

Life Magazine, 1952

Literary Art Series, first day of issue envelope, 1989

Lorraine Music Co. Inc, Literary Recording, 1969-1970

Luckinbill, Laurence, play script, 2003

Luckinbill, Laurence, performance, 2004

Miller, Ernest, Funeral, 1972

Manikin, photocopy, n.d.

Mann, Young, Manuscript Inventory, n.d.

Map of Lake Walloon, n.d.

Mayo Clinic (On Hemingway’s Suicide), photocopy, 1961, 2005

Media, Hemingway in, 1991-1992

Meeker Publications, Hemingway project, 1991

Mellow, James, Hemingway: “A Life Without Consequences”, 1992

Memorabilia, photocopy, 1920, n.d.

Meyers, Jeffrey, Article, 1988

Military Testimony, photocopy, 1944

Nakajima, Kenji, “Big Two-Hearted River,” 1979

National Lampoon, 1975

New York Magazine, 1976

New Yorker with notes, 1996

North American Newspaper Alliance, photocopy, 1918, 1976

Notes by Bruccoli, n.d.

Old Angelo’s Restaurant, menu, n.d.

Palin, Michael, Hemspeak online, 2003

Pan Am ad, 1956

Papa: A Play by William Hindman, n.d.

Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, 2003

Paris Review, 2002

Postcards, n.d.

Princeton Alumni Weekly, 1969

Princeton University Library Chronicle, 1994

Printed Materials, General, n.d.

Proposal, Editing Hemingway, 1998

Publications, 1972, 1991, 2002

Publisher’s Weekly, photocopy, 1929, 1970

Rendell, Brian, 1982

Reviews, 1985-1987

Ritz Paris Hemingway Award, 1985

Rodgers, Mike, 1999, n.d.

Saturday Review, 1953-1976

Scribner’s Catalogs, photocopy, 1929-1952

Spanish Civil War Columns, photocopy, 1937

The Student magazine, 1978

Teaching Materials, 1973-1989

Toronto Star, 1992

Touring the Literary Landscape, article, 2002

Trogdon Document, 1998, n.d.



Box 82:



These folders contain original correspondence between Bruccoli and contemporaries and relatives of Ernest Hemingway.


Hemingway, Gregory, 2001

Hemingway, Jack, 1997, n.d.

Hemingway, Lorain, 1983

Hemingway, Mary, 1970-1978

Hemingway, Mary (article about), photocopy, 2004

Hemingway, Patrick, 1994-1997

Hotchner, A. E., 2001

Perkins, Max, photocopy, n.d.



Foundation Conferences, 1980-2000

Paris, 1994

Russian Conference, 1989-1992, n.d.

Sanford, John, 2006

Spoils of Spain Conference, 2001

Stresa, Italy, 2001-2002

Symposium, 2001



By-Laws, 1995

Election Info and By-Laws, 1994-1995

Estate and Foundation Information, photocopy, 1961-1987

Foundation Award Presentation, 1995

Financial Information, wills, estate and foundation records, photocopy, 1960-1994

Kennedy Library,1999-2000, n.d.

Letters Plan, 2000-2001

Query to Foundation Lawyers, 1997

Permissions, photocopy, n.d.

Tax Records, 1995-2001



Cashflow, 2001

Minutes, 1987

Newsletters, 1981-2000

Spanier, Sandra and Letters Project, 1999-2003


Bruccoli Correspondence About Hemingway

Across the River and Into the Trees, 1986

Andrew, CW, “Bad Poetry,” 2004

Apprenticeship of Hemingway, 1973

Archives, Hemingway, 2001

Centenary Exhibit, n.d.

Clark, Frazer, 2006

Cowley, Malcolm, 1984

Defazio, Albert J III, 1995-1998

Defazio: GLR, 1999

Defazio: Hotchner, 1998-2000

Delaney, John, 2000

Drew, Fraser, 2007

Expatriate Years, 1979, 1986

Facsimile editions, 1976

Fenton, Daniel, 1967, n.d.

Foundation, Letters Project, 1995

Freshman Year Experience (USC), Greiner, Don, n.d.

Gellhorn, 1998

General, 1969-2004

Germans, 1970

The Good Lion Advertisement, n.d.

Grissom, Edgar, 2006

Hari, Kenneth, 1978

Inventory, Scribner’s Archive, n.d.

Italian Television, 1974

James Hinkle Travel Grants, n.d.

Katakis, Michael, 1994

Knauss, Zane, 1975

Letters Request, 2001

Machlin, David, 1974-1975

Mainland, Ernest, 2001-2002

Mandel, Miriam, 2002-2003

Miller, Madeleine “Sunny” Hemingway, 1971
Miller, Madeleine “Sunny” Hemingway, gift of Wooden Sign, n.d.

Mowrer, Hadley Hemingway, 1973

Ovcharenko, Al. I., 1976

Pittsburgh Hemingway Stories, 1969, 1988

Plotkin/Sellgren Chronology, 1997-1998

Post Card, 1970

Posthumous Reputation of Hemingway, 1995

Scribner, Charles III: Brague Letters, 1993

Scribner, Charles III: “Heartwarming” Letter, 1995

Scribner, Charles III: New Edition, 2000

Scribner, Charles III: Proposal for Scribner/Perkins/Hemingway Letters, 1994

Third Column, photocopy, 2001, n.d.

USC Press, 1998

Wilson, Dave, 1978



African Journal, 1995-1996

Book List, Chronological, n.d.

Collations, photocopy, n.d.

Death in the Afternoon, galleys, photocopy, n.d.

Death in the Afternoon: Permissions, photocopy, 1995

Garden of Eden, photocopy, 1996, n.d.

German Translation, photocopy, 1970-1978



Box 83:


Green Hills of Africa.passage, photocopy, n.d.

Green Hills of Africa.vets, 2002

First Sight, 1999

Hoakum, photocopy, n.d.

Islands in the Stream, reviews, 1970-2005

Hills Like White Elephants, photocopy, 1977-1979, n.d.

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot, photocopy, n.d.

My Life in the Bullring, 2004

The Nick Adams Stories, dust jacket, n.d.

Poems, 1976

Short Stories Anthology, Review, 1987

Shortest Story, 2005

The Sun Also Rises: Annotated Edition, 1998

The Sun Also Rises: Correspondence, 2002

The Sun Also Rises: Edition, New, 1994

The Sun Also Rises: Essay, 1989-1990

The Sun Also Rises: Exhibition Rejection, 1988

The Sun Also Rises: Freshman Year Reading Experience, Greiner, 1999

The Sun Also Rises: Microfilm Orders, 1998

The Sun Also Rises: Research Materials, photocopy, 1913, 1989-1998

The Sun Also Rises: USC Press, 1997

Torrents of Spring, preface, photocopy, 1926




Ambulance Service, photocopy, 1918-1919, 1971
Article, Dr. Clarence Hemingway, photocopy, 1904

Bruccoli Trip to Windemere Cottage, with Madeleine H. Miller and C. E. Frazer Clark, ca. 1969

Death, photocopy, 1961

General, 1986, n.d.

Fitzgerald/Hemingway photo (possible), n.d., 2003

Fitzgerald, Photograph inscribed to, photocopy, 1931

Hemingway, 1899-1910

Hemingway, 1911-1920

Hemingway, 1921-1929

Hemingway, 1931-1940

Hemingway, 1940-1948

Hemingway, 1950-1961

Hemingway: Artistic portraits, 1913, 1974, n.d.

Hemingway, Clarence and Grace, 1922, n.d.

Hemingway, Hadley, photocopy, 1921-1929, n.d.

Hemingway, Martha, photocopy, n.d.

Hemingway, Mary, photocopy, 1954-1959, n.d.

Hemingway, Pauline, photocopy, 1927, n.d. 

High School Transcript, photocopy, 1917

High School Writing, photocopy, 1917

Ingersoll Interview, photocopy, 1985, n.d.

Inscriptions, photocopy, n.d.

Key West Fishing Log, photocopy, 1934

Kurowski, Agnes von, photocopy, n.d.

Letters, Hemingway to others, 1939-1959

Letters, Hemingway from others, photocopy, 1934, n.d.

McAlmon, Robert, 1923, n.d.

Movies, n.d.

Negatives, n.d.

Oak Park, n.d.

Outdoors, n.d.

Pamplona Statue, n.d.

Paris, photocopy, 1921, 1971, n.d.

Paris, Cafes, n.d.

Paris, In Our Time, 1924

Perkins, Max and Hemingway, photocopy, 1935, n.d.

Published photographs, photocopy, 1923-1930, n.d.

Ritz Paris Hemingway Award, n.d.

Selby Hotel, n.d.

Shakespeare and Co., photocopy, 1923, n.d.

Stained Glass Window, n.d.

Title Pages, 1985-1986, n.d.

Twysden, Duff, n.d.



Cedarville Mansions, n.d.

The Connable House, n.d.

Co-Operative Commonwealth, photocopy, 1920

Horton’s Bay, n.d.



Death In the Afternoon, 1932, n.d.

Farewell to Arms, photocopy, 1929, 2004

Fifty Grand, photocopy, 1927, n.d.

For Whom the Bell Tolls, photocopy, 1940

General MS and TS photographs, n.d.

Short Happy Life of FM, negative, n.d.

Three  Stories and Ten Poems, n.d.



Series VI: James Dickey Literary Estate


This series contains documents and correspondence relating to Bruccoli’s work as the literary executor of the James Dickey Estate. Notable documents include publishing contracts, financial records, letters of permission, and copyright information as well as a first draft of Henry Hart’s Dickey biography. 


Box 84:


Copyright and Inventories of Works: Contracts/Projects

Alnilam: film contracts, 2001

Alnilam, n.d.

Atlantic Online, 1998

Babel to Byzantium, 1997

Booksellers Catalogue, n.d.

Briggs as Dickey Rep Successor, 1999

Dickey Fund, 1997

Doubleday UK Editor, n.d.

G. Terry/Dickey Library, 1997

Intention to Donate to Cooper, 1997

Library of Congress, 1989, 1997

MJB as Literary Personal Rep, 1997-1999

MJB’s Intention to Donate Dickey, 1999

MJB Memos, 1997

New Yorker Excerpt-Chris’s book, 1998

Princeton, 1993

Dickey in UK, 1997

Wunder on MJB as Trustee, 1997


MJB, Raines Literary Properties

Bibliography, 1997

Christopher Dickey Bio Article, 1999

Copyrights, 1964, 1988-1989, 1999

Copyrights of JD in Print, 1999-2000

Copyright Certificates for Poems, 1989, 1992

Copyright Values, 1993-1997

Deliverance and Bloomsbury, 1998

Deliverance contracts, 1997-2001

Deliverance reading by JD requested for NY Times Article, 1998

Deliverance in UK, 1998

Eagle’s Mile, 1999

Flussfahrt (German Publication of Deliverance), 1989

Kirscheten, Selected Poems, 1998

Oxford American License, 2001

Self Interviews Contract, 1969

Sorties, 1969, 1983

The Strength of Fields, 1980

Summer of Deliverance, 1998

USC Press JD Project, 1997

White Sea novel contract, 1988

White Sea movie contract, 1993,1996

White Sea option, 1993, 1999

Wilderness at Heaven, 1978



Estate Taxes, 1997

Inventory, 1988-1997

Old Inventory, 1980-1992

Tax Returns, 1997


Sales of Papers/Libraries

Auerbach Appraisal, 1997-1998

Aurebach Inventory, 1998

Bank Deposit Boxes, 1992

Draft for Library Purchase Agreement, 1998

Emory Transfer, 1998

Letters to Libraries, 1997-1998

Promises to Emory, 1993, 1997-1998

Responses from Libraries, 1997-1999

Sales Offer of Papers/Library, 1997

TCL Dickey Collection, 1996,1999

Wingate, 1997-1999



Box 85:



Awards lists, photocopy, 1974, 1989

Biographies/Obituaries, photocopy, 1985

Black Magazines/Harlem, 1995

Book Reviews, photocopy, 1922-1927

Briggs Collection, 2006

Bronwen Dickey, 1995

Bruccoli, Dickey collection, 1999

Bruccoli Correspondence with Dickey Estate, 1998

Burnshaw-Dickey Letters, photocopy, 1963,1998

Busch, Frederick, photocopy, 1997

Cantwell, Mary, 1998

Carolinian, 1996

CD ROM, 1997

Christopher Dickey, 1997-1998

Chronology, 1920-1929

Chris and Kevin, 1997-1998

Clabough Casey, 2000

Comic Strips, photocopy, 1929, 1951, 1958, 1959, 1970

Commencement Exercises, Hamilton College, 1972

Conference on Poetry, 1990

Copyright Research by McIntosh and Otis, 2000

Crediford, Gene, 1997

Criticism, n.d.

Cruises, photocopy, ca. 1922-1925

Crux launch party, 1999-2001

Dada, photocopy, 1977

Decades, 1994

Deliverance MS, photocopy, 1970, 1997

Deliverance, Son of, Reynolds, 1998

Dickey, Deborah, 1997

Dickeyfest, September 1993

Dictionary of Literacy, photocopy, n.d.

Documentary, 1992, 1997

Documentary Video, 1997

Duke, Martin, photocopy, 1997

Extra Stuff for Decades, research, photocopies, ca. 1995

Education, n.d.

Education, Dead, n.d.

Fan Letters, 1997

Film, Corbin, 1992

First Additions Collection, 1999

Fisketjon, Gary, 1997-2000

Foundation, 1997

Five Points, JD Prize, photocopy, 1997

Fry, Catherine, 2000-2001

Georgia Hall of Fame, 2001

Gallogly, John, 1997-1998

General Life, ca. 1988-1995

Goff, Paula, 1998



Box 86:


Hanley, 1997-2001

Hanson, Michael, 1997

Hart, Henry, Dickey Biographer, 1996-1999

Horn, Edited Original, n.d.

Italian Translator, 1997-2000

Jaffe, JD on Teaching, 1998

The Ku Klux Klan, photocopy, 1991, 1994

King, John, 1995

Kirschten, Robert, 1999-2000

Larson, 2002

The Last Wolverine, photocopy, n.d.

LC stuff and Caroliniana, 1984-1992

Lectures, 2000

Letters from Australia, 1969-1970

Judge Lindsey, photocopy, 1927

Literature, photocopy, n.d.

Lynn Anthology, 2002

Maclachlan/Dick Project, 1998

Maclachlan and Sandlapper Singers, 2001

Malone, Hank, 1999

Maryland Public Television, 2000

McIntosh and Otis, 2002

Medicine and Health, 1994

Miscellaneous Dickey Items, 1987-1988

Movies, photocopy, ca. 1920-1930, ca. 1970-1980

Music, photocopy, 1928, 1965, 1975

Music/Poem, A Birth, 1998

Newsletter, 1984

Notebooks (Van Ness), 1991-1998

People related to Letters/Requests, 1997-1998

Permissions, 2006-2007

Reviews, 1999-2000

Thomas Cooper Library, Dickey collection, 1998, 2007

Thomas Cooper Library Loans, 1993

Tuckey and Nasa Space Shuttle, 1977

Will, 1996-2003

Winnick, 2000



Box 87:


Raines & Raines, Author’s Representative

Binkley Lawsuit, 1984-1999

Books, ca. 1966-1990

Copyright Certification, 1971

Correspondence, 1997-1998

Estate, 1997-1998

Eye Beaters, photocopy, 1968, 1998

Financial, 1989-1994

Firing of Raines and Raines, 1999

Photocopies of Raines correspondence (3 Folders and 1 Box), sent after termination, ca. 1965-1999

Power of Attorney, 1976

Real God, Roll publishing agreement, 1988

Royalty Statements, 1993-1998

Winick, 1998-1999



Box 88:


Henry Hart Biography

Biography, pages 1-78, 1998

Biography, pages 79-200, 1998

Biography, pages, 201-350, 1998

Biography, pages 351-473, 1998

Biography, pages 474-591, 1998

Biography, pages 592-671, 1998

Biography, pages 788-885, 1998

Biography, pages 886-987, 1998

Biography, pages 988-1066, 1998

Biography, pages 1067-1170, 1998

Biography, pages 1171-1279, 1998

Correspondence (MJB and Hart), 1999

Correspondence (MJB and Kenneth Wingate), 1999

Correspondence (MJB and Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein & Selz), 1999

Inventory of Letters used, 1999

Memoirs, photocopy, 2000

Permissions, 1999

Photograph of Hart, n.d.

Publication, 1999

Reviews, 2000



Box 89:


Financial Information

Accounting with Nations Bank/Bank of America (3 folders), 1997-2002

Cash Flow Problems, 1997

Estate Closing, 2001

IRS Estate Review, February 1999

Loan Papers, August 1997

Sale of Dickey Papers, 1992-1993

Sale of House, 1997



Series VII: Works by Matthew J. Bruccoli


This subseries contains drafts, correspondence and other materials relating to the works written by and edited by Matthew Bruccoli. Works by Bruccoli include periodical appearances, journal articles and books written by Matthew Bruccoli, including his F. Scott Fitzgerald biography, Some Sort of Epic Grandeur. Works edited by Bruccoli include various editions of works by other authors; Garland Facsimile editions of works by F. Scott Fitzgerald; the Lost American Fiction Series; the Pittsburgh Series of Bibliography; Cambridge University Press volumes; the Fitzgerald-Hemingway Annual; the Fitzgerald Newsletter; and volumes published by Bruccoli, Clark, Layman Publishing Company. Notable correspondents include: Fredson Bowers, scholar and mentor, and correspondence with members of the Kennerley family related to Bruccoli’s biography of Mitchell Kennerley.



Box 90:



Author complaints, about editing, photocopy, 1948

Dr. Johnston, photocopy, n.d.

Gale Dictionary of Literary Biography catalogs, 1994, n.d.


            Archived records, photocopy, 1922-1954

            Printing records, 1998, n.d.

            Sales records, photocopy, 1941-1946

            Subscription rights, photocopy, 1920-1934

            Typist notes for manuscripts, photocopy, n.d.

Swanson, H.N., interview, photocopy, 1939

WWI keepsake, photocopy, n.d.


Works Written by Bruccoli


The Composition of Tender is the Night, published 1961

            Advertisement, n.d.

            Reviews, 1964-1975

F. Scott Fitzgerald Collector’s Handlist, published 1964

            Review, 1964

Checklist of F. Scott Fitzgerald, published 1970

            Typescript, 1961

Apparatus for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby,” published 1974

            Binding, n.d.

            Corrected typescript, n.d.

            Notes and Correspondence (3 folders), 1972-1974

            Reviews, 1975

The O’Hara Concern: A Biography of John O’Hara, published 1975, 1995

            Clippings and Correspondence, 1975-1977

            New Yorker permissions, 1970-1995

            Reviews, 1975

            Revised edition, 1992-2003

            Revisions, 1988-1994



Box 91:


Ring W. Lardner: A Descriptive Bibliography, published 1976

            Correspondence, 1968-1977

“The Last of the Novelists”: F. Scott Fitzgerald and “The Last Tycoon,” published 1977

            Corrected typescript, 1977

            Reviews, 1977, n.d.

            Typescript, n.d.

            Typescript (2 folders), draft, n.d.

John O’Hara: A Descriptive Bibliography, published 1978

            Correspondence (2 folders), 1972-1988

            Mechanicals for Two by O’Hara, photocopy, 1976-1979

            Reviews, 1980

            Reviews of Two by O’Hara, photocopy, 1980

            Reviews of selected letters of John O’Hara, 1978

Scott and Ernest: The Authority of Failure and the Authority of Success, published 1978

            Corrected typescript (3 folders), notes by SFS, n.d.

            Correspondence and notes (2 folders), 1975-1994

            Permissions (2 folders), 1975-1994

            Press Release, 1980

            Reviews, 1978, n.d.

            Revised edition, permissions, 1977-1994

            Revisions, 1994



Box 92:


Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald, published 1981, first revised editions published, 1991 and 1993, second revised edition published 2002

            Corrected typescript (5 folders), 1981

            Corrected typescript (6 folders), with Scottie Fitzgerald Smith edits, ca. 1981

            Correspondence, 1973-1982

            Dust jacket, n.d.

            French edition, advertisement, 1994

            Review, 1981



Box 93:


            Revised edition, corrected typescript (4 folders), 2001

            Revised edition, typescript (5 folders), 2001

            Setting Copy (4 folders), n.d.



Box 94:


            Setting Copy (5 folders), n.d.

James Gould Cozzens: A Life Apart, published 1983

            Correspondence (2 folders), 1977-2003

The Fortunes of Mitchell Kennerley, Bookman published 1986


                        General (4 folders), 1983-1987

                        Kennerley biography, 1983-1986

                        Kennerley family in England, 1983-1987      

                        Kennerley, Jean (2 folders), 1985-1989



Box 95:


                        Kennerley, Jean (1 folder), 1985-1989

                        Kennerley, Morley (2 folders), 1983-1986

                        Kennerley, Morley, research assistance, photocopy, 1960, 1984

            Dust Jacket, n.d.


                        American Book Collector, 1986

                        AB Bookman’s Weekly, 1984-1986

                        Bruccoli Article, Bookman’s Weekly, 1986

                        Coon, Joan, 1983-1985

                        Heartman/Kennerley relationship, 1985-1992, photocopy, 1938, 1960

                        Notes, n.d.

                        Permissions, 1985

                        Photographs, general, 1984-1985, n.d.

                        Photographs, family, n.d.

            Reviews, 1987-1988

            Smith, George D.

                        AB Bookman’s Weekly, 1993

                        Catalog appearances (2 folders), photocopy, 1914, n.d.

                        Correspondence and Research (3 folders), photocopy, 1910-1920, 1990-1993, n.d.



Box 96:


                        Correspondence and Research (1 folder), photocopy, 1910-1920, 1990-1993, n.d.

                        London Speech, n.d.

                        Sales involving Smith, photocopy, 1914-1920

                        Smith/Kennerley, 1986-1992

                        Sotheby’s Catalog, photocopy, 1919

F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Descriptive Bibliography, published 1987

            Handwritten notes (2 folders), n.d.   

            Reviews, 1972, n.d.

James Dickey: A Descriptive Bibliography, published 1990

            General, notes and correspondence (2 folders), 1987-1998

            Reviews, 1990-1991

Fitzgerald and Hemingway: A Dangerous Friendship, published 1994

            Agreements, 1993

            Reviews, 1994-1995

Classes on Ernest Hemingway, published 2002

            Corrected typescript, 2001

            Publishing Information, 2002



Box 97:


Articles and Essays

“A Mighty Collation,” n.d.

Against the Grain, DLB reference, 2006

“The Center for Editions of American Authors and Definitive Editions” paper, 1975

“Collation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s This Side of Paradise,” 1955

Dictionary of American Biography: O’Hara, 1984

“Getting it Right: The Emendation of Errors in The Great Gatsby,” 1990

“Getting it Wrong,” 2004-2005

Fitzgerald Centenary Exhibition, advertisement, 1996

“A Mirror for Bibliographers: Duplicate Plates in Modern Printing,” n.d.

Reviews by Bruccoli, 1971, n.d.

“Some Transatlantic Text,” n.d.

Stephen Crane Exhibition

            Exhibition Catalog, 1971

            “Last Words,” n.d.

Take on Princeton Trip, photocopy, n.d.

“Textual Variants in Sinclair Lewis’s Babbitt, 1958

“Thomas Dunn English:  Forerunner of Irwin Russell,” 1955



Academy of Authors, 2001

Charleston talk, n.d.

Hemingway talk, 1986

Library speech, 1999

Research Banquet address, 2002

Smith, George D., lecture, n.d.

Toronto speech, 1969

University of Texas speech, 1971



Joseph S. Schick Lectures, Indiana State University, 2007

Roxburghe Club of San Francisco, “Twenty-Five years as a FSF Bibliographer,” 1974

Words and Music, New Orleans Festival, Bruccoli Hemingway Lecture, 2006


Unpublished Works and Projects

America’s Library, correspondence, 1979

Art of Zelda Fitzgerald, correspondence, 1981-1986

The Bitter Feast

            Correspondence, 2005

            Typescript, 2005

Essays, Speeches and Statements, 2002, n.d.

Great Gatsby, Limited Edition (2 folders), correspondence, 1981-1984      

Hemingway/Pound Correspondence project, 2000-2002

Hemingway Proposals, rejected, 1970-2003

Scandalabra, correspondence and notes, 1981



Box 98:


Works Edited By Bruccoli

Ernest Hemingway, Cub Reporter, published 1970

            Correspondence, 1968-1970

            Notes, 1968-1976

Ernest Hemingway’s Apprenticeship, published 1971

            Correspondence and Reviews, 1971, n.d.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: In His Own Time, published 1974

            Reviews, 1974

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Ledger: A Facsimile, published 1972

            Advertisement, n.d.

            Correspondence, 1971-1972

            Review, 1973

As Ever, Scott Fitz, Letters between F. Scott Fitzgerald and His Literary Agent Harold Ober, published 1973

            Correspondence, 1969-1972

            Reviews, 1973

Hemingway at Auction, published 1972

            Reviews, 1974

The Great Gatsby: A Facsimile of the Manuscript, published 1973

            Correspondence, 1971-1974

            Typescript, n.d.

The Romantic Egoists, published 1974

            Book Digest, 1975

            Correspondence, 2003, n.d.

Bits of Paradise, published 1976

            Introduction, n.d.

            Review, 1976

“An Artist in his Own Fault:” John O’Hara on Writers and Writing, published 1977

            Correspondence, 1976-1992

            Reviews, 1974-1997

Just Representation: A James Cozzens Reader, published 1978

            Correspondence, 1976-1978

            Dust jacket, n.d.

            Essay Permissions, 1976-1978

            Page Layouts, 1978

            Permissions, 1976-1977

            Typescript (2 folders), n.d.



Box 99:


The Notebooks of F. Scott Fitzgerald, published 1978

            Correspondence (2 folders), 1978-1981

Selected Letters of John O’Hara, published 1978

            Dust jacket, n.d.

The Price was High: The Uncollected Stories, published 1979

            Correspondence, 1978-1981

            Notes, n.d.

            Review, 1979

Correspondence of F. Scott Fitzgerald

            Correspondence, 1960-1990

Poems, 1911-1940, published 1981

            Correspondence, 1981-1983

            Omitted poems, 1980

Conversations with Ernest Hemingway, published 1986

            Correspondence, 1976-1996

            Introduction, n.d.

            Notes, photocopy, 1919-1953

            Reviews, 1986-1988

            Southern Illinois UP, Correspondence, 1979-1985

F. Scott Fitzgerald Inscriptions, published 1988

            Correspondence, 1988

            Typescript, n.d.



Box 100:


Vladimir Nabokov: Selected Letters, published 1989

            Correspondence, 1983-1989

            Letters from Petrarch, 1988

            Permissions, 1986-1988

Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, published 1989

            Correspondence, 1992, n.d.

Zelda Fitzgerald: The Collected Writings, published 1991

            Correspondence, 1989-1990

Gibbsville, PA: The Classic Stories, published 1992

            Contract, 1990-1992

            Correspondence, 1992

            Reviews, 1993

Ring Around the Bases, published 1992

            Correspondence, 1992

            Reviews, 2004
F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters, published 1994

            Back-up files, 1990

            Census, photocopy, 1933-1979

            Correspondence, 1993-1994

            Dust Jacket, n.d.

            Letter Searches (7 folders), 1975-1978

            Notes, n.d.     

            Permissions and photocopies, 1907-1939, 1977



Box 101:


The Only Thing That Counts: Hemingway/Perkins Correspondence, published 1996

            Correspondence, 1994-1997

            Correspondence (business), 1996-1997

            Dust Jacket, n.d.

            Notes, n.d.

            Permissions, 1994

            Reviews, 1996-2000

            Revisions, 1995

Tender is the Night, published 1996 (Everyman Edition)

            Advertisement, 1996

The Bad and the Beautiful, published 1998

            Correspondence, 1980-1996

            Film Script Photographs, photocopy, 1992-1997

Crux: The Letters of James Dickey, published 1999

            Allin, Michael, correspondence, 2001

            Atlantic History Center, correspondence, 1996-1997

            Bookplate, photocopy, 1997

            Briggs, Ward, correspondence, 1997

            British Publications, photocopy, 1972-1984

            Correspondence, general (3 folders), 1998-2001

            Oxford American, 1998-2001

            Page Design, 1999

            Permissions, 1999

            Poetry Magazine, 2001

            Prater, Larry, correspondence, 1999

            Prize, 1997

            Proposal, 1997

            Reda, Helmut, 2001

            Responses, 1997



Box 102:


            Richards, Meg, duties, 1997

            Search Lists, n.d.

            Sessions, Bill, correspondence, 1998

            Simon, John, 2000

            Teaching Notes, 1999

            Transcription, class notes, 1997

            Vanderbilt University, 1997

            Van Ness, Gordon, correspondence, 1985-2002

            Washington University, 1997

            Website, proposal, 2000

            Website, 2000

            Webell, Toni, 1999

            White Sea, reviews, 1993

            Whole Motion, 1992

            Winick, Eugene, correspondence, 2001-2002

            Yemmasee, 1997

O Lost: The Story of the Buried Life, published 2000

            Correspondence (2 folders), 1991-2000

            Promotional material, n.d.

Before Gatsby, published 2001

            Correspondence and drafts, 2000

The Last Romantic, published 2002

            Typescript (3 folders), n.d.

Catch as Catch Can, published 2003

            Advertisements, 2002

            Correspondence, 1999-2002

            Draft, n.d.

Conversations with F. Scot Fitzgerald, published 2004

            Proposal and correspondence, 1999-2002
Conversations with John le Carré, published 2004

            Correspondence, 2002-2004

            Permissions, 2002-2004



Box 103:


Hemingway and the Mechanism of Fame, published 2005

            Introduction, n.d.

            Permissions, 2004

            Reviews, 2005-2006

The Magical Campus, published 2008

            Corrected typescript, n.d.

F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Marketplace, published 2009

            Correspondence, 2005-2008

            Typescript (4 folders), 2008


Pittsburgh Series in Bibliography


Advertisements, 1964, n.d.

Board Correspondence, 1973

Correspondence, general (2 folders), 1967-1972, 1974-1989

Exhibition, 1986

Manual, 1969

Marketing Suggestions, 1987

Notes, 1977-1987

Press, University of Pittsburgh, 1972-1975

Sales, 1991-1994


Authors in Pittbib Series

Berryman, John, 1973

Fitzgerald, F. Scott, 1971-1972



Box 104:


Heller, Joseph, 2001

Millar, Kenneth (Ross MacDonald), 1981

O’Hara, John, 1974-1977


Lost American Fiction Series


Correspondence and notes (2 folders), 1973-1977

Promotional Bottles for “Dry Martini” and “The Professors like Vodka”, n.d.

Publicity, 1975



Anderson, Edward, Thieves Like Us, photocopy, 1937

Coates, Roberts, Yesterday’s Burdens, 1973-1974

Cody, Morrill, Dry Martini Intro, 1973

Flanner, Janet, The Cubical City, 1973-1974

Kirstein, Lincoln, Flesh is Heir, n.d.

Loeb, Harold, The Professors Like Vodka, 1973-1974

Lumpkin, Grace, photocopy, 1971

McAlmon, Robert, Hasty Bunch, Kay Boyle correspondence, 1975

Ross, James, The Don’t Dance Much, 1974

Sanford, John, A More Goodly Country, 1975

Screenplay adaptations, 1976, n.d.

Thomas, John, Dry Martini, 1972-1974

Whitman, Stephen, Predestined: A Novel of New York Life, photocopy, 1940, 1975, n.d.



Box 105:


Cambridge University Press Fitzgerald Edition

This series relates to Bruccoli’s position as editor of the Cambridge Edition of the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald and consists primarily of correspondence between Bruccoli and his CUP contacts and drafts of the works throughout the editing processes. Materials relating to the publication of these works and their connection to other publications of Fitzgerald’s works can also be found in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Materials series.



            Announcements, 1991

            Appeal for help, 1993

            Correspondence and notes, 1991, n.d.

            Expenses, 1989

            General Forward, n.d.

            Guest list, n.d.

            MGM records, photocopy 1937-1938

The Great Gatsby

            Collations, n.d.

            Correspondence, 1989-1991

            Dust jackets, n.d.

            Editing Attack, 1994

            Fan Mail, 1991

            Notes, “important,” 1989-1990

            Reviews (2 folders), 1991-1992

            Typescript, n.d.

            Vetting, 1989-1990, n.d.

Love of the Last Tycoon

            Attack on title, 1994

            Correspondence (2 folders), 1990-1993

            Dust Jacket, n.d.

            Edition notes, n.d.

Selected Stories of FSF

            Correspondence, 1991

            Notes, n.d.

Tender is the Night

            Corrected typescript, n.d.

            Correspondence, 1992-1994



Box 106:


Garland Facsimile Editions of Fitzgerald


Correspondence, 1989-1991

Expenses, 1989

Expenses, Margolies, 1989-1990

Final drafts, correspondence, 1988-1989

Notes, 1987-1989

Vetting, 1988-1989



The Great Gatsby

            Correspondence, 1989

            Reviews, 1973-1975

Tender is the Night

            Correspondence, 1985-1992

            Dust jacket, photograph, n.d.

            Introduction, 1990

This Side of Paradise

            Correspondence, 1989

Short Stories

            Correspondence, 1990


Fredson Bowers Correspondence

This series contains correspondence between Bruccoli and his mentor and friend, Fredson Bowers.  The correspondence pertains to Bowers’s vetting of Bruccoli’s working drafts of the CUP editions as well as correspondence about Bruccoli’s future project ideas and possible collaborative projects.


Appraisal, 2007

Bowers, Fredson, Essays, n.d.

Cambridge University Press, 1989

Drafts, n.d.

Fitzgerald editorial projects, plans (2 folders), 1989, n.d.

General Correspondence, 1988-1990

Great Gatsby, 1989-1991

Maggie Introductions, revisions, 1967, n.d.

Tender is the Night, Bowers’s plan, n.d.

Whilomville Stories Introduction, n.d.

Walt Whitman, Blue Book, corrected typescript, correspondence, 1970



Box 107:


BCL Publishing Projects



Brochures, n.d.



Berman, Ronald, The Great Gatsby in Modern Times (2 folders), typescript, n.d.

Robert Coover Project

            Correspondence, 1971-1978

            Illustrations and book covers, n.d.


                        After Lazarus, 1980

                        Hair O’Chine, 1978-1979

                        Spanking the Maid (2 folders), 1980-1981


Fitzgerald/Hemingway Annual


Advertisements, 1970-1976

Correspondence, 1972-1976

Charters, Jimmy, 1973-1975

Proofs (1 folder), 1971-1979



Box 108:


Proofs (2 folders), 1971-1979

Rejects, 1975-1977


1969 Annual

            Corrected typescript, n.d.

            Inscribed off prints, 1969

1973 Annual

            Correspondence and permissions, 1964-1973

            Lillian Ross article, 1973

1974 Annual

            Correspondence and permissions, 1972-1974

            Tate, Allen, transcript, tape, 1973-1974

1975 Annual

            Correspondence and Permissions, 1969-1975

1976 Annual

            Corrections, photocopy, 1976

            Correspondence and Permissions, 1975-1976

1977 Annual

            Correspondence, 1976-1977

1978 Annual

            Correspondence and Permissions, 1964-1978

1979 Annual

            Correspondence and Pending Articles, 1977-1979



Box 109:


Fitzgerald Newsletter


Advertisements, 1969, n.d.

Block, Ralph, correspondence, 1966

Correspondence and clippings, 1959-1967

Esquire, correspondence, 1963

Tender is the Night, 1959



Newsletter # 5

            Correspondence, 1959

Newsletter # 6

            Correspondence and clippings, 1959

Newsletter # 7

            Newspaper clippings, 1959

Newsletter # 8

            Correspondence and clippings, 1959

Newsletter # 9

            Correspondence and clippings, 1959-1960

Newsletter # 10

            Clippings and notes, 1960

Newsletter # 11

            Correspondence and clippings, 1960

Newsletter # 12

            Correspondence, 1960

            Notes, n.d.

Newsletter # 13

            Correspondence and clippings, 1961

Newsletter # 14

            Correspondence and clippings, 1961

Newsletter # 15

            Correspondence and clippings, 1961

Newsletter # 16

            Correspondence and clippings, 1962

Newsletter # 17

            Correspondence and clippings, 1962-1963

Newsletter # 18

            Correspondence and clippings, 1962

Newsletter # 19

            Correspondence, 1962

Newsletter # 20

            Correspondence and clippings, 1961-1963

            Notes, n.d.

Newsletter # 21

            Correspondence and clippings, 1963

Newsletter # 22

            Clippings and notes, n.d.

Newsletter # 23

            Correspondence and clippings, 1963

Newsletter # 24

            Correspondence and clippings, 1963-1964

Newsletter # 25

            Correspondence and clippings, 1964

Newsletter # 26

            Clippings and notes, 1964

Newsletter # 27

            Clippings, 1964

Newsletter # 28

            Correspondence and clippings, 1964-1965

Newsletter # 30

            Correspondence and clippings, 1964-1965

Newsletter # 31

            Correspondence and clippings, 1965

Newsletter # 33

            Clippings, 1966

Newsletter # 34

            Correspondence and clippings, 1966

Newsletter # 35

            Notes, n.d.

Newsletter # 36

            Correspondence and clippings, 1966

Newsletter # 38

            Clippings, 1966-1967

Newsletter # 39

            Correspondence and clippings, 1967



Series VIII: Teaching Materials


This series contains items relating to Bruccoli’s teaching career at Ohio State University and the University of South Carolina.  Materials include: teaching notes; course information; class record books; and text books used in some classes.



Box 110:



Teaching Notes, general, n.d.

Teaching notes about Fitzgerald, n.d.

Teaching notes on various classes, n.d.



English 511, Spring 1964

Fitzgerald Radio Course, Fall 1980/Spring 1981

English 102, Spring 1982

English 449, Spring 1982

Fitzgerald Course, Fall 1982

Telecommunications Course, Fall 1982

English 752, 1993

Fitzgerald/Hemingway Course, Fall 1999

English 843, Spring 2000

Graduate Seminar: Hemingway, Spring 2000

Fitzgerald/Hemingway Course, honors, Fall 2000

Seminar: Thomas Wolfe, Spring 2001

Literary Biography Course, Fall 2001

Joseph Heller course, Spring 2002

SCCC 356: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Spring 2003

Literature and the Great War, Fall 2003

Publishing Course, 2003

            Author’s Guild Trade Book Contract, 1987

            Author’s Guild Trade Book Contract, 1997

            Author’s Guild Trade Book Contract, 2000

            Book Publisher’s Archive Report, 1997

            Creative Writing Program, 2004, n.d.

            Contracts, 1972-2008

            Denver Publishing Institute, 1978



Box 111:


            Hemingway/Scribner’s Contracts, photocopy, 1938-1957

            Interviews, transcripts, n.d.

            Profession of Authorship, reading materials, 1987-2002

            Professional of Authorship, Bruccoli’s thoughts, 2004, n.d.

            Reading Materials (5 folders), photocopy, 1924-2004

Fitzgerald and Hemingway in Paris (2 folders), Honors, Fall 2005

Proposed Courses, 2006

Biography Writing Course, Fall 2006

Bookperson’s London, Honors Course with Travel, Spring 2007

Fitzgerald and the Profession of Authorship, Honors, Spring 2008

The Literature of the Trenches, Honors Course, Spring 2008


Box 112:



Class Record Books, Including Grades

Ohio State University Record Book, 1962

Ohio State University Record Book, 1963

Ohio State University Record Book, 1964

Ohio State University Record Book, 1965

Ohio State University Record Book, 1966

Ohio State University Record Book, 1967

University of South Carolina Record Book, 1971-1972

University of South Carolina Record Book, 1976

University of South Carolina Record Book (2 books), 1981

University of South Carolina Record Book, 1999



Box 113:



Literary Study in Manuscript Culture: Keats, Dickinson, Eliot, 2001

Michener, James A., Writer’s Handbook, 1992

Stevenson, Veronis Suhler, Communications Industry Forecast and Report, 2003



Series IX: USC Press and Press Board Series   


This series contains materials relating to Bruccoli’s involvement as a member of the University of South Carolina Press board. The series contains general information regarding sales, documents about the board and documents relating to his service. The series also contains materials about the several series for which Bruccoli served as general editor: the Great War Series; Understanding Contemporary American Literature (UCAL); and Understanding Contemporary British Literature (UCBL). These series are arranged by subject and contain notable correspondence between the authors of the various works, the subjects of the works and Bruccoli. 



Box 113:


Press Board, General

Axe Project, 2005

Charter, 1994

Committee Chair, 2001

Director Search, 2002

Director Search, Bruccoli Notes, 2002

Disasters, 2002

Gross Morgan Report, 2000

Mission Statement, 2004

Relocation, 1994

Reports, 1993-2004

Sales, 2005

Sales, 2006

Sales for Fitz Books, 1997-2002


Great War Series

General Files

Excerpts: First 3 JMB Series Books, 2006

Fiction Reprint Series, 2004-2005

Harden, WWI Fiction Project, 1997

LeMotte, The Blackwash of War, photocopy, original copyright 1934

Payments to Intro Writers, 2005

Promotion: JMB Great War Series, 2005-2007

Prospects, 2004-2007



Box 114:


Authors and Titles in Series

Bernstead, Retreat, 2007-2008

Duhamel, Civilisation, 2006-2008

Glaser, Class 1902, 2005-2007

Grabenhorst, Zero Hour, 2005-2006

Gristwood, The Somme, 2005

Mann, Flesh in Armour, 2007-2008

Stallings, Plumes, 2005

Vercel, Captain Conan, 2006-2007

John Allen Wyeth, This Man’s Army

Wyeth Background Information (3 folders), gathered 2006-2007

Annotations by B.J. Omanson, 2006-2008

Introduction by Dana Gioia, 2006-2008

Xeroxes of text for This Man’s Army, copyright 1928



Box 115:


Understanding Contemporary American Literature (UCAL)

This series contains photocopies and research materials relating to the individual volumes in the UCAL series as well as some original correspondence with the subjects of the volumes, as well as the authors and editors of each volume.


UCAL Possible Projects, 2008

Adams, Alice, 1997-1998

Agee, James, 1996

Albee, Edward, 1985-1987

Alexie, Sherman, 2002-2005

Algren, Nelson, 2002-2004

Angelou, Maya, 1989-1991

Ashbery, John, 2006
Atwood, Margaret, 1992

Auster, Paul, 2007

Baker, Nicholson, 1999

Baldwin, James, 1985-1990

Barth, John, 1985-1990

Barthelme, Donald, 1988-1990

The Beats, 1988-1992

Bell, Madison Smartt, 2008

Berger, Thomas, 2006-2007

Berryman, John, 1984-1986

Biographers, 1992-1993

Black Fiction, 1985-1987

Black Mountain Poets, 1991-1993

Bly, Robert, 1986-1988

Bowles, Paul, 1994

Boyle, T.  C., 2006-2008

Brautigan, Richard, 2005

Brooks, Cleanth, 1996

Bukowski, Charles, 1995

Butler, Robert Olen, 2005-2008

Carver, Raymond, 1987-1988

Chappell, Fred, 1997-2000

Chicano Literature, 1986-1987

Coover, Robert, 1998-2003

DeLillo, Don, 2006-2007

Dick, Philip K., 2007

Dickey, James, 1985-1987

Didion, Joan, 1988-1991

Doctorow, E. L., 1987-1991

Doig, Ivan, 1992-1993

Dorfman, Ariel, 1996

Dove, Rita, 2005-2006

Dramatists, 1985-1987

Dubus, Andre, 2004

Erdrich, Louise, 1991

Ethnic Women Writers, 1995-2000

Everett, Percival, 2004

Foote, Shelby, 1993-1995

Ford, Richard, 2003-2004

Franzen, Jonathan, 2003-2007

Furst, Alan, 2006

Gaddis, William, 1997-2004

Gardner, John, 1989-1994

Garrett, George, 1986-2000

Gass, William H., n.d.

Gautreaux, Tim, 2008

Gibbons, Kaye, 2004

Gilchrist, Ellen, 2002-2004

Gluck, Louise, 2005

Gothic Writers (American), 1993-1996

Hawkes, John, 1985-1987

Heller, Joseph (Revision), 2007-2008

Hellman, Lillian, 1997-1999

Herlihy, James Leo, 2006

Henley, Beth, 2004-2006

Higgins, George V., 1996-2006

Hijuelos, Oscar, 2008

Hillerman, Tony, 1999

Hospital, Janette Turner, 2007

Irving, John,1987-1991

Jarrell, Randall, 1984-1986

Johnson, Charles, 2004

Kennedy, Adrienne, 2003-2004

Kennedy, William, 1988-1991



Box 116:


Kerouac, Jack, 1995-2001

Kincaid, Jamaica, 2005

Kushner, Tony, 2005-2007

LeGuin, Ursula K., 1985-1993

Leonard, Elmore, 1999-2007

Levertov, Denise, 1986-1989

Literary Theory, 1993-2003

Mailer, Norman, 2008

Macdonald (Kenneth Millar), Ross, 2002-2003

McCann, Colum, 2007

McCarry, Charles, 2006-2007

McCarthy, Cormac, 2003-2007

McElroy, Joseph, 1994

McNally, Terrence, 2008

Millhauser, Steven, 2003-2005

Momaday, N. Scott, 1992

Moore, Lorrie, 2007

Morgan, Robert, 2005

Morrison, Toni, 1988-1995

Mosley, Walter, 2005-2006

Mukherjee, Bharati, 1998

Munro, Alice, 1994

Nabokov, Vladimir, 1984-1998

Native Americans, 1995-1999

Naylor, Gloria, 1996-2007

Nemerov, Howard, 1997

New York School Poets, 1995

Oates, Joyce Carol, 1985-1987

O’Brien, Tim, 1991-1995

O’Connor, Flannery, 1992-1995

O’Neill, Eugene, 2003

Ozick, Cynthia, 1989-1991, 1997

Percy, Walker, 1985-1989

Piercy, Marge, 1992-1994

Poetry, 1988-1989

Porter, Katherine Anne, 1986-1988

Potok, Chaim, 1995-2005

Powers, Richard, 1987-2002

Price, Reynolds, 1994-1997

Proulx, Annie, 1996

Pynchon, Thomas, 1985-1989

Reed, Ishmael, 2003

Roethke, Theodore, 1985-1987

Roth, Philip, 1986-1989

Roth, Philip (Revision),  2004-2007

Sarton, Mary, 1998-2001

Sci-Fi American, 1988-2004

Screen Writers, 1993

Selby, Hubert, 1994-1998

Settle, Mary Lee, 1986-1987



Box 117:


Silko, Leslie Marmon, 2007

Simon, Neil, 1997-2000

Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1986-1988

Slavitt, David R., 2003

Smiley, Jane, 1995-2000

Smith, Lee, 1997

Snyder, Gary, 1988-1992, 1997

Stafford, William, 1987-1988

Taylor, Peter, 1989

Tyler, Anne, 1988-1992

Vidal, Gore, 2004

Vizenor, Gerald, 2007

Vollman, William T., 2003-2007

Vonnegut, Kurt, 1988-1989

Warren, Robert Penn, 1989-2001

Wasserstein, Wendy, 1997-1998

Welty, Eudora, 1995-2000

White, Edmund, 2001

Wideman, John Edgar, 2004-2006

Wilbur, Richard, 2006-2007

Williams, Tennessee, 1993-1995

Wilson, August, 1997-2007

Wright, Charles, 2007

Yates, Richard, 1985-1987

UCAL Reviews, 1987-1988


Understanding Contemporary British Literature (UCBL)

This series contains photocopies and research materials relating to the individual volumes in the UCBL series as well as original correspondence from the subjects of the volumes as well as the authors and editors of each volume.


Modern, European/Latin American, 1985-1987

Bruccoli UCBL Contract, 1987

UCBL Invites, 1987-1989

Brit No-Gos, 1996-1998

Ackroyd, Peter, 1999

African Novelists, 1993-1997

Amis, Kingsley, 1989-1993

Amis, Martin, 1992-1995

Ayckbourn, Alan, 1990

Bainbridge, Beryl, 2004-2007

Banville, John, 1997

Barnes, Julian, 1993-1997

Bennett, Alan, 1995-1999

Brookner, Anita, 1997-2000

Carter, Angela, 1995-2007

Davie, Donald, 1994

Doyle, Roddie, 1996-1997

Durrell, Lawrence, 1987-1990

Frayn, Michael, 2003-2006

Fowles, John, 1992-1993

Golding, William, 1988

Greene, Graham, 1987-2006

Ishiguro, Kazuo, 1996-2000

Le Carré, John (Revision), 2007-2008

Lessing, Doris, 1988-1990

McEwan, Ian, 1999-2002

Morris, Jan (James), 2002-2007

Murdoch, Iris, 1988-1993

Naipaul, V.S., 2002-2004

Orton, Joe, 1989-1991

Parks, Tim, 1999-2003

Pinter, Harold, 1993-1997

Sci-Fi (British), 1996

Self, Will, 2004-2006

Sillitoe, Alan, 1996-1998

Spark, Muriel, 1996-1997

Wain, John, 2008

Welsh, Irvine, 2004-2006

Wesker, Arnold, 1989-1992

West, Paul, 1990-1993



Series X:  Great War Collection Related Materials


This series contains materials relating to Bruccoli’s two Great War Collections, at the University of Virginia and the University of South Carolina. The collections were created in honor of Bruccoli’s father, Joseph M. Bruccoli. The series spans the entirety of World War I and is arranged by subject.



Box 118:



General Information about Collection, 1989-2004

Primary Source Digitization, 2004, 2007



Art, 1992, 1994

Books, Want List, 2003

Book dealers, 1993

Correspondence, 1984, 1992

General Topics, 1991-1993

German Collection, 2006

Online, 1997

Posters, Photocopy, 2002-2003

Posters: Travel (Bruccoli & PS), 1997-2004


Exhibitions and Conferences

Great War Symposium, 2007

UVA Exhibition, 1992-1997

USC Exhibition, 1996, 1997, 2004

USC Poster Exhibition, 2002-2003

World War I Conference, Newcastle, 2006



Bailey, Charles, 1997

Cecil, Hugh, 1996

Cohen, Joseph, 2002

Durieux, Rene, 2000-2007

Goodchild, George, 2000

Graves, Robert, 1993, 1996

Leventhal, Michael (Frontline), 2008

Greiner, Donald J., 2004

Josso, Xavier, 2007

Judy, Will (American Kennel Club), 2006-2007

Kaplan, Eugene, 2004

Liddle, Peter H., 1996

Rosenberg, Issac, 2000, 2005

Ross, Harold, photocopy, n.d.

Rossi, Jamal J., 2001

Sassoon, Siegfried, photocopy, 1997



Box 119:



Air Postal Service, photocopy, 2003

American Expatriate Writers, n.d.

American Expeditionary Forces, photocopy, n.d.

American Libraries (JMB Collection), ca. 2004

American Library Association, 2006

Anthem for Doomed Youth, 2002

The Antique Motorcycle (Van Buren, Augusta and Adeline), photocopy, 2006

Architectures de la Reconstruction, 2005-2006

Artists Mobilizing the Home Front (WWI Posters), 2003

Asquith, Margot, 1984

The Atlantic News, photocopy, 1919

Aviation, 2004

Aviation History (Sotheby’s Catalog), 1993

Australia (postcards), photocopy, ca.1916-1918

Bailey, Charles, 2004

Bank Note Reporter, photocopy, 2004

Barker, Pat (The Ghost Road Review), photocopy, 1995

Battle of the Somme, photocopy, 1999, 2003

BBC Website (WWI), 2006

Bell, Clive (Peace at Once), n.d.

Bond Issues, photocopy, 2006

Book Trade History Group Newsletter, 1994

Bostridge, Mark (The Making of a Peacenik), photocopy, 2003

Brooke, Rupert, photocopy, 1999

Breen, Jennifer, photocopy, 2004

British Silent Cinema, 2004

Bruccoli Exhibit (USC), Great War Collection Catalogue, 2005

Bruccoli Exhibit (UVA), 1993

Bruccoli, Matthew J. (Afterword to Edward Thompson’s Alien Homage), 1993

Brosman, Catharine Savage, paper, 2008

Cain, James (The Lorraine Cross), photocopy, n.d.

California Military Museum, 2000

Cameron Letters, photocopy, 1918

Camp Upton, photocopy, 2004

Canadian Casualties, 2006

Canadian Sheet Music, photocopy, 2004

Canadian War Poster Collection, photocopy, 2004

Carroll, Andrews, photocopy, 2002

Christmas Truce, photocopy, 2003-2004

Cobb, Humphrey (None but the Brave), photocopy, 1938

Cohrs, Patrick O. (The Unfinished Peace after WWI), 2006

Comic Strip, Kudzu, n.d.

Conferences, 1984, 2000, 2001

Courses at UVA, 1999

Cowley, Malcolm (AFS Notebook), photocopy, n.d.

Deane, Peter (The Victors), photocopy, 1925

Depping, Warwick (No Hero in This), photocopy, 1936

Derby Day Murder, photocopy, 1999

Deutsche Carlstadt, photocopy, 2004

Ebay, 2006

les Enfants dans la Grande Guerre Exposition, 2003

Evarts, Lt. J. M., photocopy, 1917

Fallas, Carl (St. Mary’s Village), photocopy, 1954

Ferguson, Niall (The Pity of the War Reviews), 2001

Films in Review Serial, 1966

Flander’s Field Museum, 2002

Ford, Ford Maddox, photocopy, 1999

Gallipoli, 2002

Gallipoli News Clippings, 2002

Gallipoli Move, photocopy, 2005

Goldber Coins and Collectibles (ebay), 2005

Goodchild, George, n.d.

Gopnik, Adam, 2004

Graham, Stephen (A Private Work in the Guards), photocopy, 2005

Grande Guerre, 1999

The Great War (Magazine), 2004-2005

Great War at Sea (Book Review), photocopy, 2003

Great War (Flander’s Field, de Westhoek), 2001-2002

Great War (Haig), photocopy, n.d.

Great War History (Historial de la Grande Guerre), 2003

Great War Literature, 2002

Great War Music (Hinky Dinky, Parley-Voo), photocopy, n.d.

Great War Music, photocopy, n.d.

Great War Memories, 2007

Great War Museum Materials, photocopy, 2007

Great War Posters, n.d.

Great War Propaganda, photocopy, n.d.


Box 120:


Great War Seminar, photocopy, n.d.

Great War Society, 1999

Great War Theatre, photocopy, 2003

Great War and the Twentieth Century (Conference Announcement), 2001

Gurner, Ronald (Pass Guard at Ypres), photocopy, 1930

Harvey, A.D. (On the Literary Front), photocopy, 2005

The Hatchet, photocopy, 1918-1919

Henry Williamson Society, ca.1999

Historial de la Grande Guerre, 2004

Historic American Sheet Music, photocopy, 1910-1920

Honeywood, Private Frank, n.d.

Hugo, Georges Victor, photocopy, 2002

Imperial War Museum, 2002-2006

The Ivory Gurney Society, 1999-2004

Jews, 2002

Johns, W. E., 2004

JMB Great War Collection (Special Collections Dept. UVA), 2002

JMB Great War Collection UVA (Photographs), n.d.

Joseph Pennell’s Liberty Loan Poster, photocopy, 1918

Sir Josephus Inspects the Swiss Navy, photocopy, n.d.

Joyeux Noel, photocopy, 2006

Junger Ernest, photocopy, 1998

Keegan, John (Defence Editor), 1998

Kessel, Joseph (Le’Equipage), photocopy, n.d.

Kipling, Rudyard, photocopy, 2001

Korn, Frederick (Poetry of the Great War), 1984

La Belgique en Guerre, photocopy, ca. 1918

Leeds University Library (Little Collection), 1999

Les Enfants dans la Grande Guerre, 2003

Letter bought by singer Chris Burgh, photocopy, 2006

Liberty Loans, photocopy, 2007

Liberty Memorial Museum of WWI, n.d.

Litchfield County, photocopy, n.d.

Literature, photocopy, 2002

The Lost Battalion, 2004

The Lost Boys, photocopy, n.d.

Macauley, Rose, 2005

Macdonald, Lyn, photocopy, 2004

Mademoiselle from Armentieres, n.d.

Martin, Lorna, 2004

Martinu (Field Mass), photocopy, 2004

Mauermuseum, n.d.

McFadzean, William, photocopy, 2005

Miller, Patrick (The Natural Man), photocopy, 1924

Monuments, photocopy, 2005-2007

Moore, Henry (Sculpture at Imperial War Museum, London), 2006-2007

Morgan Llywelyn Publication Information, 1998

Morris Library, Southern Illinois University, 1986

Motion Pictures and Television, 2000

Motorcycles, photocopy, 2000

Motray, R.H. (Journey to the Western Front), photocopy, 1936

Museum:  National WWI Museum, photocopy, 2006

Naval Aviation School, photocopy, 1917

The Norton Anthology Online (Representing the Great War), 2006

Not Yet Diagnosed Nervous (Play), 2005

Obituaries and memorials, 2003-2006

Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Toward the Somme, photocopy, 2003

The Old Bill Newsletter, 2004-2005

Onions, Oliver (Peace in Our Time), photocopy, 1923

Orpen, Sir William (To the Unknown Soldier in France), photocopy, 2005

Owen, Wilfred, photocopy, 1964. 2003

Oxford Roof Climber’s Rebellion, 2007

Pardon of Private Farr, photocopy, 2006

Paris (Smithsonian Magazine), 2004

Parris Island, South Carolina, n.d.

Partridge, Eric (Private Frank Honeywood), n.d.

Pastsilelis, Chris (Book Review), photocopy, 1999

The Paulliac Pilot, photocopy, 1918

Peckman Collection (Howard K. Peckman), 2004

Photographs of UVA Posters, n.d.

Play by John Dos Passos and Paul Shyre, 2006

Play by Vern Thiessen (Einstein’s Gift), photocopy, 2005

Polish Victim’s Relief Fund Poster, photocopy, 2004

Pop Culture, 2006

Postcards and Poster, n.d.

Posters (Canada), 2004

Posters (Colorado College), 2003-2004

Posters (Erlandson Collection), photocopy,1985

Posters (Red Cross), 2003

Posters (South Australia), 2004

Posters (UVA), n.d.

Posters Websearch, photocopy, 2003

Poster Stamps, photocopy, 2004

Pilgrimages, 1999-2002

Postage Stamps, 1998

Publisher’s Advertisements, n.d.

Rare Camel Cigarette Poster, photocopy, 2004

The Recall, photocopy, 1916

Reconstruction, 2005

Reese, James, 2004

Regimental Museum of the Royal Welch Fusiliers, n.d.

Related Material, 2007

Relevance (Journal of the Great War Society), 2006-2007

Rin Tin Tin, photocopy, 2005

The Road to Glory, 1981

Robert Graves Conference, 2004

Robinson, Derek (Hornet’s Sting Reviews), 2002

Rodgers and Hart, photocopy, n.d.

Rosenberg, Issac (Exhibition catalogue, 2000



Box 121:


Rudolph, G.A. (War posters, 1914-1918 at University of Nebraska), photocopy, 1990

Sassoon, Graves, Gurney (Jaffe Rare Books), n.d.

Sassoon, Siegfried (Yale University Library), 2004-2005

Sassoon, Siegfried (Article), photocopy, 1999

Schultz, Charles (Peanuts), n.d.

Seeger, Alan, 2003

Segal, Heloise (Matty), n.d.

Serb World Serial, 1995-1996, 2000

Sgt. York (Revisiting Sgt York), photocopy, 2006

Sheet Music Covers, photocopy, n.d.

Sherriff, R.C. (Journey’s End), 2006-2007

SIU Press, n.d.

Soldier’s Personal Narratives (British), photocopy, 2000

Soldier Poets (Kenneth Lohf Collection), n.d.

South Carolina, WWI in, photocopy, 2003-2004

Smithsonian Magazine, 2004

The Somme From Defeat to Victory (BBC), photocopy, 2006

Somme Monuments and Memorials, 2004

Spencer, Stanley, n.d.

Statz, Isi, (Soldier’s Life or A Life of Chance), photocopy, n.d.

Strange Meeting, (Poetry of the Great War), 2004

Stewart, Donald, 2004

Taffy 3, 2004

The Times Magazine, 2004

There’s a Girl in Chateau Thierry, photocopy, 2003

The Thiepval Visitor Centre Project, 2001

30th Division, 1997

Thomas, Edward, 2003,2006

Tilsley, W. V. (Outer Banks), photocopy, n.d.

Toklas, Alice B., photocopy, 1950

Unesco (Art of the First World War), 2004

University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), 2002

University of South Carolina Great War Collection, photocopy, 2006

USS George Washington, photocopy, 1919

UVA Great War Catalogue (Illustrations), photocopy, n.d.

A Very Long Engagement, 2005

Veterans (Lloyd Brown), 2005

The Victorian, photocopy, 1919

Vimy Ridge, 2007

Violet Hour Review, 2003

Wagstaff, Arthur (Somme Survivor), 2000

A War of Nerves (Review), photocopy, n.d.

The Western Front Museum (Serial), 2002

Whirligigs, photocopy, 2006

Who’s Who in America, photocopy, ca. 1923

Wilfred Owen Association, 1999-2003

Winslow, Scott (WWI Soldier Letters), 2005

Wolfe, Thomas (A Cullenden of Virginia), n.d.

Western Front Association, 1999

Western Front Museum, 2001

Women’s Fashion, 2000

World War, photocopy, 1992-1999

Wortman, Marc (Flight to Glory), photocopy, 2003

The Yale Observer, photocopy, 1916

Ypres Battlefield, photocopy, 2003

Zero Hour (Intro to USC Press), n.d.



Series XI: Audio-Visual Materials


This series contains audio recordings of interviews and literary events, video tapes of local and national events, and the raw footage of Bruccoli’s interviews with Frances “Scottie” Fitzgerald Lanahan Smith.


Boxes 122-123



Series XII: Oversize Material



Box 124:

Biographical Material (to accompany Series I)
Thomas Cooper Society, Honorary Life Membership Certificate, n.d.

Fitzgerald Material (to accompany Series IV)

National Letter Writing Week, order form, 1980
New York Times Book Review, 1996

Dartmouth Winter Carnival, 2 posters, one original, one reproduction, 1939
F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1968, 1971, n.d.
Fitzgerald Park, Montgomery, Alabama, sketch, 1971
Water Color Sketch (4 sketches by a USC art class depicting their renditions of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald), n.d.

Miss Piggy Calendar, (Parody of Fitzgerald’s 1930 New York Post Christmas cover, month of December, 1981
FSF Calendar, 1994


Times Literary Supplement, “Letters to the Editor,” 1959

Conference/Exhibition Posters
Bristol University, “Scott at the View Front Centre,” (2 posters), n.d.
A Centennial Celebration, “A Personal View of the Changing Nature of Poetry,” 1996
Centennial Celebration, Princeton F. Scott Fitzgerald Society, 1996
Centenary Celebration, University of South Carolina, (5 posters), 1996
Great Gatsby, Stage One Theatre, 1998
Great Gatsby: Read All About, (2 posters), n.d.
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Bibliography, Bruccoli Lecture, (2 posters), n.d.
Thomas Wolfe Festival, with Fitzgerald lectures and exhibits, 1998
The Writer and His Times, (2 posters), n.d.

Freshman Year Reading Experience Poster Submissions
Poster Submissions, 1996

Ladies Journal, 1970

Movie Posters
The Beautiful and the Damned (8 posters), n.d.
The Great Gatsby, (2 posters), n.d.
Myers, Carmel, n.d.
The Off-Shore Pirate, n.d.

Book Layouts, n.d.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott, n.d.
Fitzgerald, Scottie, n.d.
Miller, “Sunny” Hemingway, n.d.
Paris, n.d

Press Books
MGM Press Book, “The Last Time I Saw Paris,” 1954
Paramount Press Book, “The Great Gatsby,” 1949



Box 125:

Acquisition of FSF Screenplays by USC, 2004
Clippings of FSF related newspaper articles, 1971-1974

Tender is the Night, photocopy, 1954

Zelda Play
Bye Bye Blackbird, advertisement, 1998

Zelda Restaurant
Menu (2), n.d.   



Box 126:

Hemingway Material (to accompany Series V)

Cover art
For Lovers of American Literature, n.d.

Hemingway and the Sun Set, n.d.
The Only Thing that Counts, n.d.

Exhibition Poster
A Centennial Exhibition, Princeton University, 1999-2000

Literature Test Order Packets
A Farewell to Arms, n.d.
The Old Man and the Sea, n.d.
The Sun Also Rises, n.d.

Chicago Tribune, 1969, 1971
The Detroit News Magazine, 1968-1969, 1972
Holiday, 1966
Look, 1956
The New York Times Magazine, 1977, 1981
The Newark News, 1970
Post, April-March 1966
Sunday Times, 1966
Tropic, 1970

Publishing Projects

A True Likeness: The Black South of Robert Richard Samuels, 1986
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1985
First Printings of American Authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald layout, 1974

Setting Copies
Coover, Robert, “After Lazarus,” n.d.
Cozzens, James Gould, “A Time of War,” n.d.
Higgins, George V., “Old Earl Died Pulling Traps,” n.d.
MacDonald, Ross, “The Far Side of the Dollar,” n.d.

Works By and Edited By Bruccoli
Ernest Hemingway’s Apprenticeship, dust jacket, n.d.
Romantic Egoists, dust jacket, n.d.
Wolfe, Thomas, “O Lost,” advertisement



Double Oversize (to accompany series IV)

Filed in oversized map folder (shelved separately in Rare Books and Special Collections)

Folder 1:

Fitzgerald’s Europe Map, map marking locations Fitzgerald visited throughout Europe

Contest, “Fitzgerald and Hemingway: A Dialogue,” (17 poster submissions), n.d.

Folder 2:

Eminent Scholar/Teachers Video Lecture Series, n.d.
Fitzgerald, 50th Anniversary of Death, 1990
USC, Centenary Celebration (2 posters), 1996

The Last Tycoon, original, 1976
Tender is the Night, original 1962


Esquire, Fitzgerald Collage, 1981
USC theatre, “Fie Fie!
Fi-fi!,” 1996