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Joyce Morrow Pair Collection
of James Dickey, 1984-2007

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Scope and Contents Note

This collection comprises the files of the founding editor of the James Dickey Newsletter. It contains editorial files for each issue from Volume 1 (1984) through Volume 17 (2001). These records contain article submissions and revisions, editorial correspondence, and printing, advertising, indexing and subscription records. There is an extensive correspondence series divided into two parts: named correspondent files, many of whom are members of the newsletter’s editorial board, and a general correspondence series. There are over 30 letters from James Dickey in this series, primarily concerning his reactions to issues of the Newsletter and arrangements for reading and speaking dates. There is also a substantial group of correspondence with Paula Goff, a poet who served as Dickey’s secretary and assistant for many years. Other correspondents include Matthew J. Bruccoli, Jimmy Carter (1997), Fred Chappell, Malcolm Cowley, and Ron Rash. Correspondents in the files relating to the founding of the Newsletter include William F. Buckley, Jr., Willie Morris, and Robert Penn Warren.

The second part of the collection contains subject files on Dickey collected by Joyce Morrow Pair: biographical, subject and clipping files, groups of printed writings and drafts, photographs, and audio/visual material. Also included are documents reflecting Pair’s scholarly activities such as conference papers and organized panels, and her role in organizing poetry festivals and poetry readings.

Series Listing

Series                                                                                        Box

James Dickey Newsletter
     Editor’s files                                                                         1-11
     Correspondence                                                                   11-20
James Dickey
     Biography and writings                                                        20-21
     Clippings and ephemera                                                       21-22
     Photographs                                                                         23
     Related Dickey scholarship                                                 24-25
     Audio/Visual Materials                                                        26-28
     Oversize                                                                               folder


Box: 1

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 1-2, 1984-86

Box: 2

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 3-4, 1986-88

Box: 3

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 5-6, 1988-90

Box: 4

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 7-8, 1990-92

Box: 5

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 9-10, 1992-94

Box: 6

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 11-12, 1994-96

Box: 7

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 13-14, 1996-98

Box: 8

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 15-17, 1998-2001

Box: 9

James Dickey Newsletter, vols. 19, 2002-2003
Computer diskettes (5” and 3”) containing Newsletter files

Box: 10

Formation of Newsletter, correspondence and clippings, 1984-85 (2 folders)
Financial statements, 2002-2003 (2 folders)

Box: 11

Permissions, subscriptions, media, general correspondence, 1985-2002
Correspondence, alphabetical
     Ronald Baughman, 1984-96
     James Dickey, 1984-96 (3 folders)

Box: 12

     Paula Goff, group I, 1989-2003 (folders 1-3 of 5)

Box: 13

     Paula Goff, group I, 1989-2003 (folders 4-5 of 5)
     Paula Goff, group II, 1989-2003 (folders 1-2 of 4)

Box: 14

     Paula Goff, group II, 1989-2003 (folders 3-4 of 4)
     Robert Kirschten, 1987-99 (folder 1 of 3)

Box: 15

     Robert Kirschten, 1987-99 (folders 2-3 of 3)
     Linda Roth, 1996-98 (2 folders)

Box: 16

     Dave Smith, 1984-93
     Ernest Suarez, 1991-99
     Gordon Van Ness, 1984-97 (folders 1-2 of 3)

Box: 17

     Gordon Van Ness, 1984-97 (folder 3 of 3)
     Rejections, 1986-89, 1995
     Correspondence, general, 1985-2002 (folders 1-2 of 10)

Box: 18

     Correspondence, general, 1985-2002 (folders 3-6 of 10)

Box: 19

     Correspondence, general, 1985-2002 (folders 7-9 of 10)

Box: 20

     Correspondence, general, 1985-2002 (folder 10 of 10)

James Dickey – Biography and Writings
     World War II rosters and squadron history, photocopies
     Symbol and Image in the Shorter Poems of Herman Melville (MA Thesis, Vanderbilt University, 1950), photocopy
     Wayfarer, text galleys and publicity, 1988
     The Eagle’s Mile, corrected typescript, photocopy, 1989
     “Lightnings or Visuals,” SAMLA address, photocopy,1991
     Final class at the University of South Carolina, transcriptions, photocopies, 1996

Box: 21

     Gordon Van Ness. Striking In: The Early Notebooks of James Dickey, early drafts and correspondence, 1994

James Dickey – Clippings and Ephemera
     Contains printed interviews, profiles, news, poems and prose. Folders 1-3 of 6.

Box: 22

     Clippings and ephemera. Folders 4-6 of 6.

Box: 23

James Dickey – Photographs
     North Fulton High School reading, Oct. 1985
     1986 Poetry Festival, DeKalb Community College
     Oxford Bookstore, Wayfarer signing, Oct. 1988
     Agnes Scott College reading, Apr. 1989
     SAMLA Conference, Atlanta, 1991
          Creative Loafing photoshoot with reporter Robert Morris.
     166 West Wesley (childhood home), Aug. 1999, before renovation
     Memorial Service, Manuel’s – Atlanta, Feb. 2, 1997
     Loose photographs (3 folders)

Box: 24

Other scholarly activities by Joyce Pair
     Poetry Festival, DeKalb Community College, 1986 (2 folders)
     SAMLA, 1988
     “James Dickey at Seventy” tribute, 1993

Box: 25

     SAMLA panel, 1997
     University of South Carolina Dickey seminar talk, 1999
     James Dickey Conference, Columbia SC, Jan. 2007

Boxes: 26 – 28

Audio/Visual Materials. Readings and symposia, on VHS videotape and cassette.

Oversize – 1 map folder
     The Eagle’s Mile, broadside, copy 147 of 250, signed
     May Day Sermon performance poster and fan
     DeKalb Community College Poetry Festival poster, signed by participants, 1986
     Bronwen, The Traw, and The Shape Shifter, performance poster (2 copies)
     Wayfarer calendar, 1989
     Oversize clippings