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Matthew J. Bruccoli Collection

of James Dickey, 1943-2006

Collection: Mss. 2001:7

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This collection was collected by Matthew J. Bruccoli, Dickey's first literary executor, and was purchased by the library in 2001. It includes original material, clippings and printed matter, and photocopies from other Dickey archives and collections.


Series 1 – Correspondence, includes incoming and outgoing letters (originals and photocopies from other sources), invitations, and Christmas cards from the Dickey family.


Series 3  - Writings, contains photocopies of Dickey's unpublished novel The Entrance to the Honeycomb, his text for a second collaboration (never realized) with artist Hubert Shuptine titled The Wilderness of Heaven, and the unfinished novel, Crux, Dickey was working on at his death.




Series Listing


Series                         Contents                                                                                Box


1                      Correspondence                                                                      1

2                      Manuscripts and typescripts                                                    2-3

3                      Writings – books                                                                     3-17

4                      Writings – published poems and articles                                 17-23

5                      Writings about James Dickey – clippings                                24-29

6                      Realia and miscellanea                                                            29-32

7                      Photographs                                                                            33

8                      Audio/visual                                                                            33

9                      Oversize                                                                                  34







Box 1:

Series 1 – Correspondence


1. 1965-1975

2. 1975-1980

3. 1981-2004

4. Undated

5. Editorial correspondence, primarily with Shaye Arehart (Doubleday), 1980-1988

Correspondence of Matthew J. Bruccoli re: Dickey, 1972-2006



Box 2:

Series 2 – Manuscripts and typescripts


Poems, holographs, carbons, corrected typescripts, photocopies and fragments

            This folder contains approximately 20 works, in various stages of composition.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko, translations by Dickey for Stolen Apples (1971), typescripts and


Nonfiction essays and prose, corrected typescripts and photocopies (folders 1-3 of 4)

            Arranged alphabetically by title, this group contains drafts of speeches, addresses,

and essays.



Box 3:


Nonfiction essays and prose, corrected typescripts and photocopies (folder 4 of 4)

Notes, fragments, and scraps, holographs

Notebook, 1 spiral-bound notebook, ca. late 1990s, containing 4 pages of notes

Teaching notes on individual poems, mimeograph sheets with holograph annotations,

together with one spiral-bound notebook with holograph notes on teaching


Series 3 – Writings – books


Reviews, dust jackets and clippings to 1970


            Dust Jackets, reviews and publicity

            Screenplay by James Dickey, photocopy

Exchanges, proof, correspondence and publicity



Box: 4


Jericho: The South Beheld, Introduction (first proof), correspondence and publicity photo


The Zodiac

            Preliminary production specifications and correspondence

            Original artwork and layout sheets

            Introduction, typescript

            First and second typescripts

            Setting copy

            1st galleys, uncorrected

            Publisher's mockup

            2nd galleys and binding specifications

            Author's proof, corrected

            First printer's proof, corrected

            Second printer's proof, corrected



Box 5:


            Trial binding

            Final proof and binding

            Correspondence, orders, publicity

God's Images, publicity

The Strength of Fields, typescripts, proofs

Tucky the Hunter, typescript

In Pursuit of the Grey Soul

            Corrected typescript

            Proofs and publicity

The Starry Place Between the Antlers, corrected typescript, setting copy, publisher's

mockup, blues

Oystering: A Way of Life (foreword), publicity


            Typescript, photocopy

            Setting copy

            Prospectus, dust jackets, publicity



Box 6:


Night Hurdling, corrected typescripts, correspondence and publicity

Bronwen, the Traw, and the Shape-Shifter

            Notes, manuscript, and corrected typescript (photocopy)

            Illustrations and master proof (photocopies), unbound advance sheets

            Publicity, theatrical performance


            Editorial correspondence, 1970-1987

            Narrative outline (photocopy) and typescript notes

            "Main sequence," outline, typescript photocopy


Box 7:


            Early fragments, photocopies, Jan. 1985 (4 folder)

            Early complete typescript (folder 1 of 6)



Box 8:


            Early complete typescript (folders 2-5 of 6)



Box 9:


            Early complete typescript (folder 6 of 6)

            71 p. submission to editor, with correspondence, Aug. 1985

            40 p. submission to editor, with correspondence, Sept. 1985

            Jan. 1986 draft, photocopy (folders 1-2 of 5)



Box 10:


            Jan. 1986 draft, photocopy (folders 3-5 of 5)

            Fragments photocopied from previous manuscript (folders 1-2 of 3)



Box 11:


            Fragments photocopied from previous manuscript (folder 3 of 3)

            Pages 1-50, "revised," photocopy

            Individually retyped pages, photocopy (2 folders)

            Reader's report by David Deutsch, photocopy

            Publicity and reviews

            Screenplay storyline draft by "J.G.," 1987

Summons, typescript photocopy



Box 12:


The Eagle's Mile

            1st typescript (titled Real God, Roll), photocopy

            Tables of contents (titled Simplex), manuscript and typescript

            Second typescript (Simplex), corrected

            Title poem broadside proof, publicity

The Whole Motion, publicity and reviews

To The White Sea

            Publisher's info sheet and author biography, photocopy

            Corrected typescript (2 folders)

            Publicity, dust jackets, reviews



Box 13:


            Screenplay by David and Janet Peoples, photocopy, 1996

Bruccoli Clark limited editions, general publicity

Crux, corrected typescript, photocopy

The Entrance to the Honeycomb, photocopy

The Wilderness of Heaven

            Corrected typescripts, photocopies, 1987

            Editorial history and correspondence, 1976-1988



Box 14:



            The Call of the Wild

            The Sentence, photocopy, 1988-89


Other works


Striking In: The Early Notebooks of James Dickey (1996), publicity

May Day Sermon, theatrical production, 1997

The James Dickey Reader, contract, photocopy, 1998

Crux: The Letters of James Dickey (1999)

            1st pass proofs (folder 1 of 4)



Box 15:


            1st pass proofs (folders 2- 4 of 4)

            Corrected proofs (partial)

            Index, typescript



Box 16:


            Dickey correspondence, photocopies, 1943-45 (2 folders)

Dictionary of Literary Biography Documentary Series, Volume 19 – James Dickey (1999), uncorrected proofs (folders 1-2 of 3)




Box 17: 


Dictionary of Literary Biography Documentary Series, Volume 19 – James Dickey (1999), uncorrected proofs (folder 3 of 3)


Series 4 – Writings – published poems and articles







Box 18:







Box 19:







Box 20:







Box 21:







Box 22:



1994 (2 folders)



Box 23:






Dust jacket blurbs by Dickey



Box 24:


Series 5 – Writings about James Dickey – clippings


Clippings to 1965

1966-1970 (2 folders)

1971-1975 (folder 1 of 2)



Box 25:


1971-1975 (folder 2 of 2)

1976-1980 (2 folders)

1981-1985 (folder 1 of 3)



Box 26:


1981-1985 (folders 2-3 of 3)

1986-1990 (2 folders)



Box 27:


1991-1995 (2 folders)

1996 -  (folder 1 of 5)



Box 28:


1996 -  (folders 2-4 of 5)



Box 29:


1996 -  (folder 5 of 5)



Series 6 – Realia and miscellanea


Calling card, n.d.

Students' poems, photocopies, 1994



Box 30:


Washington University, St. Louis, Dickey Collection finding aid, photocopy and


Emory University, James Dickey Papers finding aid, photocopy

T-shirt with image of Esquire life mask, ca. 1980



Box 31:


Publishers' catalogs with listings for Dickey’s books, 1972-2003



Box 32:


Used, rare, and antiquarian booksellers’ catalogs with Dickey items, n.d.



Box 33:


Series 7 – Photographs


Photographs, 1 folder

Deliverance film stills, 24 photographs


Series 8 – Audio/visual


"James Dickey at 70" celebration, 1993 (VHS videotape)

"James Dickey – Robert Penn Warren in Two Poets, Two Friends," 1982, 72 min., CBS

television broadcast (VHS videotape), 2 copies



Box 34:


Series 9 – Oversize box


Folder 1:  Books


Lithographer's layout, complete

Master galleys, corrected

Bronwen, The Traw, and the Shape-Shifter, master galleys, corrected


Folder 2:

Jericho – The South Beheld, dust jacket proof

James Dickey's Guitar Book, cover mockup

Ronald Baughman, ed. The Voiced Connections of James Dickey. Columbia: USC Press,

            1989. Photocopy of galleys, uncorrected.


Folder 3: Photographs


Folder 4: Posters and miscellanea


Folder 5: Broadsides

"The Shark at the Window," 1970

"Knock," Folger Poetry Broadside, 1977

"The Strength of Fields," 1977 103/1000

"The Axe-God: Sea-Pursuit," 1980, 13/75

"In the Child's Night," May 1981, one of 25 copies

From "Looking for the Buckhead Boys," Chance Press, Emory Archive opening, 1995, 53/75



Oversize folder:

Shelved separately in map case in Rare Books and Special Collections


James Dickey and Sharon Anglin Kuhne. Intervisions: Poems and Photographs, signed poster, 1982