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The John Jakes Papers, 1963-


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Descriptive Summary


         Title: John Jakes Papers, 1963-


         Collection Number: Mss. 2001:4


         Creator: John Jakes


         Extent: 89 boxes (29.66 cubic feet)


Administrative Information


         Provenance: Gift of John Jakes, 2001; Additions in 2007; 2010


         Processed by: Patrick Scott, Jeffrey Makala, Jessica Dowd.


         Access Restrictions: Open to research


         Preferred Citation: [Item], John Jakes Papers, Rare Books and Special Collections,

                   University of South Carolina Libraries.


         Publication Rights: All rights reside with the creator. For permission to reproduce or

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Series Listing


Series         Contents                                                


I.                Works

II.               General Corresponence  

III.              Misc.

IV.              2010 Addition




I. Works


A.   Checklists


Box 1: 

Checklists of papers previously deposited: DePauw University Archives; Center for the Study of Popular Culture, Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, Ohio; Archive of Contemporary History, University of Wyoming, Laramie WY.

Checklist of donated books

Checklist of loaned materials

Deposit lists for papers in the Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina        


B.   American Bicentennial Series a.k.a. Kent Family Chronicles


Box 1:

The Bastard (v. I of series) - Notes and Correspondence


Box 2:

The Rebels (v. II of series) - Notes and Correspondence


Box 3:

The Seekers (v. III of series) - Notes and Correspondence


Box 4:

The Furies (v. IV of series) - Notes and Correspondence


Box 5:

The Titans (v. V of series) - Notes and Correspondence


Box 6:

The Warriors (v. VI of series) - Notes and Correspondence


Boxes 7-8:

The Lawless (v. VII of series) - Notes and Correspondence


Box 9:

The Americans (v. VIII of series) - Notes and Correspondence


C.     The North-South Trilogy


Box 1:

Heaven and Hell (v. III of series), first draft screenplay (three two hour scripts) by Suzanne Clauser for 6 hour miniseries (David L. Wolper Productions-Warner Bros.-ABC, 1994)


Box 2:

Heaven and Hell (v. III of series), revised version of the screenplay; either second or third draft


D.     California Gold


Box 1:



E.  Homeland


Box 1:

Script for audio abridgement, Bantam-Doubleday-Dell Audio, recorded by Edward Hermann.

Publicity, correspondence, miscellaneous.


Box 2:

Correspondence between John Jakes and Herman Gollob

First draft manuscript annotated by author (pink marker), and editor Herman Gollob (black lead pencil)

Book One: The Crowns (a.k.a. Homeland)

Book Two: The White City 1893


Box 3:

First draft manuscript annotated by author (pink marker), editor Herman Gollob (black lead pencil)

Book Three: The Bleeding City 1894

Book Four: Wild on the Levee 1895-1898


Box 4:

First draft manuscript annotated by author (pink marker), editor Herman Gollob (black lead pencil)

Book Five: Stars and Stripes Forever


Box 5:

Final draft manuscript (production copy) annotated


Part one: Berlin 1891-1892

Part two: Steerage 1892

Part three: Chicago 1892-1893


Box 6:

Final draft manuscript (production copy) annotated

Part four: Julie

Part five: Pullman


Box 7:

Final draft manuscript (production copy) annotated

Part six: Levee  1895-1896

Part seven: Flickers 1896-1898


Box 8:

Final draft manuscript (production copy) annotated

Part eight: Tampa 1898

Part nine: War 1898

Part ten: Homecoming 1900-1901


F.      In the Big Country, edited by Bill Pronzini and Martin H. Greenberg


Bantam Books, 1993. Mass-market edition of The Best Western Stories of John Jakes, Ohio University Press, 1991.


Box 1:

Author's original manuscript (production copy) of materials new to this edition:

(1) Author's foreword

(2) "Carolina Warpath" (novella)


G.    American Dreams


Box 1:

Version #1: "Limelight."  Not completed.


Box 2:

Verson #2: "Movies."  Annotated by author.

Part one: Nickelodeons (1912-1913)

Part two: Hollywood (1914)

Part three : Battlefield (1915-1917)


Box 3:

Version #3: Rewritten from editorial notes by freelance editor Genevieve Young

Part one: Family

Part two: Theatricals

Part three: Detroit

Part four: Pictures


Box 4:

Version #3: Rewritten from editorial notes by freelance editor Genevieve Young

Part five: Movies

Part six: War

Part seven: Battlefield


Boxes 5-6:

Version #4: Submitted for publication to various houses May-June 1997 with annotations


Box 5:

Part one: Family

Part two: Theatricals

Part three: Detroit

Part four: Pictures


Box 6:

Part five: Movies

Part six: War

Part seven: Battlefield


Boxes 7-8:

Version #5 : Heavily annotated by Danielle Perez, editor at Dutton Signet. Revisions consist of heavy cutting, writing of several new chapters and reorganization of the entire book.


Box 7:

Part one: Family 1906

Part two: Theatricals 1907-1908

Part three: Detroit 1908-1909

Part four: Pictures 1909-1910


Box 8:

Part five: Movies 1911-1912

Part six: War 1913-1914

Part seven: Battlefield 1915


Boxes 9-10:

Original production manuscript


Box 9:

Part one: Dreamers

Part two: Striving

Part three: Pictures


Box 10:

Part four: California

Part five: Nightmare

Part six: Battlefield



Boxes 11-12:

Final Version printed from diskettes in WordPerfect 6.1*


Box 11:

Title page – p. 404


Box 12:

p. 401-p. 747


H.    On Secret Service


Box 1:

First concept notes and related material including miscellaneous correspondence, 1997


Box 2:

Author's final paper draft with manuscript annotations


Box 3:

Author's revision "Pages and publisher's copy editing instructions," 14 September 1999.


Box 4:

First draft (final) pages 1-303 & 351-599, from diskettes in WordPerfect 7 printed from ver. 8. July 17, 2001


Box 5:

Revision p. 1-300


Box 6:

Revision p. 301-600


Box 7:

Revision #2 p. 1-300


Box 8:

Revision #2 p. 301-598


Box 9:

First draft (final) p. 1-303


Box 10:

First draft (final) p. 301-600, includes partial afterword


Boxes 11-12:

Final mss.


I.       Charleston


Boxes 1-2:

Research notes, outlines, drafts, fragments


Box 3:



Box 4:

Simon & Schuster audio script, with related correspondence and notes


Boxes 5-7:

First draft typescript with manuscript annotations

Boxes 8-9

Original setting typescripts


Boxes 10-12:

Final drafts


J.       Savannah, Or a Gift for Mr. Lincoln


Box 1:

Script for audio abridgement


Box 2:


Research material


Box 3:

Typescripts with holograph amendations, 314 and 318 p.


Box 4:

Typescript, 320 p.

Page proof with amendations, 292 p.


K.    The Gods of Newport


Box 1: 

Script for audio abridgement


Box 2: 

Outline and related correspondence


Box 3: 

First version, notes, incomplete and finished ms.


Box 4: 

Revised final ms.


L.     Miscellaneous works


Box 1:

"The Delicate Age: A Musical Revue," music by Phil Davis and Bob Kuenzli; lyrics by Paisely Harwood, John Jakes, and Bob Zemon, music CD featuring the selections for which John Jakes wrote the lyrics and program.

"The Delicate Age" was originally produced at DePauw University, Spring 1952 by Sigma Delta Chi, the professional journalism fraternity. With accompanying TLS, July 22, 2003

"Mercy at Gettysburg," copy, 9 p. and TLS, June 20, 2000



II. General Correspondence



Box 1:

A.    Matthew J. Bruccoli: Typed postcards, 1/30/84, 3/31/84, 1/30/85; TLS, 1/22/85; Copy of TLS to Frank and Mike dated Nov. 11, 1992; copy of letter from JJ to his literary executors informing them of his deed of gift to Thomas Cooper Library; typed and signed note on Post-It to MJB, Nov. 11, 1992; TLS, Jan. 17, 2001 re: A&E Gatsby.

B. George Terry: Christmas card, 1999; Typed postcard, May 26, 1999

C. Letter to John Jakes from a fan of Kent Family saga, Sept. 28, 1993



III. Miscellaneous



Box 1:

A.    Narrator's annotated copy of score of Aaron Copeland's A Lincoln Portrait, which was performed by the Hilton Head Orchestra and narrated by John Jakes, March 13, 1993; with program of the Hilton Head Orchestra for the March 13, 1993 performance.

B.     Remarks made by John Jakes to the Thomas Cooper Society, January 10, 2002

C.     Videocassette of 8/23/52 episdoe of John Jakes's appearance on "Beat the Clock," signed and dated by Jakes.

D.    Program from "An Evening with Lou and Beth Holtz hosted by the University Libraries," Friday, January 23, 2004, 6:30 p.m., Thomas Cooper Library, Graniteville Room.



IV: 2010 Addition


The 2010 addition of materials spans the years 1962-1994, the bulk of which cover the 1960s and 1970s.  This collection contains a wide range of items from John Jakes's career, focusing primarily on early drafts and outlines of his works.  Contracts, records of royalties and correspondence are also included.  The collection also contains memorabilia collected by Jakes throughout his career, including posters and magazine and newpaper clippings.  While most of these works have been published or produced, this series also includes outlines for unpublished novels and plays.  Notable correspondents include Gil Kane and Robert Peck, both of whom collaborated with John Jakes.


Series                                                      Box

A: Published Novels                                              1-10

B: Unpublished Novels                                         11

C: Produced Plays                                                12-14

D: Unproduced Plays                                           15

E: Anthologies and Collaborations                     16-17

F: General                                                             18-20


A: Published Novels


Box 1:

Arena, typescript (2 folders), published 1963

Black in Time, typescript, corrected typescript, correspondence, 1969

Black in Time, permissions, 1970


Box 2:

Brak the Barbarian Series

            Brak the Barbarian, outline, published 1968

            Brak the Barbarian, typescript (2 folders), published 1968

            Brak the Barbarian: The Barge of Souls, corrected typescript, n.d.

            Brak the Barbarian II: Mark of the Demon, typescript (2 folders), published 1970


Box 3:

            Brak the Barbarian Series, contracts, notes, corrected typescript (2 folders), 1977

Brak in Chains, corrected typescript, contract, 1976

            The Fortunes of Brak, typescript, corrected typescript, contract, 1978

            Ghoul's Garden, corrected typescript, statement of earnings, 1975

            The Names of Armageddon, corrected typescript, notes, correspondence, 1973


Box 4:

            When the Idols Walked, typescript, published 1978

            When the Idols Walked, corrected typescript, published 1978

            When the Idols Walked, notes, photocopy, n.d.

            Witch of the Four Winds, typescript, corrected outline, n.d.

            Witch of the Four Winds, tearsheets, corrected typescript, n.d.


Box 5:

California Gold, German Publication and Reviews, 1990

The Crown Family Saga (Homeland)

            Correspondence, 1990-1994

            Corrected Outline, 1990

            Corrected Typescript, 2nd Draft, used research notes (2 folders)


Box 6:

            Notes by Topic (2 folders), n.d.

            Story notes, n.d.

            Research and genealogy, n.d.

Dragonard Trilogy

            The Planet Wizard, typescript (1 of 2 folders), published 1969


Box 7:

            The Planet Wizard, typescript (2 of 2 folders), published 1969

          Tonight We Steal the Stars, corrected typescript (2 folders), 1969

            When the Star Kings Die, typescript, corrected outline, 1967


Box 8:

Ghostwind, typescript, published 1966

King's Crusader, contract, typescript, 1977

Mention My Name in Atlantis, corrected typescript, published 1972


Box 9:

The Man from Cannae, typescript, correspondence (2 folders), 1977

On Wheels, typescript, corrected outline, published 1973


Box 10:

The Running of Ladyhound, corrected typescript, contract, comic book, 1973

Strike the Black Flag, typescript, correspondence (2 folders), 1961

The Veils of Salome (Revised), typescript, 1962



B: Unpublished Novels


Box 11:

Famous Firsts in American History, outline, 1963

Jonathan Fury, Manuscript outline, n.d.

Knave's Company, corrected outline, n.d.

Lion Heart, corrected outline, typescript, n.d.          

Longknife Series, corrected prospectus, n.d.

Southern Project, corrected typescript, notes, n.d.

Texas Kingdom, corrected outline, research notes, n.d.

Three Swards for Rome, Rome Project (Joe Elder), corrected outline, manuscript, n.d.

Tripoli, corrected outline, n.d.

Wolf-Warrior, typescript, n.d.



C: Produced Plays


Box 12:

Christmas with Charlie Goodtime and Magical Mirror at Christmas, corrected typescripts and contracts, 1972

Dracula, Baby, contract and royalties, 1970-1987

Dracula, Baby, corrected typescript, correspondence, 1986

For I am a Jealous People, contract and royalties, 1972-1975

Gaslight Girl, contract and royalties, 1973-1985

Gaslight Girl, sheet music, n.d.

The Magnificent Ambersons, teleplay typescript, 1979


Box 13:

Mother Goose...Now

            Clippings, 1970

            Contract and royalty file, 1972

            Correspondence, 1972

            Music and lyrics from The Heritage Music Press, n.d.

            Score, n.d.

            Typescript, corrected typescript, score (2 folders), n.d.


Box 14:

One Family, Some Friends

            Original Draft, corrected typescript, n.d.

            Sheet music, n.d.

            Typescript, n.d.

Pardon Me, Is this Planet Taken?, contract and royalties, 1973-1987

A Spell of Evil, contract and royalties, 1972-1983

Strangers with Roses, contract, royalties, 1972-1982

Violence, contract, royalties, 1972-1984

Wind in the Willows, contract, royalties, copyright, 1971-1974



D: Unproduced Plays


Box 15:

Play ideas, outlines, n.d.

Showboat: Portrait of a Legend, corrected typescript, correspondence, 1982



E: Anthologies and Collaborations


Box 16:

Arbor House Treasury of Great Western Stories, corrected typescript, photocopy, 1982

Conan, Marvel Comics, corrected typescript, manuscript, n.d.

DAW Books, The Best of John Jakes anthology, notes, correspondence, outline, 1977

Do-It-Yourself Bestseller, corrected typescript, contract, correspondence, 1981-1982

Gil Kane Collaborations


                        Corrected typescript, n.d.

                        Corrected typescript, photocopy (2 folders), n.d.


Box 17:

            Outline, outline, corrected typescript, correspondence, 1980

Exodus Project, Exodus 3000, corrected typescript, correspondence, photocopy, 1974

            Valley of the Worm, corrected typescript, contract, 1975

Temple Dayton Project, Richard Peck collaboration, corrected typescript, correspondence, 1972

Uncle Pinkerton, first drafts, corrected typescript, n.d.

Uncle Pinkerton, typescript, n.d.



F: General


Box 18:

Author's Guild 80th Anniversary Celebration, pamphlet, 1993

Clippings, 1979-1983

Curtis materials, corrected typescripts, photocopy, n.d.

Gaughan, Jack, Letters, 1973, 1976, n.d.

Jove Publications (2 folders), correspondence and contracts, 1980-1981


Box 19:

Kent Family Chronicles posters, n.d.

Midwest Mystique Article, corrected typescript, notes and contract, 1978

North and South promotional material, n.d.

Peck, Robert, correspondence with, 1971-1978


Box 20:

Playbills, 1960-1969, 1999

RKO pictures project, contract and correspondence, 1979-1981

Shepherd song, sheet music, n.d.

"The Writer," article for the Advertising Checking Bureau, 1966