Exhibit Catalogues & Recent Pamphlets

Exhibit Catalogues

 Series Editors: Roger Mortimer (nos. 2-14); Patrick Scott (nos. 15-).

 1. A Load of Gratitude: Audubon and South Carolina. By Davy-Jo Striblng Ridge. 1985.

 2. Aspects of the Western Religious Heritage. By Roger Mortimer. 1987.

 3. Aspects of French Culture. By Roger Mortimer. 1988. Out of print.

 4. Balladeers and Courtly Poets: Earlier Scottish literature 1350-1830. By Roger Mortimer. 1990. Out of print. Second issue, as Scottish Poetry 1300-1830, revised with index, 1993.

 5. F. Scott Fitzgerald, 21 December 1940-21 December 1990: Items from the Bruccoli Collection. By Matthew J. Bruccoli. Out of print.

 6. Walt Whitman: a Centenary Exhibition. By Anthony Szczesiul. 1992. Regular issue, out of print; limited issue of 100 number copies, for sale.

 7. Darwin: Items from the C. Warren Irvin, Jr., collection of Charles Darwin and Evolution. By Roger Mortimer. Foreword by C. Warren Irvin Jr.

 8. Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892): A Centenary Exhibition. By Patrick Scott. 1992.

 9. Hugh MacDiarmind (1892-1978): The Thorn on Scotland's Rose. By Roger Mortimer. Foreword by G. Ross Roy. 1993.

 10. James Dickey at 70: a tribute. By Amy Fuqua. 1993.

 11. John Jakes: The People's Author. By Barbara Brannon and Vanessa Farr. 1993.

 12. Gifts of Love: Literary Annuals of the Early Nineteenth Century. By Kitty Ledbetter and Lisa McDavid. 1994.

 13. Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894): A Centenary Exhibition. By Patrick Scott, edited by Roger Mortimer. 1994.

 14. Thomas Carlyle, 1795-1881: A Bicentenary Exhibit Based on the Collection Formed by Rodger L. Tarr. By Patrick Scott, with additional entries by Jamie S. Hansen. 1995.

 15. Robert Burns, 1759-1796: A Bicentenary Exhibition from the G. Ross Roy Collection. By G. Ross Roy, with assistance from Jamie S. Hansen, edited by Patrick Scott. 1996.

 16. F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary Exhibition. September 24 1896-September 24 1996. The Matthew J. & Arlyn Bruccoli Collection. University of South Carolina Press for Thomas Cooper Library, 1996. Out of print.

 17. Printing, Renaissance & Reformation: an exhibit for History 101. Edited by Patrick Scott from descriptions by Roger Mortimer. 1996.

 18. Children's Literature, Chiefly of the 19th Century. By Patrick Scott. 1997.

 19. Exploring Africa: An Exhibit of Maps and Travel Narratives from Leo Africanus to Chinua Achebe. By Patrick Scott. 1997.

 20. Angelica Singleton Van Buren: An Exhibit from the Barnwell Collection, Donated by Mr. & Mrs. David Phillips. By Jennifer Talley. June 1997.

 21. Guiseppe Garibaldi: An Exhibit Introducing the Collection Donated by Dr. Anthony P. Campanella. By Roger Mortimer. May 1997. 

22. The Great War: An Exhibition Drawn from the Joseph M. Bruccoli Collection at the University of Virginia and Other Collections. By Patrick Scott, with additional entries on Italy & the Great War by Roger Mortimer. Foreword by Matthew J. Bruccoli. Note on the Joseph M. Bruccoli Collection by Edmund C. Berkeley, Jr. 1997.  

23. Ireland and Irish Writers from the Book of Kells to Seamus Heaney.  February 1998.

24. James Macpherson and Ossian: from the G. Ross Roy Collection. July 1998.

25. Treasures of Carolina: an exhibit from the South Carolina College Library and other collections. August 1998.

26. "The biographical part of literature," an exhibition in Celebration of Literary Biography. By Patrick Scott. With an appendix on F. Scott Fitzgerald biographies by Park Bucker. 1998.

27. John Updike: an exhibit from the collection of Donald J. Greiner. By Donald J. Greiner. With a cover illustration by John Updike. Two issues, one numbered. 1998.

28. James Weldon Johnson, 1871-1938: an exhibit for African-American History month.  By Jamie S. Hansen. 1999.
-revised web-exhibit at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/amlit/johnson/johnson.html

29. Darwin across the disciplines: an exhibit chiefly from the C. Warren Irvin Jr. Collection. By Patrick Scott. 1999.
-revised on the web at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/nathist/darwin/darwinindex.html

30. The Culture of Camellias: an exhibit chiefly from the Phelps Memorial Collection. By Patrick Scott. 1999. 
-web-exhibit at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/nathist/camellia/camellia.html

31. Paris Imprints of the 1920s, an exhibit for the American Literature Club. 1999.
-web-exhibit at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/amlit/paris/paris.html

32. Scottish Literature: an exhibit celebrating 10 years of the G. Ross Roy Collection. By Patrick Scott. 1999.

33. John Milton & Seventeenth-Century Culture: an exhibit from the Collections of Thomas Cooper Library. By Patrick Scott. 2000.
-on the web at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/britlit/milton/milton.html

34. Gettysburg: an exhibit for the First-Year Reading Experience chiefly from the Francis Lord Civil War Collection & the Robert S. Chamberlain Collection of Military Books. By Patrick Scott. 2000.

35. James Gould Cozzens: an exhibit from the Collection of Matthew J. Bruccoli. Exhibit curated by Patrick Scott. Published catalogue by Matthew J. Bruccoli, 2000.

36. The Heart of a Great University: a bicentennial exhibition charting 200 years of USC's libraries. By Patrick Scott. Preface by George D. Terry. 2000.
-on the web at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/sccoll/libhist/libhisintro.html

37. Audubon and Others: a bicentennial exhibition of illustrated bird books from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. By Patrick Scott. 2001.
-on the web at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/audubon/audubonintro.html

38. Robert Burns & America: an exhibition from the G. Ross Roy Collection. Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University. By Patrick Scott and G. Ross Roy. July-September, 2001.
-related publication: Robert Burns and America. Edited by G. Ross Roy. Thomas Cooper Library and Akros Publications. 2001.

39. Hemingway and the Thirties: the first public exhibition from the Speiser & Easterling Hallman Collection. By Patrick Scott and Matthew J. Bruccoli. 2001.
-available at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/amlit/hemingway/hemhome.html

40. Transcendentalists & Others: introducing the Joel Myerson Collection of Nineteenth-Century American Literature. By Joel Myerson. Foreword by Patrick Scott. 2001.

41. Duncan Glen & Akros: Forty Years of a Scottish Publisher. By Patrick Scott. Preface by G. Ross Roy. Introduction by Duncan Glen. Cover printed by Scott Gwara at the Maxcy Press. 2002.
-two issues: 25 lettered copies with frontispiece photo of Hugh MacDiarmid and Valda with Duncan Glen at Brownsbank, 1963; 200 numbered copies.

42. The First Hundred Years of Printing: an exhibition chiefly from the books of South Carolina College. By Patrick Scott. 2002.

43. The Joseph Heller Papers. By Patrick Scott. Preface by Paul Willis. Introduction by Matthew J. Bruccoli. 2002 (in press).

44. Songs of the Great War: Sheet Music from the Joseph M. Bruccoli Great War Collection. By Matthew J. Bruccoli. 2002.

Exhibit Pamphlets

The Department also has available information (and usually exhibit guides) on recent exhibitions for which no formal catalogue was issued. Unless otherwise indicated, they were curated by Patrick Scott. These include: 

Seamus Heaney, Nobel Laureate. October 1995. 

James Dickey's Deliverance: An Exhibit for the First-Year Reading Experience. November 1995. 

Yesterday's Tomorrows: Science Fiction from the Collection Donated by Dr. John B. Ower. By Jamie S. Hansen, assisted by Paul Schultz. December 1995. 

Dickens and Christmas. December 1995. 

British Women Writers, Chiefly of the 18th & 19th Centuries. By Roger Mortimer, with additional entries by Patrick Scott. February 1996. 

Alasdair Gray, Artist and Novelist. April 1996. 

The Olympics. June 1996. 

Technology, Engineering & Industrial Innovation, 1760-1860. By Roger Mortimer. July 1996. 

The Books of Cold Mountain; an exhibit welcoming Charles Frazier. 1997. -as web exhibit: www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/amlit/frazier

Jesse Stuart: An Exhibit Recognizing the Recent Gift of Lucille Jordan Palmer. January 1997. 

James Dickey: A Memorial Exhibit. By Roger Mortimer. January 1997. 

The Brontes and Jane Eyre: An Exhibit for the First-Year Reading Experience. February 1997. 

Hamish Henderson: The Desert War, Italy, and Scotland. July 1997. 

William Faulkner and The Bear: A Centenary Exhibit for the First-Year Reading Experience. August 1997. 

Ray Bradbury: A Loan Exhibition from the Collection of Ann Hardin. October 1997. 

David Hume: Introducing the James Willard Oliver Collection. December 1997. 

Paul Leicester Ford: An Exhibit from the Gift of Mrs. William R. Bailey. By Donald Kaplan. January 1998. 

Introducing the Augusta Baker Collection of African-American Children's Literature. By Jamie S. Hansen. April 1998. 

Real Tennis, or Le Jeu de Paume, A Loan Exhibit from the Collection of William D. Haggard III. By Roger Mortimer. April 1998. 

James Macperherson & Ossian, An Exhibit from the G. Ross Roy Collection. July 1998. 

John Shaw Billings & the War Years, A Centenary Tribute. July 1998. 

Lorrie Moore's Who Will Run the Frog Hospital: An Exhibit for the First-Year Reading Experience. August 1998. 

Treasures of Carolina: An Exhibit from the Library of South Carolina College and Other Collections. August 1998.

Robert Coover: an exhibit from the Bruccoli Collection. September 1998.

Books about China, chiefly from the 18th and 19th Centuries. October 1998.

Selected Books & Maps from Germany and the German Scientific Tradition: a commencement exhibit for the visit of Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann. 1999.

Hemingway: a centenary exhibit for the First Year Reading Experience. 1999.

From James Dickey's Books: an exhibit marking publication of his letters. 1999.

Paris: an exhibit for National French Week from the Amy B. Millstone Collection. 1999.

Renaissance Maps: a loan exhibition from the collection of James P. Barrow '62. With Allen Bushing. 2000.

African-American Authors from Special Collections. 2000.

Minnie Maddern Fiske & the American Theatre: an exhibit for Women's History Month from the collection recently donated by Admiral & Mrs. Kohn. 2000.

Trimalchio and The Great Gatsby: an exhibit marking publication of the facsimile
-web-exhibit at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/amlit/trimalchio/trimalchio.html

Brazil, 1500-2000: a quincentenary exhibit marking the first Portuguese landfall on the Brazilian coast, April 24th, 1500. 2000.
-web-exhibit at:http://www.sc.edu/library/spcoll/sccoll/brazil/brazil.html

Some Recently-Donated Modern Political Books Collections: Russell, Wickwar, Westmoreland, Ferillo, Dent. 2000.

Medical Books: from the George H. Bunch Medical History Collection. 2000.

Thomas Wolfe: a centenary exhibition marking publication of Wolfe's O Lost! 2000.

Introducing the Speiser & Easterling Hallman Collection of Ernest Hemingway. 2001.

Early Geology Books, including books from Thomas Cooper Library. 2001.

Renaissance Books as Teaching Resources: welcoming the North & South Conference. 2001.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1860-1935: an exhibit welcoming the Third International Charlotte Perkins Gilman Conference. 2001.

A Newspaper Exhibit to Welcome Nicholson Baker on Publication of Double Fold. 2001.

Ray Bradbury: an exhibit for the freshman reading experience from the Collection of Ann Hardin. 2001.

Charles Darwin: Ideas in Process, an exhibit from the Karpeles Manuscript Library and the C. Warren Irvin Jr. Collection. 2001.

Darwin & the Galapagos: an exhibition welcoming Edward Larson. 2002.

J.D. Salinger and The Catcher in the Rye: an exhibit for the First-Year Reading Experience. 2002.

Introducing the Joseph Cohen Collection of World War I Literature. 2002.

Auld Lang Syne: an exhibit from the G. Ross Roy Collection of Robert Burns. 2002.

The English Bible and the Background to the King James Version of 1611: a class exhibit for SCCC 353: the Bible and Literature. 2002.

Architecture & Antiquities: illustrated architectural books displayed for ARTH 544R: Robert Mills. March 2002.

Military Aviation: an exhibit introducing the Gilbert S. Guinn Military Aviation Collection. 2002.

Collecting Women Writers: an exhibit for the visit of Priscilla Juvelis. 2002.

A1: First books by Selected Authors: an exhibit honoring Charter Members of the Ex Libris Society. 2002.

Printing & the Renaissance World. Milton F. Whittaker Library, South Carolina State University. 2002.

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