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A gift to the library fund is a gift to the entire University and to the community as a whole. To provide permanent recognition of particularly generous gifts, naming opportunities are available. Each student, each member of the faculty, each department and college, each citizen — all will benefit from every dollar the libraries receive.

For specific information regarding Univerisity Libraries endowments or bequests, please fill out the form below or e-mail a member of the Office of Development staff. For information about membership in the Thomas Cooper Society of the University South Caroliniana Society, please click on one of the following links.

Carol BenfieldCarol Danner Benfield joined University Libraries as Director of Library Development in 1995. Ms. Benfield graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1981 with a B.S. degree in business administration. During the thirteen intervening years she worked for the University in the area of special events. She can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (803) 777-3142.

Carroll PetersCarroll Peters has been the Administrative Assistant for Library Development since 1997. Ms. Peters formerly worked as an administrative assistant in the trust department of a bank for seven years. She can be reached by e-mail at at or by phone at (803) 777-5564.

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For information regarding any of the University Libraries' current endowments, please check the appropriate box(es).

General Library Endowments
John Shaw Billings Library Endowment
Charles & Donna Bricker Endowment
Chaplin Library Endowment
Library Archive & Research Endowment
NEH Endowment
Robert I. & Swannanoa Phillips Libraries Endowment
Nancy Pope Rice & Nancy Rice Davis Library Treasure Endowment
War Years Acquisitions Endowment

South Caroliniana Library Endowments
Elizabeth B. Coker Graduate Assistantship
Orin F. Crow South Caroliniana Library Endowment
Jane Crayton Davis Preservation Endowment
William Jennings Bryan Dorn Endowment for Modern Political Collections
William Foran Memorial Fund
Daniel W. Hollis Acquisition & Preservation Endowment
Arthur Elliott Holman, Jr., Acquisition & Preservation Endowment
John C Hungerpiller Endowment
Lewis P. Jones Visiting Research Fellowship
Modern Political Collections Endowment
William Gilmore Simms Visiting Research Professor Endowment
South Caroliniana Society Endowment
Southern Heritage Endowment

Thomas Cooper Library Endowments
Ethelind Pope Brown Natural History Endowment
Barbara L. & David M. Graham Acquisition & Preservation Endowment
C. Warren Irvin, Jr., & Josephine B. Irvin Endowment
Thomas Cooper Society Endowment

Business Administration Library Endowments
Everette Newman Endowment
First Union Library Endowment

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