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The endowments that benefit the University Libraries have been grouped into four categories. Thomas Cooper, South Caroliniana, and Business Administration endowments benefit their respective libraries solely; general library endowments benefit multiple or, in some cases, all University libraries.

General Library Endowments Thomas Cooper Library Endowments
South Caroliniana Library Endowments Business Administration Library Endowments

General Library Endowments
John Shaw Billings Library Endowment
For major acquisitions of long-range significance.
Chaplin Library Endowment
Library Archive and Research Endowment
To support research and preservation at the Thomas Cooper and South Caroliniana Libraries.
NEH Grant Endowment
To support the acqusition and preservation of humanities materials and to encourage research in this area.
Robert I. and Swannanoa Kenney Phillips Libraries Endowment
To enhance the University Libraries' holdings in British and American literature and culture.
Nancy Pope Rice and Nancy Rice Davis Library Treasure Endowment
War Years Acquisitions Endowment
For materials related to World War II.

Thomas Cooper Library Endowments
Charles and Donna Bricker Endowment
For general advancement and expansion of the Thomas Cooper Library.
Ethelind Pope Brown Natural History Endowment
For the preservation and acquisition of materials pertaining to natural history.
Barbara L. and David M. Graham Acquisition and Preservation Endowment
C. Warren Irvin, Jr., and Josephine B. Irvin Endowment
For the purchase of materials related to the life and works of Charles Darwin.
Thomas Cooper Society Endowment
To provide support for the Thomas Cooper Library.

South Caroliniana Library Endowments
Elizabeth B. Coker Graduate Assistantship
For the advancement of graduate student training in the Applied History Program, in conjunction with the South Caroliniana Library.
Orin F. Crow South Caroliniana Library Endowment
For the purchase and preservation of materials related to South Carolina.
Jane Crayton Davis Preservation Endowment
To restore the unique holdings of the South Caroliniana Library.
William Jennings Bryan Dorn Endowment for Modern Political Collections
To preserve the holdings of and support research in the Modern Political Collections.
William Foran Memorial Fund
For the purchase of materials related to the Civil War and Reconstruction.
Daniel W. Hollis Acquisition and Preservation Endowment
For the acquisition of materials relating to South Carolina history and culture.
Arthur Elliott Holman, Jr., Acquisition and Preservation Endowment
For the purchase and preservation of materials related to the Episcopal Church, music and the arts, Anderson County, and other aspects of South Carolina history.
John C Hungerpiller Endowment
For the preservation of the Hungerpiller Collection and materials related to literature and education in South Carolina.
Lewis P. Jones Visiting Research Fellowship
To support summer fellowships for reserach in South Carolina history.
Modern Political Collections Endowment
To support work with the Modern Political Collections.
William Gilmore Simms Visiting Research Professor Endowment
To support scholarship based on the publications and manuscripts by Simms held in the South Caroliniana Library.
South Caroliniana Society Endowment
To support the mission of the South Caroliniana Library.
Southern Heritage Endowment
To support scholarship and protect materials related to Southern history and culture (in conjunction with the McKissick Museum).

Business Administration Library Endowments
Everette Newman Endowment
First Union Library Endowment
To establish the First Union On-line Business Information Center.

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