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Alfred Tennyson, 1809-1892

"A Welcome"
(London: Moxon, 1863).

 SEA-KINGS' daughter from over the sea,
 Saxon and Norman and Dane are we,
 But all of us Danes in our welcome of thee,
 Welcome her, thunders of fort and of fleet!
 Welcome her, thundering cheer of the street!
 Welcome her, all things youthful and sweet,
 Scatter the blossom under her feet!
 Break, happy land, into earlier flowers!
 Make music, O bird, in the new-budded bowers!
 Welcome her, welcome her, all that is ours!                  10
 Warble, O bugle, and trumpet, blare!
 Flags, flutter out upon turrets and towers!
 Flames, on the windy headland flare!
 Utter your jubilee, steeple and spire!
 Clash, ye bells, in the merry March air!
 Flash, ye cities, in the rivers of fire!
 Welcome her, welcome the land's desire,
 Sea-kings' daughter as happy as fair,
 Blissful bride of a blissful heir,
 Bride of the heir of the kings of the sea,                   20
 O joy to the people and joy to the throne,
 Come to us, love us and make us your own:
 For Saxon or Dane or Norman we,
 Teuton or Celt, or whatever we be,
 We are each all Dane in our welcome of thee,

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