The Robert J. Wickenheiser Collection

acquired with the leading support of The William L. Richter Family Foundation
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Preliminary short-title listings

The preliminary short-title lists, prepared by Dr. Wickenheiser, are being made available as a guide to researchers while formal library cataloguing is in process, and pending publication of Dr. Wickenheiser's book on the collection. The categories within which Dr. Wickenheiser arranged the collection, with links to his lists, are given below. Please note that the lists linked here were prepared in the fall of 2005; some item numbers have been added or changed since then, so that item numbers in the library's on-line catalogue or the published catalogue may differ from those here.   

With the exception of items on display in the introductory exhibition (which will not be available till November 2006), and of original artwork in the collection, it is expected that most items from the collection will be available to researchers from September 2006. Reading room hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with the exception of major holidays; we are also closed to readers between Christmas and New Year. 

The more than 6000 volumes were moved to South Carolina in July 2006. Cataloging has started at the two ends of the collection--17th century editions, and modern scholarship. By late August over 300 formal catalogue records for items from the collection were already available in the library's online catalogue, at, and more become available each month. This catalogue is best used for locating specific titles or editions, but may also be used to browse cataloged items from the Wickenheiser Collection only--for which enter an *author* search for
"Robert J. Wickenheiser Collection of John Milton" (with words in in that order). It is expected that it will take about 18 months to complete this cataloging. Cataloged items should also show up as held by USC in worldcat/OCLC but will not have any of the copy-specific information there that our own on-line catalogue adds for items in Special Collections. 

Dr. Wickenheiser has completed work on a book about the collection, including detailed entries on individual items. When published, this will provide the best browsable guide to the collection, as well as information about individual items. 

Dr. Wickenheiser's short-title lists for selected parts of the collection are grouped as follows:


This list is arranged alphabetically by title, and then chronologically within each title:

Milton Editions Short Title List (3445 items)


These lists are arranged alphabetically by author, within each century:

17th Century Miltoniana Short Title List [54 items]

18th Century Miltoniana Short Title List [85 items]

19th Century Miltoniana Short Title List [287 items]

20th Century Miltoniana Short Title List [373 items]


This list is arranged alphabetically by author

Milton Criticism Short Title List (1254 items)


In addition to the lists linked above, the collection contains items in the following groups:

Milton Originals (portraits, busts, etc.)

Non-Milton illustrated items and reference works relating to Milton illustrators, including John Martin, William Blake, and Gustave Doré.

Reference works relating to Milton.

Auction and book dealers' catalogues relating to Milton

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