The G. Ross Roy Collection of John Masefield

a watercolor by Masefield

A watercolor by John Masefield, from The Ledbury Scene as I Have Used It in My Verse.

Prof G. Ross Roy, who ten years ago transferred his outstanding collection of material about Robert Burns and Scottish Poetry to Thomas Cooper Library, has now donated his collection of over 200 volumes by the poet John Masefield (1878-1967). As a young man, Masefield enlisted in the Merchant Marine; the Roy Collection includes a manuscript copy of Masefield's best-known poem, "Sea-Fever," based on this experience. Also included in the new collection is a signed copy of Masefield's first book Salt-Water Ballads (1902), as well as a number of other signed or limited edition items, one with an original water-color sketch by Masefield of a sailing ship. Other items include Masefield's ground-breaking 1913 narrative of domestic poverty amd violence, The Everlasting Mercy and several volumes about the navy in World War I which will complement the library's growing collection of Great War material.









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