Belon, Aldrovandi, & Jonstonus
Nieremberg & Willoughby
Catesby's Natural History of SC
Edwards & Pennant
Illustration processes
Wilson's American Ornitology
Audubon's Birds of America
Audubon & Bachman
Selby, Swainson, & Gould
De Kay & Cassin
Selected References

Audubon and Others


A State-Commissioned Survey
De Kay, James Ellsworth, 1792-1851.
Plate 59, "Chestnut-sided Warbler," "Hemlock Warbler," "Pine Finch,"
in De Kay, Zoology of New York, or the New-York fauna; comprising detailed descriptions of all the animals hitherto observed within the state of New York, with brief notices of those occasionally found near its borders, and accompanied by appropriate illustrations.
Part 2. Albany: Carroll and Cook, 1842. South Carolina College, contemporary calf.
--De Kay, a New Yorker with a swiftly-earned Edinburgh M.D., spent eight years on the study published here, commissioned as part of a larger work by the state of New York. The bird drawings were by J. W. Hill, and most of the lithographs prepared by Endicott of New York.

Government-sponsored Exploration
Cassin, John, 1813-1869.
"Centropus melanops" and "Eudynamys tahitius," pl. 22,
Atlas. Mammalogy and ornithology.

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1858. One of 150 copies. Modern green morocco.
--Cassin, head of a Philadelphia firm of lithographers, was a "closet naturalist," working with the collections of the Academy of Natural Sciences, rather than in the field. The collections illustrated here had been gathered during Charles Wilkes's naval expeditions to the Pacific in 1838-42.

Surveying the Transcontinental Rail Route
G. Suckley, U.S.A.,
"Western Duck Hawk," pl. IX,
in United States. War Dept. Reports of explorations and surveys: to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.
Washington: A.O.P. Nicholson, printer, 1855-1860; vol. 12B, 1860.
Alfred Chapin Rogers Collection.
--the disputes of the mid-1850's over the transcontinental railroad led to the comprehensive government surveys of which this report was part. Cooper and Suckley, who wrote the sections on birds, had also published a separate edition covering the birds of the northwest, from Bailliere Brothers of New York, the previous year.

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