Trimalchio and The Great Gatsby

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Island 1

A newly-discovered Fitzgerald letter about theThe Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald to Charles Baldwin, ALS, late April/early May 1924: "My third novel (unpublished) is just finished + quite different from my other two in that it is an attempt at form. . . ." A facsimile, transcription, and brief commentary on this important new letter has been included with the USC Press Trimalchio facsimile.

The Trimalchio galleys forThe Great Gatsby

Trimalchio (New York: Scribners, 1925). The only set of the unrevised galleys for the unpublished text of The Great Gatsby.

The newly-published facsimile of theTrimalchio galleys

Trimalchio (Columbia: Thomas Cooper Library and University of South Carolina Press, 2000). Facsimile edition of the galleys, afterword by Matthew J. Bruccoli; limited to 500 copies. More information about this edition and other USC Press Fitzgerald books is available through the Fitzgerald home pages.






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