Trimalchio and The Great Gatsby

Selected and annotated by Matthew J. Bruccoli

Prepared for web-mounting by Patrick Scott and Mila Tasseva

Introduction | Island 1 | Island 2 | Island 3 | Island 4 | Island 5


A facsimile of Trimalchio galleysThe first edition of The Great Gatsby

A facsimile of Trimalchio galleys and the first edition of The Great Gatsby

The Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald at the Thomas Cooper Library has strong holdings documenting the composition, reception, and reputation of The Great Gatsby. This small exhibition features some of the high spots. The exhibit marked publication in April 2000 of theTrimalchio galleys in facsimile, by USC Press and Thomas Cooper Library, with an afterword by Professor Bruccoli. For the main F. Scott Fitzgerald pages, and for more information about the Bruccoli Collection, click here.







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