Topic 4: Black Manikin & Obelisk

Edward W. Titus and the Black Manikin

Along with running a rare bookshop, at the sign of the Black Manikin, Edward Titus published limited editions of several expatriate authors, subsidized initially by his estranged wife Helena Rubinstein of cosmetic fame. Displayed are: Ralph Cheever Dunning, Rococo (1926, the first Black Manikin title); Mary Butts, Imaginary Letters (1928), with engravings from Cocteau; William Van Wyck, On the Terrasse (1930, no 59 of 100, with two illustrations of Parisian Cafés by Margery Nahl); Laura Sherry, Old Prairie du Chien (1931); Ludwig Lewisohn, The Romantic (1931); Morley Callaghan, no man's meat (1931); and Anais Nin, D.H.Lawrence, An Unprofessional Study (1932, no 516 of 550, rebound).
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