The Wallace Markfield Papers

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Finding List

The Markfield collection is contained in numbered and labeled folders in 8 boxes.

Box 1 (2 folders)
Folder 1—Teitelbaum’s Window (1971), Advance Proofs, Uncorrected, Spiral Bound
Folder 2—You Could Live If They Let You (1974), Galley Proofs

Box 2 (7 folders) Multiple Orgasms (1977)
Folder 1—Letters & documents re: printing
Folder 2—Typescript copies, some marks for printer
Folder 3—[Early] draft pp.1 & 2
Folder 4—Typescript, 41 pp.
Folder 5—Incomplete draft
Folder 6—Galley Proofs, 3 sets, 1 marked for printer; 1 WM’s corrected set
Folder 7--Mechanicals

Box 3 (8 folders) Markfield, “Afterword” to Peter Martin’s The Landsmen (1977)
Folder 1—Letters from Markfield to Matthew J. Bruccoli; Dec. 9 [1976],
Feb. 19, 1977, Mar. 22, 1977 re: “Afterword” to The Landsmen
Folder 2—“Afterword,” typescript draft
Folder 3—“Afterword,” typescript draft
Folder 4—“Afterword,” typescript draft [perhaps final draft copy]
Folder 5—Typescript for “Afterword” and for “Editor’s Note” (Matthew J. Bruccoli)
Folder 6—Printer’s copy for “Afterword” and for “Editor’s Note”
Folder 7—Galley proofs for “Afterword” and for “Editor’s Note”
Folder 8—Page proofs for “Afterword” and for “Editor’s Note”

Box 4 (4 folders) Radical Surgery (1991)
Folder 1—pp. 1-8
Folder 2—pp.11-26
Folder 3—pp.27-92
Folder 4—pp.93-137

Box 5 (3 folders) Radical Surgery (1991)
Folder 1—Typescript with corrections, 206 pp.
Folder 2—Author’s synopsis, 206 pp.
Typescript with corrections
Folder 3—Incomplete typescript

Box 6 (3 folders) Radical Surgery (1991)
Folder 1—Typescript with corrections, 410 pp.
Folder 2—Typescript with corrections, 410 pp.
Folder 3—Incomplete typescript beginning with Ch. 11

Box 7 (4 folders) Radical Surgery (1991)
Folder 1—Mechanicals (registered by MJB, 10/23/97)
Title page –Ch.10 (p.123)
Folder 2—Chs. 11-20 (pp.124-249)
Folder 3—Chs.21-24 (pp.250-358)
Folder 4—Ch.25—Epilogue (pp.359-514)

Box 8 (10 folders)

Correspondence to Matthew J. Bruccoli
Folder 1—1975-76 (15 letters)
Folder 2—1977 (15 letters)
Folder 3—1978-83 (16 letters)
2 sheets on Markfield’s appearance on University of South Carolina campus, Oct. 12, 1977
Wallace Markfield’s resume (n.d.)
Folder 4—Miscellaneous correspondence (re: Radical Surgery), 1991 [?])

Shorter Works
Folder 5—Typescript for Steeple Chase, an unpublished play, n.d.
Folder 6—“The Graves of Academe” (an essay, 1976) 2 typescript copies, galley proofs, an envelope addressed to Matthew J. Bruccoli, Jan. 6, 1976
Folder 7—Outline for “The Passionate Movie-Goer,” unpublished essay, n.d.
Folder 8—Xerox copy, The Offshore Pirate (an unpublished play, 1977)
Folder 9—Opening pages to ?

Biographical/Critical articles; Bibliography
Folder 10


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