The John Jakes Papers, 1973-2001

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1932, March 31 Born, Chicago, Illinois

1952 The Texans Ride North (Winston)
1953 B.A. Depauw University, M.A. Ohio State University
1956 A Night for Treason (Bouregy & Curl)
1956 Wear a Fast Gun (Arbor House)
1957 The Devil Has Four Faces (Mystery House)
1958 (as Alan Payne), This’ll Slay You (Ace)
1958 (as Jay Scotland), The Seventh Man (Bouregy)
1959 The Imposter (Bouregy)
1959 (as Jay Scotland), I, Barbarian (Avon); in 1976 revised as John
   Jakes (Pinnacle)
1960 Johnny Havoc (Belmont)
1960-1961 Copywriter, Rumrill Co., Rochester, NY
1961 (as Jay Scotland), Strike the Black Flag (Ace)
1962 Johnny Havoc Meets Zelda (Belmont)
1962 (as Jay Scotland), Sir Scoundrel (Ace); 1977 revised asKing’s
 by John Jakes (Pinnacle)
1962 (as Jay Scotland), The Veils of Salome (Avon)
1963 Johnny Havoc and the Doll Who Had “It” (Belmont)
1963 G.I. Girls (Monarch)
1963 (as Jay Scotland), Arena (Ace)
1963 (as Jay Scotland), Traitor’s Legion (Ace); 1977 revised asThe
   Man from Cannae
 by John Jakes (Pinnacle)
1965-1968 Copywriter, Kircher Helton and Collett, Dayton, OH
1966 (as Rachel Ann Payne), Ghostwind (Paperback Library)
1966 Tiros: Weather Eye in Space (Messner)
1967 When the Star King Dies (Ace)
1967 Famous First in Sports (Putnam)
1968 Brak the Barbarian (Avon); 1970 (London: Tandem)
1968 Making It Big (Belmont)
1968 Great War Correspondents (Putnam’s)
1968-1970(?) Copy chief, vice president Oppenheim Herminghausen
   and Clarke, Dayton, OH
1969 Great Women Reporters (Putnam’s)
1969 The Asylum World (Paperback Library); 1978 (London: New
   English Library)
1969 Mohawk, The Life of Joseph Brant (Crowell-Collier) 
1969 The Hybrid (Paperback Library)
1969 The Last Magicians (New American Library)
1969 The Planet Wizard (Ace)
1969 Tonight We Steal the Stars (Ace)
1969 Secrets of Stardeep (Westminster)
1969 Brak the Barbarian Versus the Sorceress (Paperback Library);
   1970 (London: Tandem)
1969 Brak Versus the Mark of the Demons (Paperback Library); 1970
   (London: Tandem)
1970-(?) Creative director Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, Dayton OH
1970 Six-Gun Planet (Paperback Library); 1978 (London: New English
1970 Black in Time (Paperback Library)
1970 Mask of Chaos (Ace)
1970 Mask of the Dark Gate (Lance)
1970 Monte Cristo 99 (Curtis)
1970 Dracula, Baby lyrics; book revision, uncredited (Dramatic
1972 Mention My Name in Atlantis (DAW)
1972 Violence (Performance Publishing)
1972 Wind in the Willows, music by Claire Strauch (Performance
1972 Witch of the Dark Gate (Lancer)
1972 Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (Award)
1972 A Spell of Evil (Dramatic Publishing)
1972 Stranger with Roses (Dramatic Publishing)
1972 Time Gate (Westminster)
1973 Gaslight Girl, music by Claire Strauch (Dramatic Publishing)
1973 Pardon Me, Is this Planet Taken?, music by Gilbert M. Martin
   (Dramatic Publishing)
1973 On Wheels (Paperback Library)
1973 Doctor, Doctor!, music by Martin (McAfee Music)
1974 Shepherd Song, music by Martin (McAfee Music)
1974 Wear a Fast Gun (Arcadia House); 1975 (London: Ward, Lock)
1974 The Bastard, 2 volumes (Pyramid); republished asFortune’s
   Whirlwind London
: Corgi, 1975); and To an Unknown Soldier
   (London: Corgi, 1975)
1975 The Rebels (Pyramid); 1979 (London: Corgi)
1975 The Seekers (Pyramid); 1979 (London: Corgi)
1976 The Furies (Pyramid); 1979 (London: Corgi)
1976 The Titans (Pyramid); 1979 (London: Corgi)
1977 The Warriors (Pyramid); 1979 (London: Corgi)
1977 The Best of John Jakes, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and
   Joseph D. Olander (DAW)
1978 The Lawless (Doubleday); 1979 (London: Corgi)
1978 Brak: When the Idols Walked (Tower)
1980 The Bastard Photostory (Jove) 
1980 The Americans (Jove)
1980 Fortunes of Brak (Dell)
1982 North and South (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich); 1982 (London:
1984 Love and War (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich); 1988 (New York:
1986 Susanna of the Alamo: A True Story (Gulliver Books/Harcourt
   Brace Jovanovich
1987 Heaven and Hell (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich); 1988 (New York:
1989 California Gold (Random House); 1990 (New York: Ballantine
1991 The Best Western Short Stories of John Jakes, edited by Bill
   Pronzini and Martin H. Greenberg (Ohio UP)
1993 Homeland (Doubleday)
1993 In the Big Country, edited by Bill Pronzini and Martin H.
   Greenberg (Bantam Books)
1994 New Trails: 23 Original Stories of the West, edited by John Jakes
   and Martin H. Greenberg (Doubleday)
1997 Foreword, A South Carolina Christmas written and compiled by
   Jan Keifer; photography by David Crosby (Westcliffe)
1998 American Dreams (Dutton)
2000 Century of Great West Stories, edited by John Jakes (Forge)
2000 On Secret Service: a novel (Dutton)
2002 Charleston: a novel(Dutton)
2004 Savannah, or, A Gift for Mr. Lincoln (Dutton)
2006 The Gods of Newport (Dutton)


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