The John Manners Iggulden Papers

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I. Works  (Boxes 1-6)  

A.    Autobiography  

1.      Oh My Aching Back! (1999), five pages, typescript. Unpublished. (Folder) 
2.      The Little Green Church (1999), four pages, typescript. Unpublished. (Folder) 
3.      The Man On the Fifty Dollar Note (1999), five pages, typescript. Unpublished. 
4.      Sounds Before an Echo: Parts of a Life (1999-2001)

      a.      Volume one: Second son
b.      Volume two: Equal partners
c.      Volume three: The blue skies
d.      Volume four: Dark clouds
e.      Volume five: Late starter
f.       Volume six: Catching up
g.      Volume seven: Open ticket
h.      Volume eight: The green years
i.       Volume nine: The last partner
j.       Volume ten: To the promised land
k.      Volume eleven: The redneck-hippy war
l.       Volume twelve: The calm before
m.     Volume thirteen: Rough going
n.      Volume fourteen: Sweetwater creek
o.      Volume fifteen: Borrowed life

B.     Monographs

1.  The Sound of the Rainbow (1993)   352 p.
2.  The Good World Reader (2003)  93 p.

C.     Poetry (Folder)

1.  Open Ticket (1991), typescript, one page.
2.  But, Seriously, How Far to Anywhere? (Ask?(Ask a Dog) (1999), typescript, one page
3.  The Old, Cold Wind (1999), typescript, one page.

D.    Essays (Folder)

1.  Precis of Economic Theories and Propositions (1999). (Prepared for the promotion of     Good World. Two pages, typescript, and one page of related data).
2.  Precis of Personal Philosophy (1999). (Prepared for the promotion of Good World.
One  page, typescript).
3.  Meet the Good World Network


II. Correspondence (Box 8) 

A.  Correspondence from John Iggulden to Matthew J. Bruccoli
B.  Correspondence from Matthew J. Bruccoli to John Iggulden
C.  Correspondence with others

III. Miscellaneous (Box 8)  A. Transcripts

1.  State [Gliding] Instructor’s Course, New South Wales (1983). (Two
     copies of typewritten transcript. One with handwritten
     additions/corrections. Thirty-eight pages). (Folder)
2.  Creative Writing Course, Bellingen Learning Centre (1984). (Two
     copies of a typewritten transcript with writing and notes on original 
     folder. Seventy-four pages). (Folder)
3.  Coffs Region Organic Producer’s Meeting (1998). (Titled “Only
     Alternative Thinkers Can Change a Bad World Into a Good One.”
     Typescript. Thirteen pages). (Folder)

B. Photo (Folder)

    Colored and signed laser print image  


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