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Selected Sources on George V. Higgins

The Writer
Critical Responses




Matthew J. Bruccoli, "The Books of George V. Higgins: A Checklist of Editions and Printings," DLB Yearbook 2000 (Detroit: Gale Research, 2001): 313-318.

• Paul C. Doherty, "George V. Higgins," DLB Yearbook 1999 (Detroit: Gale Research, 2000): 129-139.

• George Garrett, "At End of Day: the last George V. Higgins novel," DLB Yearbook 1999 (Detroit: Gale Research, 2000): 145-147.

• George V. Higgins, "What You Lose on the Swings You Make Up on the Merry-Go-Round," DLB Yearbook 1999 (Detroit: Gale Research, 2000): 148-150. –previously unpublished essay on beginning a writing career, originally intended for Pages (1976).

• John Kimmey, "George V. Higgins in Class," DLB Yearbook 2002 (Detroit: Gale Research, 2003): 354-370

  –transcript of seminar/interview with writings students at the University of South Carolina in 1993

• "Tributes to George V. Higgins" (by Lord Gowrie, John Silber, and others), DLB Yearbook 1999 (Detroit: Gale      Research, 2000): 139-144. 

Bibliographies of Higgins’s Work:

DLB 2, DLB Yearbook 1981, DLB Yearbook 1998, FPAA 1. 


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