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Part 2


#26 Image number: 26

Latin name: Polygonia interrogationis (Fabricius)

English: Question Mark

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#27 Image number: 27

Latin name: Junonia coenia (Hübner)

English: Common Buckeye

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Image number: 28

Latin name: Junonia coenia (Hübner)

English: Common Buckeye

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Image number: 29

Latin name: Vanessa virginiensis (Drury)

English: American Lady

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Image number: 30

Latin name: Vanessa atalanta (L.)

English: Red Admiral

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Image number: 31

Latin name: Nymphalis antiopa (L.)

English: Mourning Cloak

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Image number: 32

Latin name: a. Roddia vaualbum (Denis & Schiffermüler); b. Polygonia progne (Cramer); c. Roddia vaualbum (Denis & Schiffermüler); d. Aglais milberti(Godart); e. Polygonia progne (Cramer); f. Aglais milberti (Godart)

English: a. Compton Tortoiseshell; b. Gray Comma; c. Compton Tortoiseshell; d. Milbert's Tortoiseshell; e. Gray Comma; f. Milbert's Tortoiseshell

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Image number: 33

Latin name: Limenitis arthemis (Drury)

English: Red-spotted Purple

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Image number: 34

Latin name: Limenitis arthemis (Drury)

English: White Admiral

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Image number: 35

Latin name: Asterocampa clyton (Bois. & Le Conte)

English: Tawny Emperor

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Image number: 36

Latin name: Asterocampa celtis (Bois. & Le Conte)

English: Hackberry Emperer

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Image number: 37

Latin name: Historis odius (Fabricius)

English: Orion

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Image number: 38

Latin name: Libytheana carinenta (Cramer)

English: American Snout

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Image number: 39

Latin name: a. Enodia creola (Skinner); b. Enodia portlandia (Fabricius)

English: a. Creole Pearly-eye; b. Southern Pearly-eye

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Image number: 40

Latin name: Satyrodes appalachia (R. L. Chermock)

English: Appalachian Brown

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Image number: 41

Latin name: a. Hermeuptychia sosybius (Fabricius); b.Neonympha areolatus (J. E. Smith)

English: a. Carolina Satyr; b. Georgia Satyr

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Image number: 42

Latin name: a. Achalarus lyciades (Geyer); b.Epargyreus clarus (Cramer)

English: a. Hoary Edge; b. Silver-spotted Skipper

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Image number: 43

Latin name: Urbanus proteus (L.)

English: Long-tailed Skipper

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Image number: 44

Latin name: Megathymus yuccae (Bois. & Le Conte)

English: Yucca Giant-Skipper

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Image number: 45

Latin name: a. Calpodes ethlius (Stoll); b. Calpodes ethlius (Stoll); c. Polites vibex (Geyer); d. Polites vibex(Geyer)

English: Brazilian Skipper; b. Brazilian Skipper; c. Southern Broken-Dash; d. Whirlabout; e. Whirlabout

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Image number: 46

Latin name: Problema bulenta (Bois. & Le Conte)

English: Rare Skipper

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Image number: 47

Latin name: a. Hylephila phyleus (Drury); b.Wallengrenia otho (J. E. Smith)

English: a. Fiery Skipper; b. Southern Broken-Dash

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Image number: 48

Latin name: a. Wallengrenia egeremet (Scudder) b.Wallengrenia egeremet (Scudder); c. Wallengrenia otho(J. E. Smith); d. Poanes zabulon (Bois. & Le Conte); e.Poanes zabulon (Bois. & Le Conte); f. Amblyscirtes aesculapias (Fabricius); g. Amblyscirtes aesculapias(Fabricius)

English: a. Northern Broken-Dash; b. Northern Broken-Dash; c. Southern Broken-Dash; d. Zabulon Skipper; e. Zabulon Skipper; f. Lace-winged Roadside-Skipper; g. Lace-winged Roadside-Skipper

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#49 Image number: 49

Latin name: a. Nastra lherminier (Latrielle); b. Polites origines(Fabricius); c. Polites themistocles (Latreille); d. Atalopedes campestris(Boisduval); e. Poanes yehl (Skinner); f. Atalopedes campestris(Boisduval); g. Poanes yehl (Skinner)

English: a. Swarthy Skipper; b. Crossline Skipper; c. Tawny-edged Skipper; d. Sachem; e. Yehl Skipper; f. Sachem; g. Yehl Skipper

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#50 Image number: 50

Latin name: a. Anatrytone logan (W. H. Edwards); b. Anatrytone logan(W. H. Edwards); c. Anatrytone logan (W. H. Edwards); d. Polites peckius (W. Kirby); e. Polites peckius (W. Kirby)

English: a. Delaware Skipper; b. Delaware Skipper; c. Delaware Skipper; d. Peck's Skipper; e. Peck's Skipper

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