Thanks for downloading the coolFrameMenu.

Here are some examples of how to use it:
  • Example 1 - With the menu in a top frame and borders all topmenus different width.
  • Example 2 - With the menu in a right frame.
  • Example 3 - With the menu in a left frame and borders.
  • Example 4 - With the menu in a bottom frame and borders.
  • Example 5 - Top frame, placed and sized in %.
  • Example 6 - Top frame, centered on page and different placement of submenus.
  • Example 7 - Left frame, transparent.

    All the examples look horrible, I didn't bother to use to time to find colors and similar, but you get the point.

    Files in this zip:
    cframe.js - The js file that have to be linked on ALL pages that goes in the main frame.
    coolframe.js - The js file that have to be linked in your menu file
    empty.html - This the file that will load default in the frameset.
    index.html - This file
    main.html - dummy page to load in the frameset. Look at this page to get the syntax for the pages that are going to be loaded in your main frame
    main1.html - Same as main.html.
    *_ex*/ - These are the example files. index_ex*.html is the frameset file and menu_ex*.html is the corresponding menu file.
    When you start to customize the coolmenus start with the example that's closest to what you want.

    NOTE: If you get problems with this script please do not mail me about it. Ask your questions in my forums instead:

    Good Luck

    -Thomas Brattli-