S.C. People, Places, and Topics Documented in Vertical Files

available from SCL Published Materials

Clippings files listed below provide enhanced subject access to newspapers for many topics in South Carolina history.

To read a more detailed description of contents for most of the following collections, click above link for CATALOG and search USCAN. Using TITLE search, copy and paste in the first few words from titles posted below. To browse a complete list, select a KEYWORD search and paste in search for vertical adj files.ti., which requests a search for term vertical ADJcent to term files in the TItle field.

Note that many topics appear in more than one collection; researchers will find material forBenedict College in the files for Columbia, in Colleges/Universities, in African American History, and in Richland County file.

Larger collections are stored offsite. Please check the USC online catalog and request carton(s) in advance.

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