Spring 1997

Our New Arrival Needs a Name

This inaugural issue of the University Society Caroliniana Society newsletter bears no name on its masthead. The Society Board thought the membership should be involved in choosing the name and is offering the lucky winner a free one-year membership renewal plus a ticket to our annual reception and dinner. The masthead of the next issue will announce the selected title to all.

Over the years the society supported the development of various printed works to achieve the mission of the South Caroliniana Library and the society. Some examples are annual financial support to the publication of the Henry Laurens and the John C. Calhoun papers and support for letterpress editions of the library's collections. Your board has been seeking avenues of improved service to the membership and felt a society newsletter would help accomplish that objective. Consequently the board voted at its September meeting to establish a newsletter providing news and information about the society and the South Caroliniana Library.

University Publications is providing assistance with layout and editorial work. South Caroliniana Library staff are also allocating time and expertise to write and edit articles. Susan E. Dick from the library's Modern Political Collections staff is the editor. In this inaugural year, we plan two issues of the newsletter, but may expand the number in the future.

We are interested in receiving feedback from you about the newsletter, or for that matter, any other society or library topic you may wish to address. Letters should be addressed to: Allen Stokes, SCL, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208.

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