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Spring 1999

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Development Plan Implemented; Gift Approved

by Frank Babbitt
The University South Caroliniana Society Executive Council has implemented a plan to formalize and coordinate development efforts as the Society strives to increase its endowment by $3.6 million over the next ten years. Council members have expressed pleasure at having a single source document for development-related information.
The goal of the development plan is to see that the Society does not fall behind in its traditional support of the Library.

Approved at the council meeting in October, the plan establishes a standing committee to manage development activities. It calls for a regional network of members to support Society goals. It formalizes an educational process regarding Society and Library needs. It even provides a much-needed $10,000 gift to the new USC Conservation Laboratory.

Recent aquisitions made possible by the Society include the Williams-Chesnut-Manning papers, as well as an 1831 letter from President Andrew Jackson to Congressman Richard I. Manning, a full-text description of which appeared in our Autumn 1998 edition.

The Society can take great pride in the outstanding support it has provided the South Caroliniana Library over the years. In spite of extraordinary competition from out-of-state institutions and wealthy collectors, the Society has made possible many of the fine acquisitions that have made the Library the premier repository of South Caroliniana. The Library now attracts research scholars from throughout the world.

Flower - 6.0 KSociety funds ensure conservation of such treasures as The Carolinian Florist, written and lavishly illustrated ca. 1807 by Gov. John Drayton (1766-1822).

For more images of the Drayton volume and its conservation, see Caroliniana Columns, Spring 1998.

Contributions by Society members and excellent decisions by the Investment Management Committee have built the endowment to approximately $1.7 million. Earnings from the endowment go toward collection and conservation efforts. The goal of the development plan is to see that the Society does not fall behind in its traditional support of the Library.

Daguerreotype, ca. 1850s, of unidentified Charleston family.
With the support of Society members, the library purchased this item via online auction, described in Caroliniana Columns, Autumn 1998 edition.

This image represents the only known surviving work of David L. Glen, a daguerreotypist in antebellum Charleston, S.C.

daguerreotype - 11.2 K

As has been the case since its inception, the Society cannot hope to acquire the high-priced item, the rare prize of the book and manuscript collector, unless it comes as an extraordinary gift. Society President Harvey Teal reports that, "We compete very well for about 75% of what we seek, but frequently do not have deep enough pockets for the top 20-25% of historical materials." Mr. Teal also notes that prices are escalating with the advent of internet marketing and with heightened interest in certain South Caroliniana. The Society must increase it purchasing power if it hopes to keep up.
What cost history?
Prices are rising for historical materials due in part to the advent of internet marketing and a growing interest in certain South Caroliniana.
At the same time, the Library's aging and growing collection requires a greater conservation effort. Fortunately, the USC Libraries remote storage facility, under construction this year, will include a state of the art conservation laboratory that will greatly benefit the South Caroliniana Library. The facility must be equipped and supplied by contributions from the private sector. The development plan calls for a $10, 000 gift from the Society to the University to go toward conservation laboratory equipment and supplies.

The recently formed standing committee is eagerly pursuing the development plan. Members can expect to hear more about development efforts as several planned initiatives are undertaken.
In addition to the papers and portraits of South Carolinians, the library also collects more ephemeral material such as postcards. Researchers consult this resource when studying changes in the landscape and architecture of South Carolina.
beau. co. 16 beau. co. 12
"An antebellem residence,
Beaufort, SC" postmarked
20 June, 1940.

"Bay St. showing
new bank building"
[ca. 1909 (Beaufort, S.C.)]

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