Fall 1997
Caroliniana Columns

Summer Researchers
Flock to the South Caroliniana

by Allen Stokes

The months of June through August are hardly the lazy, hazy days of summer at the South Caroliniana Library. They are, in fact, a little crazy sometimes. Though summer is customarily the season for vacations, it is also a time for researchers to travel. This summer began with an Elder Hostel at the University of South Carolina. The focus of this Elder Hostel was genealogy with visitors coming from many states to explore some South Carolina family connections.

The Institute for Southern Studies always has a full complement of Research Fellows over the summer, many of whom pass each other every day as they move between the South Caroliniana Library and the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. Among this year’s Fellows, those researching South Carolina topics include Edmund Drago, College of Charleston, "The Impact of Civil War and Reconstruction on Children in S.C."; Douglas Eckberg, Winthrop University, "The S.C. Murder Project: Tracing Homicides from the End of Reconstruction through 1916"; Bruce Eelman, University of Maryland, "Relationship Between Local Government & People in Spartanburg, S.C."; Liese Perrin, University of Birmingham (England), "Female Slaves on S.C. Plantations"; Alexander Moore, University of South Carolina Press, "Early S.C. Travel Journals"; and Zach Rice, Clemson University, "African-American Architects and Builders." Dr. William F. Bagwell of Donalds, S.C., is in residence on campus this summer as the first Lewis P. Jones Fellow in South Carolina history.

More than twenty public-school geography teachers attended the South Carolina Geographic Alliance Summer Institute organized by Dr. Charles Kovacik. The teachers received an introduction to resources in the South Caroliniana Library for Newberry and Laurens counties prior to a Saturday field trip to these counties which included a stopover at Wise's barbecue in Joanna.

In addition to our usual summer influx of genealogical researchers, we currently have scholars from the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Columbia, Emory, Wright State University, the National University of Colombia, and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, studying such subjects as hunting in the antebellum South, slave-holding widows, African-American commemorative celebrations, the South Carolina Female Collegiate Institute at Barhamville, and Gothic revival church architecture in late-19th century North and South Carolina.

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