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   Received at Published Materials Division

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  • Abstract of the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free-Masons of South-Carolina (Charleston, 1823).

  • Charles Anthon, The Works of Horace: With English Notes, Critical and Explanatory (New York, 1849). Inscribed by Thomas John Moore (1843-1919) while a student at South Carolina College.

  • E. Thompson Baird, An Essay on the Pastoral Duties of Ruling Elders: Read Before the Presbytery of Tombeckbee, Mississippi, and Ordered to be Published, April 7, 1860 (Columbia, 1860).

  • Samuel White Baker, Wild Beasts & Their Ways: Reminiscences of Europe, Asia, Africa & America (Camden, Briar Patch Press, 1988). Originally published 1890.

  • Henry Bellamann, "The Last Word" and "Hedges," in Broom, vol. 2, no. 3 (June 1922).

  • Wilfrid Hardy Callcott, "An Incident From Behind the Counter," "Corduroy Breeches," and "Jacob Smith’s Adventures," in Southwestern University Magazine, vol. 33 (1914).

  • Camden Daily Journal (14 issues), 1864: 2, 4, 25 July; 2, 20, 30 August; 24 October; 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 November; 20, 23 December.

  • Carolina Plantation Society: Charleston, South Carolina (Charleston, 1939).

  • Charleston Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina (Philadelphia, 189u?).

  • Joseph B. Cook, The Good and Faithful Servant Approved and Honoured by His Divine Master: A Funeral Sermon, Occasioned by the Much Lamented Death of the Rev. Richard Furman, D.D…. (Charleston, 1826).

  • Samuel Wylie Crawford, The Genesis of the Civil War: The Story of Sumter, 1860-1861 (New York, 1887). Salesman’s subscription copy.

  • W.C. Dana, A Reasonable Answer to the Skeptic (Columbia, 1858).

  • Guy Davenport (trans.), Anakreon: The Extant Fragments ([Tuscaloosa], University of Alabama, Parallel Editions, 1991). Sixteen of 90 copies.

  • Guy Davenport, August Blue (Monterey, Ky., 1992). Handset in Emerson type. Seventy-six of 100 copies.

  • Guy Davenport, The Medusa (Monterey, Ky., 1984). Sixty-eight of 655 copies.

  • Guy Davenport and Mark Lucas, August Blue & The Aristeia of Audubon Vine (Frankfort Arts Foundation, 1992). Thirty-five of 250 copies.

  • John Drayton, John Drayton’s…Beschreibung von Sud-Carolina. Aus dem englischen und mit anmerkungen un zustzen des ueber-setzers begleitet (Weimar, 1808).

  • C.J. Elford, The Confederate Sunday School Hymn Book (Greenville, 1864).

  • The English Version of the Polyglott Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, with the Marginal Readings, Together with…References to Parallel and Illustrative Passages…. (Charleston, 1848).

  • Extracts from the Journals of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America; Held in New-York, Trenton, Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore, in 1785, 1786, 1801, and 1804 (Charleston, 1805).

  • Fifth Report of the Bible Society of Charleston, South-Carolina, with an Appendix (Charleston, 1815).

  • Fifth Annual Report of the Southern Baptist Publication Society: With the Proceedings of the Meeting Held at Griffin, Georgia (Charleston, 1848).

  • Fourteenth Annual Report of the South Carolina Branch of the American Tract Society; Presented April 13th, 1840 (Charleston, 1840).

  • Christopher Edwards Gadsden, The Address to the Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Society in Charleston, So. Carolina: on Their Second Anniversary, Whitson Tuesday, 1821… (Charleston, 1821).

  • Gas Attack of the New York Division (Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, 1918).

  • A.C. Gordon and Thomas Nelson Page, Befo’ de War: Echoes in Negro Dialect (New York, 1888).

  • Sir William Cornwallis Harris, The Wild Sports of Southern Africa (Camden, Briar Patch Press, 1987). Originally published in 1838.

  • Historical and Pictorial Review Camp Croft, South Carolina, 1942. Colored Troops (Baton Rouge, La., 1941).

  • Joseph W. Holley, You Can’t Build a Chimney from the Top; the South Through the Life of a Negro Educator (New York, 1948).

  • In Memoriam: Louisa Blake Steedman Mason (Cambridge, Mass., 1908).

  • Instructions and Rules for the Guidance of Trial Justices of S.C. (Manning, 189u?).

  • Hall Johnson, The Green Pastures Spirituals (New York, 1930).

  • Ronald Johnson, The Spirit Walks, the Rocks Will Talk: Eccentric Translations From Two Eccentrics (Penland, N.C., Jargon Society, 1969). Vignettes by Guy Davenport. One hundred of 500 copies.

  • Denis D. Lyell, The Hunting & Spoor of Central African Game (Camden, Briar Patch Press, 1987). Originally published 1929.

  • Fitz William McMaster, Address Before the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Survivors’ Association of Ex-Confederate Surgeons (Yorkville, 1895).

  • John Guille Millais, A Breath From the Veldt (Camden, Briar Patch Press, 1987). Originally published 1895.

  • Minutes of the Charleston Baptist Association, at the Ninety-first Anniversary, Held at Beulah Church, Richland District, S.C., November 6th, and Continued to the 9th, 1841 (Charleston, 1841).

  • Minutes of the Seventh Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran General Synod in North America, Held at Charleston, S.C., May 9-13, 1872 (Savannah, 1872).

  • Chester Newell, History of the Revolution in Texas, Particularly the War of 1835 & ’36; Together With the Latest Geographical, Topographical, and Statistical Accounts of the Country, from the Most Authentic Sources (New York, 1838).

  • Ezra Pound, Canto CX (Cambridge, Mass., Sextant Press, 1965). Translated by Guy Davenport and presented to Pound on the occasion of his eightieth birthday.

  • P.H.G. Powell-Cotton, A Sporting Trip Through Abyssinia: A Narrative of a Nine Months’ Journey from the Plains of the Hawash to the Snows of Simien, With a Description of the Game, From Elephant to Ibex, and Notes on the Manners and Customs of the Natives (Camden, Briar Patch Press, 1990). Originally published 1902.

  • Proceedings of the Bible Convention of South Carolina, Held at Columbia, in December, 1847 and ...Held at Columbia, in December, 1848 (Charleston, 1848, 1849).

  • Proceedings of the Methodist Sunday School Convention of Ministers and Delegates From Within the Bounds of the S. Carolina Conference, Held in the Washington Street Church, Columbia, South Carolina (Columbia, 1859).

  • Proceedings of the State Bible Convention Held at Yorkville, S.C., August the 2nd and 3rd, 1859 (Due West, 1859).

  • Proceedings of the Stock Holders of the Cheraw and Darlington R.R. Company, at Their First Meeting, Held at Cheraw, South Carolina, August 31st, 1852 (Cheraw, 1852).

  • Rand McNally New Commercial Atlas Map of South Carolina (Chicago, 1917).

  • Report of the Charleston Bible Society, at the Twenty-eighth Anniversary, February 19, 1838 and Report of the Managers of the Bible Society of Charleston, on the Thirty-first Anniversary, April 2d, 1841 (Charleston, 1838, 1841).

  • Report of the Executive Committee of the Bible Convention Made at Columbia, So. Ca., 1st December, 1842: With the Proceedings of the Convention (Charleston, 1843).

  • Report of the Managers of the Bible Society of Charleston, on the Thirty-second Anniversary, January 24, 1842 and Report of the Board of Managers...on the Fortieth Anniversary, January, 1851 (Charleston, 1842, 1851).

  • Sixth Report of the Board of Managers of the Bible Society of Charleston, South-Carolina; Presented and Read at the Annual Meeting of the Society, Held on the 17th of June, 1816 (Charleston, 1816).

  • South Carolina State Firemen’s Association, Eighteenth Annual Convention…Orangeburg, South Carolina, June 19th, 20th, 1923 (n.p., 1923).

  • South Carolina Weekly Republican (Columbia), 4 December 1869 issue.

  • Southern Episcopalian, vol. 7 (May, July-August, October-December 1860); vol. 8 (April and September 1861).

  • Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, Salesmotor and Esso Marketer, 15 volumes (1924-1945). Contain information about company operations in South Carolina.

  • William Summer, Descriptive Catalogue of Southern and Acclimated Fruit Trees, Evergreens, Roses, Grape-vines, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Etc.: Cultivated and For Sale at Pomaria Nurseries (Charleston, 1872).

  • James Sutherland, The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter (Camden, Briar Patch Press, 1990). Originally published 1912.

  • Theological Seminary of the Synod of South Carolina and Georgia (n.p., ca. 1833). Outlines the reasons the Synod of South Carolina and Georgia established the seminary, emphasizing in particular the recognized need within the Synod to minister to the spiritual needs of enslaved African Americans.

  • Paul Trapier, Pastoral Counsel Affectionately Tendered to the Congregation of St. Michael’s Church (Charleston, 1844).

  • U.S. Coast Survey, Sketch Showing Changes on Charleston Bar, from 1850 to 1855 (Washington, 1856).

  • William V. Wells, Walker’s Expedition to Nicaragua; a History of the Central American War; and the Sonora and Kinney Expeditions, Including All the Recent Diplomatic Correspondence, Together with a New and Accurate Map of Central America, and a Memoir and Portrait of General William Walker (New York, 1856).


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