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Letter, 26 Aug. 1861, of William T. Norris
        to His Father
    A gift to the SCL Manuscripts Division announced in 2005

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Letter, 26 August 1861, of William T. Norris, a Confederate soldier attached to the 5th South Carolina Infantry, originated from a camp near Germantown, Va., and advises his father that his unit had been “marched below Fairfax twice within the last three days to meet the enemy” but the Union troops “merely made a demonstration and withdrew.”

The drum had already sounded for “lights out,” but Norris continued. “We packed up our nap-sacks again this evening but were not marched out— are ordered keep them ready tonight guns canteens and two days provision in our haversacks,— that we may be called out at any moment...and it seems to be the opinion of our leading men that a fight is right at hand.”

Requesting “a nice strong pair of homemade shoes” rather than provi¬sions, Norris concludes—“We are doing poorly enough without a cook, none to be hired in this country. Bring us a free negro or two by all means.”

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