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Letter, 20 July 1863, of William L. McArthur
        (Hilton Head, S.C.)
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Letter, 20 July 1863, penned by William L. McArthur from the office of the Provost Marshall, Hilton Head (Beaufort County, S.C.) details casualties sustained in the Morris Island fight. “You will hear all about it in the papers,” McArthur writes, and “that our loss was a thousand. The men fought splendidly. The mistake was in a night attack. In the confusion our regiment fought each other at the Fort (I have heard) but this you will not speak of.”

“The Maine 9th lost heavily,” he goes on to say, and further notes losses among that regiment’s officers. “Our troops are not dispirited but will yet have Charleston,” McArthur asserts. He also mentions the fate of Col. Haldimand Sumner Putnam (1836-1863), of the 7th New Hampshire Infantry, and Col. Robert Gould Shaw (1837-1863), of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry, both of whom lost their lives at Morris Island.

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