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Letter, 20 Jan. 1830, of Ferdinand Clark
        to Messrs. J. Seland & Brothers
    A gift to the SCL Manuscripts Division announced in 2005

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Letter, 20 January 1830, of Ferdinand Clark, Havana, [Cuba], to Messrs. J. Seland & Brothers, Charleston, S.C., concerns the importation of cigars, a shipment of “100,000 Superior Spanish Segars (Cansio’s brand)” for which an invoice and bill of lading was originally enclosed.

According to Clark, the parcel included “nearly 30,000 Brilliant Yellow,” and he advised that “they had best be sold assorted colours and Boxes, and in order to introduce this brand into Your market...request your retailers to take a quarter or half box upon trial, and so soon as the quality of the Tobacco is ascertained there will be no difficulty in effecting large sales....”

Clark wished “the proceeds of the Segars...invested in prime Rice...shipped to this market without delay....” A postscript notes that he preferred “the Segars desposed of with all possible speed as I intend to keep you Constantly supplied with the Cansio brand and you can always warrant the quality of the tobacco....”

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