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Selected list of Printed South Caroliniana
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  • Bible Society of Charleston, Report of the Managers of the Bible Society of Charleston on the Thirty-first Anniversary, April 2d, 1841, Charleston, 1841.

  • Pierpont E. Bishop, A Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of Rev. James S. Adams, Preached Before Bethel Presbytery, During Their Spring Sessions, 1844, in Catholic Church, Chester District, S.C., Columbia, 1844.

  • Charleston Bible Society, Twenty-ninth Annual Report of the Charleston Bible Society, Charleston, 1839.

  • Charleston City Directory—1887, Charleston, 1887.

  • Eugene R. Eller, Smiles n’ Sighs, Easley, [ca. 1980].

  • William Endicott & Company, Map of Columbia from an Actual Survey by Messrs. Arthur and Moore, drawn by John B. Jackson, Columbia, 1852.

  • Loami Floyd, Ministerial Oration: A Sermon Preached in the Circular Church, Charleston, December 17, 1819, at the Ordination of the Rev. Jonas King, and the Rev. Alfred Wright. To Which is Added the Charge, Delivered on That Occasion, by the Rev. Benjamin M. Palmer, Charleston, 1819.

  • C.D. Franke & Company, Summer Edition Illustrated Catalogue No. 101, Charleston, 1927.

  • Frances Dana Gage, Poems, Philadelphia, Penn, 1867.

  • Theodore S. Gourdin, What is Freemasonry? An Address Delivered Before Richland Lodge No. 39, A.F.M., at Columbia, South Carolina on St. John the Evangelist’s Day, A.L. 5857, Columbia, 1857.

  • John Caldwell Guilds, The Simms Reader: Selections from the Writings of William Gilmore Simms, Charlottesville, Va., 2001.

  • William Thomas Hamilton, Eloquence: Its Characteristics and Its Power, An Oration Delivered Before the Thalian and Phi Delta Societies of Oglethorpe University, Georgia, at the Commencement, November 18, 1847, Charleston, 1847.

  • Charles Inglesby, Speech of Charles Inglesby, on the Railroad Question, Delivered in the House of Representatives of South Carolina, December 14th, 1883, Charleston, 1883.

  • Francis Lieber, What Is Our Constitution,—League, Pact, or Government? Two Lectures on the Constitution of the United States Concluding a Course on the Modern State, Delivered in the Law School of Columbia During the Winter of 1860 and 1861, To Which is Appended An Address on Secession Written in the Year 1851, New York, 1861.

  • Raimondo Luraghi, The Rise and Fall of the Plantation South, New York, 1978.

  • Charles S. Morris, Southward Via the Piedmont Line: An Illustrated Guide to Western North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Illustrations and Occasional Notes by Frank H. Taylor, Philadelphia, 1878.

  • Proceedings of a Convention of the Various Bible Societies of South-Carolina, Held at Columbia, S.C., December 8th and 9th, 1840, Charleston, 1841.

  • Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Eastern Railroad Company at Their Annual Meeting, in the City of Charleston, on the 7th of April, 1869, Charleston, 1869.

  • Proceedings of the Stockholders of the North Eastern Railroad Company at Their Annual Meeting, in the City of Charleston, on the 6th of April, 1870, Charleston, 1870.

  • R.G. Dunn and Company, The Mercantile Agency Reference Book (and Key) Containing Ratings of Merchants, Manufacturers and Traders Generally Throughout the Following States...South Carolina..., New York, 1926.

  • Rand McNally & Company, Rand McNally Standard Map of South Carolina, Chicago, [ca. 1953].

  • Report of the Executive Committee of the Bible Convention, Made at Columbia, So. Ca., November 25th, 1841. With Proceedings of the Convention, Charleston, 1842.

  • Savannah and Charleston Rail Road Company, Proceedings at the First Annual Meeting of Stockholders of the Charleston and Savannah Rail Road Company Held January 8, 1868; the Third Annual Meeting...Held March 16, 1870; the Fourth Annual Meeting...Held February 8, 1871, Charleston, 1868, 1870, 1871.

  • Summer Resorts and Points of Interest of Virginia, New York, 1884.

  • William Rufus Tanner, Reminiscences of the War Between the States, Cowpens, 1931.

  • Third Annual Exhibition of the Fair of the Carolinas, Baltimore, 1873.

  • George B. Tindall, South Carolina Negroes, 1877-1900, Columbia, 1952. American Marxist Herbert Aptheker’s annotated copy.

  • Twenty-third Rule of the German Friendly Society, For the Establishment and Government of Their Male and Female Schools, Charleston, 1830.

  • Charles Selwyn Williams, John Kean of the Continental Congress from South Carolina, New York, 1911.

  • Winthrop College, Proceedings of the Winthrop Training School, Memorial Day, May 12, 1889, with the Memorial Address of Honorable J.L.M. Curry, Columbia, 1889.

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