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Letter, 15 Feb. 1845, W.J. Clawson to C.L. Clawson
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Letter, 15 February 1845, of W.J. Clawson, Yorkville, to C.L. Clawson, Pleasant Valley [Lancaster County, S.C.], responds to a message from the latter telling of his difficulty in transacting business with Stephen Pettus—“I tell you the only way is to feed him upon Soft corn, he is easily managed in this way and I advise you to abandon your present mode of dealing with him and try him by the soft corn system. If you will manage him right you can get all his practice and he will pay your account too.”

Continuing on, the writer offers advice on how to successfully cultivate business relationships—“I am fearful that you talk entirely too much, and express your opinion of men entirely too freely—if you wish to be generally beloved say nothing out of the way about any one—as a general rule if you can say nothing good of a man say as little as possible—for the old adage is a very true one—‘the good will of a dog is better than his displeasure.’”

After offering business advice, the writer then berates C.L. Clawson for not yet having found a wife. “For my own part,” he writes, “I would rather have Elizabeth Campbell than your deminutive flame about whom you talk. There is something in having a good breeder, and I would scarce expect to see stout and healthy children out of so small a pattern. Perhaps however you do not expect to get any children—if so anything in the shape of a woman will do you. If it was me however, I would know what kind of a one it was to be shortly.”

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