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Letter, 7 September 1832, Phoebe Elliott to Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Jr.
Letter, 7 September 1832, of Phoebe [Waight] Elliott (1772-1855), Beaufort, S.C., to her grandson, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, Jr. (1812-1899), Pendleton, rejoices over the news of his sister Caroline's conversion, "It is a singular coincidence that Tom's birthday and your Mother's should both have been distinguished, the one for her great change of heart, the other for coming first to the Table of her Lord. It is also remarkable with regard to your Uncle Stephen [The Rev. Stephen Elliott (1804-1866)] that he was converted on his Son's birthday, and on the anniversary of his own, the 13th Nov. he received the Sacrament. The thoughts of Mary and myself were much with you on Sunday last, we hoped that we were all partaking at the same time of the Bread of Life."

"There has been a great change here in our coloured population," Mrs. Elliott continued, noting that "the frequent lectures of Mr. Walker, and of some gentlemen of our church together with the hard preaching of Mr. Moore, and the fears of the Cholera have all combined to make many enquirers - -and really the S. School is so thronged that the building cannot contain them, application therefore has been made to the Babtists to aid in keeping also a Sunday School which they intend doing." The letter also conveys news of the death of "your young friend R. Habersham," and notes - - "Beaufort still continues healthy, notwithstanding the heavy rains we have had for a month past. I am happy to find that the Cholera is rather diminishing than increasing in its ravages...."

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